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Monday, August 17, 2009

592) Honna Al Kahira - Part XXI - 3al Raseef !

Cairo SideWalk (Pavement) has been registered in Genis Records as the highest in the world!!
I do really get provoked of the continuous increase in the side walk heights (if it exists aslan). I see old people and children struggling to CLIMB it. The door of my car is ruined from the continuous pumping into the side walk. WHat is the point of having the highest side walk in the world?!
Ah another thing, why do they change it almost every year?!



amina said...

my grandma fell last year over a huge pavement like the one in the picture and since then she can't walk :(

Maha Aly said...

Smile mohaly ........ u r in Egypt !!
Even if we have the highest pavements in the world, we don't standardize the heights.
One is 25 cm, another is 15 cm, .. etc.
In Egypt, climbing pavements & crossing streets are challenges ... tesamy w tetshahed w te3ady :)
About your question ba2a why do they change it every year .... honestly i don't know, i always have the same question, may be excess money !!! ;)
Or may be to make it higher

ahmed said...

not excess money ya Maha but excess ser2a

GHADA SAKR said...


GHADA SAKR said...


Mohaly said...

pavements are always standardized (15cms) but in Egypt it reaches 30 and 40 cms!!

walahi da estehbal rasmi, if they dont want cars to park 3al raseef, akeed the solution is not adding more layers!

Mohaly said...

ah Maha, by the way, Omar just got a new girl friend last week, we will see if he will apply "one woman is not enough" with her or not ;)

saralona said...

what what whattttttttt ur morning is more black than el lel ya 3moraa got a girl frienddddd lehhhhhhhh hwa ana khalas mott wala mott keda we 3alny we 2odam elnas tab elkids bto3k dol men hyrabehommmm shof ya mohal awln sa7bk dh malosh o3ad m3aya tanyyyy wana b2ol 2odamk aho tany haga aked akedddddd tb3n hy3ml m3aha zay elly 2blha we y2dy m3aha yomen we ye2lbha :D:D:D:D :P:P:P we isa isa mesh hy3rfff tb3n y3ml his word that 1 girl is not enough

p.s : elly m3mlhash m3ya hy3mlha m3aha heaa y3ny :S:D

Maha Aly said...

Mohaly, when u said "Omar got a new girl friend last week", i felt like it's really easy (ra7 eshtara wa7da gedeeda)!!!!
ana haskot a7san :))

Congratulations ya 3am Omar ... rabena ye2aweek ;)

Omar Rostom said...

saralona: you started and havent shown up here or on my blog for months, i couldnt live without a woman in my life so i had to get a new girl friend.

maha: yes i got one, omal 2awool eih?
balash, i have one , keda a7san :)
if i said got u say estaretha, if i said have u will say i possess her.
anyway, thanks for the wishes, and hope to see u in real with my girlfriend (that I got ;)

Omar Rostom said...

for the original topic el raseef:

I have never seen a country like Egypt in this issue. In Dubai all the sidewalks have the same shape, height, color,..etc
in egypt, u find black and white, asphalt, rock, even ceramics!

E N G Y said...

It's simple and known ya Mohaly..They change it every year to y2alebo 7abet floos every year!!

Marwa said...

Mohaly, Maybe the pavements are intentionally made high to prevent cars from parking on them, or to prevent Sewage water in the streets from entering the shops and houses.

But, it's definitely the WRONG solution for both problems !!!

Pax Machina said...

why can't the mother of all Bureaucracies implement a simple ORDINANCE 'NO PARKING ON THE SIDEWALK.' and enforce it with a pricy mandatory fine! or be subject to seizure!

then again one of the biggest offenders of the NYC parking violations ordinance is the EGYPTIAN CONSULATE...lol

E N G Y said...

I don't think it's to prevent parking on them, as today while I was parking my car a very high pavement was about to destroy my bck fender and it's impossible to park on the pavement in this area, it'a a parking aslan and the pavements are only to devide it..what's the reason ba'a for
such high pavement??..I don't know!

Hicham said...

Maybe Mohaly the locals are going into two contests:-
1. 'Guinness World Records for highest sidewalks' in the world;
2. 'Guinness World Records for fast changing sidewalks' in the world.

Ya3ni, if we lost one we'll get the other and they make it a surprise for el-Sha3b :D

Mayo said...

Interesting information indeed.
I heard a comment from an Egyptian living abroad who came telling me: hiking trips must be terribly expensive in Egypt so they give you hiking experience in city streets. That comment was almost 3 years ago.

But here is an explanation I heard. When a road is paved you have to remove the old asphalt and add a fresh new layer.
But have you ever seen that actually happen? NO.
The old layer is left as is and another layer is thrown over it (Fahlawa). So the typical Egyptian thinking states: higher pavements so when more asphalt is thrown over the road the more proportional it would look.

Mohaly said...

3ala keda, after 10 years, the first floor in all the buildings will be ta7t el raseef :)