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Saturday, August 1, 2009

586) A Citizen's Resignation !

Dear Sir,

Please accept my resignation from the "egyptian citizen" position, a position - to start with - that has no job description, no KPIs, even no clear requirements ... A position that also doesn't have a clear accountability or even equality between who does something and who does nothing ... Since I was appointed in this position and nobody hears, repects me, or bothers to know if I am on the right track or not. This has lead to accumulated stress and de-motivation that -in turn- lead to my decision to resign.

I wish you better luck with a better citizen who can fit into your "system".

Best Regards,
An Egyptian National
but not a citizen..


H.A.W. said...

resignation is the end. is giving up. you cant give up on something you really care about.
if you do, then you dont care much.if you care, then dont resign.
write the job description yourself, set your KPIs- as you think they are correct.requirements will come along with time.
you set the accountability, it will not be given to you.responsibility is grabed-not given. if none hears you, speak louder. many will respect you, when they feel your passion and sincere work. the big ones are not the most important of the company, its those who make difference in others lives.small differences build mountains over time.
just dont resign.
resigning of a good citizen is just as being a bad one. both hurt simple ppl badly.
when u help out, when you really care, your efforts will not go unnoticed.never.

dont know where to get reserves when you run out of resources, but resigning will leave you restless bardo.

dont resign, we still have a long way to go.

H.A.W. said...

if you address your resignation to the company managing director, its the wrong person to address. simply because he doesnt give a damn about someone like you.
you should address your resignation to "employees" they would care to refuse it.
hope you can track my thoughts of who is who here :))))

Maha Aly said...

mohaly .. Geet 3algar7 gamed awy :(
as being a citizin, there are responsibilities & there are rights, one of my rights is to live in a "CLEAN ENVIRONMENT", oooofffff !
But i'm with H.A.W that you simply can't resign, u can't give up as all what u r doing & all what u r trying to do is about being a "good productive citizin", if everyone gave up then khalas, mafeesh fayda fel "organization" & all employees will leave w kol wa7ed yeshoof masla7to.
and since you are someone who is trying to make a difference, you should address ur letter to whom it may concern, the emploees, the real ppl not the upper managment who r in the lala land

Mohaly said...

HAW & Maha,

You didn't notice the last sentence. I am still an Egyptian National who will carrying on my personal mission, but I will not try any more to link it to a bigger country vision where everyone has duties and responsibilities.

It is much better to work and produce without expecting rights in return.

You know what you are right I can't resign because I wasn't hired in the first place. Citizenship is not an option in this country.

God Anobis said...

"a position - to start with - that has no job description, no KPIs, even no clear requirements"-

I'm not sure that statement is true. To truly call yourself a citizen there would be certain characteristics and things that you would have to fulfil, for example voting, being politically and socially active, abiding by the law, and demanding rights, to name a few.

Sylvia said...

Let's first define "Citizenship" which is the state of being a citizen of one community.

Citizenship status, under social contract theory, carries with it both rights and responsibilities. "Active citizenship" is the philosophy that citizens should work towards the betterment of their community through economic participation, public service, volunteer work, and other such efforts to improve life for all citizens.

I guess the first part applies to us all that we're citizens of one community. However, are we "active citizens"? are we working towards the betterment of our community? Personally,I am not engaged in any social, political, economic, volunteer public service or work! To be more honest, I don't even vote or participate in any kind of elections - I'm not saying that being passive is right, I'm just stating a fact which probably applies on me many of us - and to be more frank, when I work, get educated, try to improve ...etc. I don't do all of that having in my sub-conscious the welfare of my country! I simply do it for myself, for my family and for my future.. I don't live & strive to be better having in my mind and in my heart the welfare of my country - el 2akika ya3ni!! So, to speak about myself and only about myself ;) the real truth is that I'm an inactive citizen in both rights and responsibilities, which is fair enough, mesh kedah?!

Mohaly said...

God Anobis, you got me wrong. I am talking about the position in egypt not the citizen position as it should be. That is why I don't feel I am a citzien.

Mohaly said...

and guys i am not quitting, u know that i am a persistant, but i am not convinced of fooling myself with something that doesnt exist.

I am an Egyptian, Yes.
Citzien, No.

and I guess all of you aren't as well. and if you are, please tell me how (refer to God Anobis and Sylvia's definitions) ?!!!!

Omar Rostom said...

walahi a7san 7aga 3alamta, i totally agree with you

there is not citizens in egypt

voting? no
respect? no
real consitution? no
election of the government? no
relegious rights for copts? even muslims? no
freedom of speech? no
equality? no

then what is left for "egyptian citzien" then

As you said, we can't resign coz we were never been appointed aslan

7aga teksef!

H.A.W. said...

i agree with all of you about the fact that we have no rights and responsibilities. i agree with Maha, i dream of a clean environment, not to mention clean drinking water and food with no chemicals. or proper medical service-even paying thousands for.
i agree with sylvia's definition and all what Mohaly and Omar said.
bas i cant swollow the "desperate tone" in all your words. somehow i feel a resiging tone.give up. leaving. mesh 3arfa, bas i dont know why i still have some hope.i dont even know where this light i see is coming from. bas i still believe that we are citizens, who fulfill their responsibilities, and will get their rights at the end.
used to think that educated ppl will lead the change.through simple small work, they can get their ideas through to others and change them.
this is what i used to believe in, and this is what i was counting on to get me my rights as a citizen at the end.
those who are at the top are not owners of the org, its us. those who work and do things right.that's why i wont leave my rights to "them", but i would try to get it.
sylivia, i dont vote. never have been to any elections, bc i dont belive in it. and its not passive. its my right to keep silent to "them" and speak to "others".

ya omar, i agree with everything you said. bas i still cant give up.
stupid me??????

aiiyah ny said...


Zaki pasha--yakoubian building.

Mohaly said...

aiiyah: tab3an bas da eli maloosh khier fe balado which i don't think it is the case here coz I chose to continue in Egypt inspite of all the temptation, I chose to decidcate 5-10% of my time to develop young potential leaders for free. I chose to have a mission to try to make a positive difference in the mindset. and I choose to be an Egyptian National but not to waste mytime in something that doesnt exist "citizenship".

I have no problems in struggling to have real citizenship in Egypt, and then I can be a real citizen not on paper only.

HAW, yes the overall mode is depressing but don't worry we are not quitting :) just changing priorities and focusing...

Mohaly said...


Sylvia said...

To me the conclusion is that I'll always remain an "Egyptian" who'll always hate to see anyone hurting, attacking or destroying my country and if it happend that someday I immigrated I'll always long for Egypt because this is my nationality and this is where I grew up and lived in. However, deep inside, I don't actually feel or have any climpse of hope that I can truly live and experience the "real concept" of citizenship!

So, Mohaly I regret to tell you that personally I accept your resignation however you're most welcomed to come back as an "active citizen" whenever you feel that Egypt became an "active home"

Maha Aly said...

As i told you geet 3algar7 .... i don't feel myself as a citizin too, I am an Egyptian & proud to be so, trying to do what i can to see my country a "place worth to live in and die for" but everything around me is so depressing.
Mohaly, remember your post # 570 "Why is it hard to be clean?" .. This is really Egypt & personally i hate to live in such a place where everything around me is dirty (even people from inside).
As i mentioned, one of my rights - as a citizin - is to have a clean environment, pure water to drink, decent transportations, safe roads, health care, emergency contacts .... feen kol da ?
Then we wonder why do people leave? why some people go after a 2nd nationality? ... I still have "some" hopes, but i don't think it will last forever, i need to see/feel something positive.
H.A.W, i am glad there is someone optimistic like you, keep it up :)
but believe me some good efforts & some good people are always unnoticed!!

Maha Aly said...

I have a question ... if we started to list all the negative & positive sides in Egypt .. what would be the result ? & after evaluating the negatives, and if you have the opportunity to leave / Stay .. what will be your choice?

Omar Rostom said...

I guess GYPO is the best one to answer Maha

ahmed said...


Hicham said...

There's a big difference between being 'national' and 'citizen' as Mohaly mentioned.

Mohaly + Commentators: I suggest reading Galal Amin's book "ماذا حدث للمصريين؟" it's great one. He's the son of the famous "Ahmed Amin"

H.A.W. said...

Ya maha, geety 3ala elgar7 enty kaman:))) dont know why im still optimistic. you can say mawaheb:))))
i know ya maha that there are many ppl and good doings go unnotice, but here you can say for the majority.but for those who are close to these good doings its not wasted.they will keep remembering it. and most important, Allah will give it back. no worry sweetie, its not wasted.
as i got to know all of you here, i am sure none here works for fame, but out of responsibility and love to this country.
Mohaly, good that you are not quitting.couldnt imagine you doing so.bas forgetting your rights over long term isnt good.also cant imagine you will be able to ignore it forever. sooner or later you will get back to it.
tayeb, change your priorities if you think this is better. wont do any harm to try soemthing new.im following :))))
ahmed: the article gave me a good shock and anger. but thx for sharing.what do they do? ya3ni they dont help out we kaman do soemthing to stop others'help?
Ya rab.

ahmed said...

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ahmed said...

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Maha Aly said...

i guess kefaya keda 3ala el post da 3ashan el depression keda morakaz :)

MariannE_N said...

Very impressive and this part really touched my heart "An Egyptian National but not a citizen" I do miss this feeling, that I "belong" to a place. And, come on guys it is not about giving up being a citizin it is just expressing how we all feel twoards the country.