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Friday, August 7, 2009

589) 123456789 !

It is now 12:34:56 am on Friday 7/8/2009
I.e. it is a UNIQUE SECOND of all numbers lined up in ascending order :)
This will never happen again till 2109!

12:34: :))



Noha said...

how do u know such things?!

Mohaly said...

I just love numbers and dates :))

amina said...


Noblese said...

I also wanted to ask how you keep your eye on such things.
Regards from hot Switzerland (30C.)

Mohaly said...

I was fond since I was a kid with dates and numbers. I remember my colleagues at work when I was an employee used to ask me about their dates in different years and I tell them which day of the week was that and sometimes Hijri equivalent.
I really don't keep an eye on things, it just happens, all what I do that I try to keep my mind active all the time :)

Mohaly said...

ah we eih 30C hot!
emal 40 teb2a eih
we 85% humidity teb2a eih?

tamer wala Omar yerodo ..

Omar Rostom said...

ya gama3a mohaly da ghalebna, once we stayed for 1 whole hour doing this till he got a headache and said he wont do it again

Omar Rostom said...

ya noblese
hot eiiih el enta gayy te2ol 3alyeh
enta 3aref 2abla ma3na el hot eih

Omar Rostom said...

ah by the way i may visit switzerland after ramadan

Eventuality said...

It's nice to appreciate those little things in life :)

Maha Aly said...

mohaly, mesh mesada2a enak merakez keda ! W kaman during a weekend night ... RELAAAAAAX SHWAYA :))

Sara said...

I celebrated that!
and thank you for your very nice comment!

Hicham said...

I like this unique collection. Glad that we caught it because I am not sure of 2109, I'll be busy :D

Noblese said...

Mohaly, so you are also into sudoku, bimaru and all those maths' related games? I enjoy doing them more than crossword puzzles. In a few days I'll be going to London and see what new puzzles they have.

Omar, 30 is real terrible here because it is also very very humid. Last time I had friends here from Egypt they didn't want to go out of the house.
I was in Cairo in summer few years ago, it was over 40 and to tell the truth it was a new experience to feel the skin prickle.
By the way, where are you coming to in Switzerland?