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Saturday, February 26, 2011

758) Egypt 2.0 ::: DVF > R !!

Many of my MBA or Diploma students will remember this formula, for the rest of my dear readers, let me explain... In order to have any mega change or wide change in a system whether it is an organization or even a country, there is a certain formula that controls this.. DVF>R

D is Dissatisfaction with the current situation that needs to be changed
V is Vision of why, what and how you want to change
F is the First concrete and solid steps that fastens the change process
R is the Resistance to change.

If any of the 3 factors on the left side of this formula is missing, the whole change process will simply fail because it will be equal to zero and multiplying any of the rest by zero will lead to zero, and the resistance will win.

If we simply applied this to our situation now in Egypt, we will find that:
- We was (and still are) dissatisfied with the situation Egypt has been in whether in the day to day life, overall goals, international positioning, corruption, dehumanization...etc. That is the (D).
- We have an incomplete Vision about why and how we are changing and where we are heading; hence, we need to work together and have a transparent conversation with the governing body (Army) to reach consensus about that or else we will lose the (V).
- We have taken 1 concrete step in the change process (taking out Mubarak), but it is not yet enough for the ignition power needed for change and standing on a solid ground, this needs to be reinforced with the real change in our governing system (Constitution) that will be the threshold for building a different system on the short and long term, or else we will risk losing the (F) as well.
- On the other hand, the Resistance is something that we have to take into account big time because the resistance -although it is standing alone on the right side of the equation- is reinforced by many factors like the Shafik's Government, Amn El Dawla,7ezb Watany leaders, and even people who are with the revolution, but don't have the enough pateince and tolerance to ride through this extremely hard and challenging period.

So in short, we have a big role in working together to:
1) Respect the dissatisfaction of some people and try to make them understand the nature of this period, baring in mind that many people seek the welfare of the country even if they have different point of view.
2) Reach a common ground on the Vision of where are we heading at least for the coming period.
3) Focus on the constitution (changes and new one) as it is the most important factor in building a new republic.
4) Push more and more for prosectuing the corruption figures even if in power, take faster actions with having a clean government, and respectful police, and having a Transparent, & continous dialogue with the army to be able to minimize the Resistance.
And above all NOT LOSING THE FAITH in ourselves and our ability to make things happen and shape history ... imagine how proud you will be when you can make a real positive change in your country that will affect its development for years and years to come, and stand one day proud that you didnt give up and completed your war for freedom and development till you accomplish your mission no matter how hard it is.

The more you drive, the less you are driven.
God Bless You, God Bless Egypt..

We don't wanna FINISH our Revolution ... We wanna COMPLETE it.


insomniac said...


as much as i do NOT miss what i studied back in college, you have a way to make me rather nostalgic with your formulas!

Mohaly said...

Thank you, this is one of the best comments I have ever heard :)

Nerro said...

number one is the hardest...finding a way to approach those who are in opposition of the movement...trying to get them to understand.
and talking them through over and over again is not working..we really need to find another way.h

Mohaly said...

Nerro, there is a critical mass that is needed to keep the momentum going, I know it is hectic and draining and yes the hardest part, but we just cant stop now.

Finding another way, may be talking their language, understanding their concerns and then taking them bit by bit.. Many people cant take sudden or huge change, look at it as more you are HELPING them rather than CHALLENGING them.

celebrity_baby said...

Thank you very much, for me it is a first class strategic point of view :)

Mohaly said...

celebrity baby: my pleasure, and inshaa Allah wont be the last.

sunshine said...

a good strategy, it should be broken down into solid actions to allow THE MASS to implement!

I also believe there's a problem of comm. n its time to have a strategic leader..

Mohaly said...

sunshine, agree
breaking it down should be done through discussions, debates, dialouges, till we reach consensus taking into consideration different cultures and levels of implementers..

mafeesh rosheta gahza ... lazem each of the strategies be taken by each of us and work on truing it to actions within their circle of communication..

sunshine said...

all what u said requires a strategic LEADER!

Mohaly said...

it does indeed.

Sally Orfy said...

Welcome back Mohaly :), I am happy to read again your great articles.

Tab3an el formula de ba3d 3 months strategic management khalas et7afaret fe 2alby :))))

Mohaly said...

I was so consumed on the facebook and twitter, and in meetings for preparing for "Being Egyptian 2.0" articles and lectures.

I will try my best to write more articles as I really have zillion of thoughts that I wanna get out. I dont have time to work these days, imagine!

Da 7atta 3eed melad el blog kan embare7 we mkahadetsh bali gheir el sa3a 10pm!

Anonymous said...

GREAT POINTS. I just want to comment on the first one. It is very strange that more than 10 million protesters (approximate number)ya7rarow more than 80 million !!!!!!!!!,then where is the rest?. Some of them do not have a vision for better Egypt and the other are so lazy..3ayzeen bas el natiga, ya2ylwo shawya el dohr we yas7o yal2o kol 7aga tamam!!!

I totally agree that “many people seek the welfare of the country even if they have different point of view”. Bas lal2sf fiiiii menhom kteer adopt the same picture of the media, they do not form their own one. They receive the READY truths and analyses without thinking if it is right or wrong. Just follow the brainwash tactic.


Anonymous said...

Kol sana wa el blog tayba :D


Mohaly said...

Mimo: Wenta or Wenty Tayeb or Tayeba :)

NAMES said...

two weeks ago during a discussion with my collegue in the work, i was trying to explaine this formula and i was trying to link it with the current circumstances in Egypt.ya3ny kont ba7awel to implement what i have learnt bas enta besara7a be3tbarak el prof. tab3an ya mohaly explained it better than any one can do.

thank you & happy blog anniversary we yarab dayman nefdal net3alem menak keda 3la tool.

Mohaly said...

Thank You names, anytime :)

Anonymous said...

There was discussed about change management between me and my manager , i told him that i studied it one year ago and i still remeber every single word i even still memorize it by heart . i told him about such formula DVF>R .I told him about the effect of change on organization and how to mange it , when i came back Bayan invited me to OD coures before i read it i was sure that u gonna teach it ....... i'm very happy . i will attend isA and please if u don't mind i like to record it and publish it on Youtube as i didn't find any video for u ...........

Mohaly said...

It is my pleasure to have you among the atendees.

I dont mind you recording it but actually for some reasons I'd request you (or anyone) not to publish. Sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

You are a public figure ya Dr. Mohamed i wish everyone gain and learn what i learnt from you , u have blog , ur page on facebook ur group el modaseen , but this is known for those who already know you , i wish you have a channel on Youtube ,,, any way i do respect ur point of view . Definitely i'm not going to do anything unless you approve ...thanks alot :)