-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday 11.02.2011 was the happiest day of my life.... Egypt is finally in the hands of the Egyptian People, Egypt is free, and we were part of making history... One Day I will take my little son or daughter on my lap and tell them how did their father fight through Writing, Lecturing, Protesting for weeks, and even Defending his home and family in the streets...Allah Akbar, thank you God.

It was a dream that finally came true through unity, determination, and sincerity. 

I have always believed in Egypt and have always loved her to the extent that some of my friends have mocked me for having its flag in my room, and national songs in my car, refusing job offers with triple my income in UK and Gulf areas, giving lectures for free, and even my work as VP of Nahdet El Mahrousa. But this mocking just gave more power, and Khaled Sa3eed's death was a turning point... since the day Khaled Sa3eed died, I have decided to speak up and not to be afraid... through the blog, facebook, and even in public...my mother was so worried, and they have tried to hack my account twice, but I have seen people dying for Egypt and it just gave me more and more determination and freed my heart from any fear...and thanks to the admin of Khaled Sa3eed (Wael Ghoneim) who kept inspiring me and others as well to continue, and of course our brothers and sisters in Tunis who gave us the final push and helped us throughout the revolution. I can finally celebrate my birthday now.

But this article is not about me or others...it is about US all...I have written many times saying that: "If this generation won't change Egypt, it will never change", and "If Egyptians have a vision and mission to unite around, you will see miracles"...and thank God...thank God...thank God that I have lived and witnessed my beloved country FREE...

I have worked in the Internet field for many years, and used to hold almost the same post Ghoneim is holding in Google but for its competitor MSN, and I really liked him calling this revolution  REVOLUTION 2.0 as an indication of revolution on everything and system that has been rotten in Egypt... but allow me to say that I think that Revolution 2.0 is almost over, and EGYPT 2.0 has just started... In order to launch Egypt 2.0 a huge work and responsibility is waiting for us. We have just finished dealing with the past, and now we have the challenge of building our won future.

I will be mostly dedicating the blog in the coming period for a new series called EGYPT 2.0 about how can we all contribute in building a new Egypt that we can continue to be proud of, and can one day pass it on as a treause to our kids.

I will be mainly talking about:

- Life: Having a Mission
- Work: Productivity vs. Activity
- Home: Being a Productive Family
- Society: Integration and Solidarity
- World: International Image and Positioning

For now, have some rest for a couple of days, take your time to reflect and realize, and let's start this week to build our country... It is now ours, and it is our responsibility.

I will try my best to cover all the aspects of developing this country... I will integrate old articles and new ideas..and I will need your help in discussing them here to inspire each other and keep the beautiful spirit that has inspired the whole world.....We owe it to ourselves, and  TO THE BEAUTIFUL PURE MARTYRS who lost their lives defending our case. Please if you are reading this, stand up for 1 minute of silence in respect for their souls.

We have amazed the world with our civilization, inspired the World with our Revolution 2.0, & we'll impress the world with EGYPT 2.0 in-shaa-Allah...

Long Live Egypt ... Long Live the Egyptians

I am reborn :)


Ze2red said...

ya mohaly ya gamed ;)

Noha said...

Being your sister i can say that you have always been different and have always had a great passion to Egypt even at the times when i personally lost hope. you have always had the flag hanging in your room ;) you had a clear vision to how you want Egypt to look like and it is this belief of you and other honorable Egyptians that made it simply finally happen :)) God bless you my best friend and best brother and God bless Egypt and the honorable Egyptians :))

Sally Orfy said...

Finally the dream came true :). I felt yesterday it was Egypt's wedding :).

Let's start building Egypt :)

Mohaly said...

Ze2red: Thank You :)

Noha: I love u..u made me cry...thank u dear sister...the only thing that made me sad that u didnt witness this with me here in egypt.

Sally: It is :)

marwa said...

what a wonderful dream :) can I be a part of this? I was telling myself I have to start with myself first but I very much appreciated ur idea about helping others as well to find their own way. god bless Egypt and the egyptians, can't wait to c this dream coming true :)
may we all read (surat al fati7a) for the souls of those martyrs whom we owe these feelings. may their souls rest in peace.

Mohaly said...

of course u can Marwa...it is finally OUR time.

Nouna said...

I cried none-stop!