-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

757) Revolution 2.0 is still uploading !

Mel akher ...

This Revolution was to get back our country, and although I am optimistic about the end in-shaa-Allah, but I am not feeling good regarding what is happening and what is not happening now..

There are direct and clear actions that can make this revolution rest and start focusing on development only:

1. Mubarak's appointed government ( including governors) has to go down, and a transitional independent government has to run the country during the 6 months. By the way Mr.Shafik, it is a Revolution not a Movement as you claim, I hope you can get it.

2. Mubarak's party the NPD has to be frozen till the end of people assembly elections (that has to be after the election of a new president), so that they turn into an opposition party and earn their way up like any other party. By the way Muabark is still officially the president of NDP, and this freezing will cut any kind of offical power for him and its members.

3. The amended constitution has to include the articles tackling the authority of the president and minize it against the legistlative and judicial authorities. It has to be issued as a Temp Constitution that has to be replaced by a permanent constitution before end of 2012 , so that the new president will be obliged to do it.

4. Have Gamal Mubarak on Trial and joining his friend Ahmed Ezz in Jail to stop the fishy stuff that is taking place these days, and start taking serious actions for getting our money back from Muabarak's family and their friends (like Hussien Salem) and assistants (like Safwat El Sherif).

5. Immediate freedom for all those who were detained in Jan 25th revolution (the non-criminals), and change the structure and nature of "Amn El Dawla".

6. Setting a definite date for suspending the State of Emergency, it has to be before the constitutional referendum (i.e before April), and announce the results of investigating what happened on 28/1 and 2/2 so that people can start trusting the Police.

7. Ignoring the desperate trials from some of the old regime tails to split the unity of the Egyptians in one way or another (religious, ideology, money....etc).

Otherwise, I dont think this revolution can rest and declare real and complete victory. Time is passing and we need to move on with the development of our country ... The 21st century cant wait more than that for Egypt to catch.

We don't wanna FINISH our Revolution ... We wanna COMPLETE it.

God Bless Egypt,


Anonymous said...

الثورة لم تكتمل بعد.. ما معنى
كلمةالثورة أصلا؟

الثورة معناها القضاء على القديم بكل قيمه ورموزه ومطبليه ومنافقيه والمنتفعين من وجوده، من أجل بناء جديد لا يحتفظ من القديم إلا بأصالته وزخمه.

هذا هو معنى الثورة كما هو مكتوب في التاريخ وكما هو مفهوم لكل ذي عقل.. ما المشكلة الآن؟!

لا اعتقد ان ثورتنا قد اكتملت.

Mongy said...

أعتقد أنك لم تبتعد عن حقيقة يفكر فيها الكثيرون من
المثقفين في مصر
وأتمنى أن تجد هذه التحذيرات طريقها لقلوب الناس وعقولهم، فكفانا كفانا خداع وتلون واستهتار بهذا الشعب الطيب وآن للجميع
ان يفهم أصول اللعبة
فان لم يكن الآن فمتى ؟؟

ahmad said...

well said mohaly
ta7ya el thawra

insomniac said...

completely and wholeheartedly agree...

i would like to add something to point #3; also a definition of the army role and authority should be included in the new constitution in details, it is not dawla 3askareya anymore, and hence the army authority is to be redefined

amina said...

Mabrouk the new government