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Thursday, December 30, 2010

740) The Manslator !!

My 100th and Last post this year will be about relationships, I am writing it while I am alone in the middle of the desert. I will share with you a video about a great device that if invented in real will really result in real World Peace, at least Domestic World Peace. I'd pay up to $10000 for such device.

Wishing you all a happy new year and more understanding without the need for aiding devices!


Signing Off 2010.


Names said...

really the idea to invent this device is very nice. I like it,if it is real may be we as women will use it to understand ourselves,

Happy new year ya Dr.Mohamed and hope all your dreams become true in 2011

Ze2red said...

So this device is for real, i thought it's just an Ad :D

smart and creative, and believe me women will know how to trick it :D

Anonymous said...

We are not that complicated ya3ni..device w 7arakat. na2es ye3melo application 3al Ipad :D

Anonymous said...

why would anyone need such a device.
if both parties communicate open and in a constructive way, they will be able to overcome any misunderstanding.
just TALK to eachother :)