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Thursday, December 9, 2010

735) What it takes for Career Breaks!

I wonder why do many employees in Egypt insist on joining or at least contracting for a new job before quitting their old job. I see the decision of quitting an old job has nothing to do with joining another one. It is like someone waiting to hook up with a new wife in order to divorce his old wife! 
If you cant take it anymore and can afford yourself for a while, why don't you get a career break to stop and see where are you heading and adjust your path to what serves your vision.
career break is a period of time out from employment. Traditionally, this was for mothers to raise children, but it is now used for people taking time out of their career for personal development and/or professional development.
A career break is usually between one month and one year and is adopted by many employees in Europe and the US. Sometimes you stop to think, sometimes you stop to learn & explore, and sometimes you stop to rest... I think everyone should experience a career break every 5 years specially if he/she can financially afford it....What do you think about that?
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P.S. Happy New Hijri Year by the way :)


Wholesale Coach outlet said...
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Colourless_Turtle said...

Hello :)
First I would like to say that this blog is one of my favourites... so thank you for the nice posts.

Regarding this specefic post, I have an answer to the question.. why dun we have career breaks...
Simply because in egypt at least it's thought of by emplpyers as a "Gap" in the CV
and if it happened and one was ever intetrviewd later :) then the first assured question is why this gap..

Mohaly said...

Thank You Colorless Turtle :))

Actually it doesnt have to show... if you have a career break for 3 months, u can simply dont show it e.g.

2001-2004 in X company
2004-2010 in Y company

why do u have to mention the month!

Cherie said...

I was in a creer break since March, I left my X-company just because I really wanted to leave them, & that was very useful for me as I am now studying & preparing myself for the GMAT test, but I am gonna join a new Hotel because I liked the place & I can now study & take the job, it isn't a difficult job,s o I can study meanwhile

amina said...

You could always wait until you retire, but why? The world is shrinking, life is faster than it used to be, history is speeding up! An event on the other side of the world can change our lifestyles very quickly. Better, quicker communications and more information can bring people together who might never have met.

Sohad said...

I made it twice since my graduation . The first one was a bit long , yet necessary to raise my kids..the second one was mandatory after a devastating personal experience & about to start the 3rd one..lolll looks like lots of breaks:)) but if I can afford it & work to make a difference, not for money I don't hesitate to make that move once I reach my learning curve or lose the line of sight between who I am and what I do. However, the concept is not accepted in our culture & misinterpreted at times, but who cares about what others' think, I managed to make my way up in the corporate ladder in spite of the life safety stops I made. اWe have one life to enjoy & my own well being comes first..I won't sell my soul for the doing part of the world running after fame, positions, authority, money & power.

Mohaly said...

This is one of the things u have a privilege to say as a woman in this society ...