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Sunday, December 26, 2010

739) Hegab Nos Kom !

This picture was taken in Hurghada. While I was editing the original bigger picture, I realized this lady in the background, and couldn't help wondering "why the scarf?". For the million time, I am not against the right of women to wear Hegab, but such images I really can't comprehend or understand !!!!

P.S. there is another clearer picture but the lady's face was appearing, and hence I didn't post it for the respect of her anonymity.


Yasmeen said...

And who said that she is a hijabi to begin with ?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Exactly, a woman covering her hair isn't necessarily a Hijabi. We, women, cover our heads for many reasons.

ibhog said...

I agree with Yasmeen and Shimaa. Hijab isn't only about covering hair.

For some women, Hijab is just a piece of cloth (or two), that's why they treat it like they treat other commodities in their life.

I think it's a whole way of living, and I think that's why many women take it off simply, in their journey to study its meaning.

Like I would eventually get rid of anything that I don't need, or that doesn't represent something for me anymore.

Hijab is a piece of cloth (that follows some important rules) above a whole identity - both things are essential. In our society, you'd find the notion half exercised both ways.

I won't advocate for either side, but what I'm sure of is that neither are Hijabis :)

Yassminaz said...

Yes , I agree with all the above , It is not meant to be Hijab ....

Nouna said...

I’m not sure of why she had to put a scarf on, then I wont judge if contradiction is there or not.. bas 3andak 7a2 ya Mohaly too. The picture did upset me at first to a point. but in the end it’s not about the clothes and it’s not about what you wear. it’s about the person you are; and that’s what should matter.

It did upset me, but It is not necessarily because the woman is wrong or right. It’s just that it’s only a different frame of mind. and it’s different decisions in life. She decided to wear that and she did... Years ago, I wanted to wear normal clothes and I did. Then came another phase of my life when things became different. Maybe I became a little bit more attached to my religion and I thought of wearing the veil. and I did too. Nobody forced me, just as nobody forced her cover her head or how much percentage of her body is covered by clothes...

For me it’s just a frame of mind. and you will always find a group of people on your side, and another not on your side..

My experience tells me 2eno criticism is always there. If I wear a veil I am criticised. If I wear normal clothes I am criticised. and even if I wear a swimming suit I am ... fa khalass, I learned the hard way. I really don’t listen to what people say anymore...

Dont put much strain on yourself. and dont try to understand the picture. waho kol wa7ed ye3mel 2ely yeraya7o ... :)

BaTaBeeT said...

clearly in Hurgada this is the way it's done :D

3abeelo w edeelo

Anonymous said...

لست أدري ماذا تقصد بكلامك هذا: السخرية، النقد، الدفاع عن الدين أو ماذا- لكن كل الذي رأيته من هذه الصورة و من كلام حضرتك أنك لم تقم بواجبك الذي يفرضه عليك دينك و أنسانيتك.
انك يا سيدي لفت الانظار الي ما اعتبرته انت مظهر متناقض، و كان يجب عليك أن تستر عيوب الاخرين ما دمت تراه عيبا أو شيئا يدعو الي اثارة الموضوع هنا.
و سخرت من سيدة لم تسيء اليك في شئ و جعلتها عرضة لسخرية الاخرين، و كان يجب عليك اما الالتزام بتعاليم الدين في جزئية الامر بالمعروف و النهي عن المنكر - بشرط أن تكون متأكدا انه منكر- أو الدعوة لها بالهداية و ترك لها حرية ما ترتديه.
ثم أخذت صورة سيدة تمشي مطمئنة الي أنها تمشي في الشارع و ليس هناك من يختلس النظر اليها، و يصورها ثم يعرض صورها.
أما كان أجدر من ذلك أن تمسح صورة هذه السيدة مادامت لم تكن المقصودة بالتصوير بدلا من نشر هذه الصورة بدون علمها و موافقتها؟
تقول يا سيدي أنك أخفيت ملامح وجهها و لكن من يدريك ان أحدا من قرائك لن يتعرف عليها؟
تقول انك اخفيت وحههالتخفي هويتها و لكن لم تقل من أعطاك الحق أن تنتقدها و تقيم ملابسها و تحكم بأنها لا ترتدي الحجاب السليم. ما أدراك أنها مسلمة؟ و ان كانت، فمن نصبك حاكما عليها، و لا يمتلك هذا الحق غير الله سبحانه و تعالى، و هو أعلم بالسرائر؟
كفى يا سيدي تتبع عورات الناس و نقائصهم و لنسمع الي كلام رسول الله أن نشتغل بعيوبنا عنن عيوب الاخرين.
عفوا ان كنت اقتحمت مدونتك، و عذرا ان كنت أطالت، و لست أقصد بكلامي هذا نقدا، انما أقصد النصح لأخ لي في الانسانية
لك مطلق الحرية في مسح هذا التعليق اينما شئت..

Ruby said...

hey anon chill!

The whole point of the post is not personalized to this woman ,it's just a sample of the phenomenon..isn't this a picture of what we see on the streets everyday?

Anonymous said...

Could easily be me, or someone like me - a non-Muslim holidaying in Hurghada, wearing a scarf similar to this all the time when out in the sun, trying to prevent sunstroke and a resulting killer migraine.