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Sunday, December 5, 2010

734) E3terafat Mohaly Part 4::: Noor aka Tooti !!!

I didnt know people can experience heart breaking in different forms other than the typical man-woman relationship.

After more than 4 months of experiencing fatherhood with my lovely niece "Noor", she left back to Jeddah a week ago. I feel awful, awkward, and hollow. Living with her made me feel that I have something much bigger than career to live for.. everyday I used to finish my work as early as possible to comeback and have my prize.. 1 or 2 hours of playing, laughter, even crying and fighting.. 

I even miss the days that I worked from home and lost a lot of time for babysitting her, but was enjoying wasting my time for the first time... I miss the minute she wakes up and asks for food especially if were alone at home and I go and prepare food for her (sometimes I mix up completely wrong ingredients, but it worked). I miss that every single thing I eat or drink, she had to come running and ask for a bite or a sip. I miss buying her stuff that makes her happy and teaching her new tricks (that can drive her mum crazy sometimes) -see the picture to the left for her wearing H-dabbour wig-.

I even miss watching very silly stuff on TV that makes her happy, I even memorized songs that I hate but make her smile.
I have always loved and adored children, but living with one is an experience that you are not the same person after it ends. I will be counting the days & hours till she comes on a short visit (hopefully in 1500 hours).

Please God, help me make the right choice and marry a lovely woman and have lovely kids like Noor.

God Bless all our children :))



Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah,i think u r one in million n ur generation,lots of young fathers can't express their parent feeling as u did ,they even fight the feeling itself sometimes! i think u r gonna be a good father & husband as well,wish u can see Noor soon isA ...i have a lovely daughter if she were older ma kontsh sebtak tdee3 mn edeena...she is four..lol,thanks 4 this lovely e3teraf

Anonymous said...

My father had a fear that he wont have children mn kotr ma kaan bey7ebohom.

He married by the age of 35 by the way, and he is a happy married man with lovely 3 girls el7amdolelaah :D

Mohaly said...

Although I dont know who you are anonymous, but I can say that in a way or another, u made my day :)

By the way till very soon I wouldnt have belevied u but when I met someone (potential bride) and knew that she doesn't like children (that of course was one of the reasons of calling it off), I realized that not every woman likes to be a mother.

I love kids and love mothers who adores their kids :)

Mohaly said...

Thank you Gjoez ... that is a good omen for me, 35 :)

E N G Y said...

The same when my sis comes over the w/e with her daugher and can not descripe how much the home becomes silent and dull when they leave on Sat.:/

Shereen said...

Thanks god my Aunt & Uncle never let me miss this feeling hehehehe I have 3 naughty cousins (Omar , Farida & Lina) I think they come to earth to make my life a hell :) I adore them & I feel I am still a kid with them they visit us to play & fight with me as usual hehehe I adore them,may be because i lived a very very long naughty or you can say distructive childhood :))

Ruby said...

How cute is that?? :-)

Amen to your prayer.

Ze2red said...

that was a warm post for me to read on chilly night ;)

ya rab yerzo2ak be 3arosa 2amora and LOVES-ADORES children and shares you the journey of having great kids ;)

2ool Amin.

PS: ya welad el 7ala Mohaly beydwar 3ala 3arosa :p

Cherie said...

Guys may I say something out of this subject, actually I wanna praise this blog. unfortunatly, Its for the first to participate in a Blog,i never knew I will be that happy. Its my first time again to express what I feel toward any issue in life to the public without any fear of beeing understood wrongly. Thanxs Dr. Mohaly

Mohaly said...

Walahi I am glad ya Cherie that my blog witness this experience :)

by the way ... Just Mohaly .. no need for Dr. here :)

Cherie said...

Inspite it is very difficult to say Mohaly without Dr. but I am so happy that I know you :)

So I can say now Mohamed Woww :)

I am happy that my pic. appears just now on the blog, I suffered alot to know the mechanism of participating in a blog hehehehe I feel I am very backwarded hehehehe

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

i can't express my feeling ya mohaly when i read the post bas el picture 2alet kol haga, what i can say en ana mabsota awy bel post dah, rabena yorzo2k bel 3arosa ely bethelm biha and to have very nice kids we yaba7'toko beb3d mokadaman. ISA very soon, this is my feeling.

Mohaly said...

Thank You Anonymous (name?) :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say you will make a great father insha'Allah; spoil your daughter, befriend your son and shower your kids in general with love. Its very rare to see a guy express those feelings and feel they're sincere and genuine. Your post provoked me to comment. Truly heartwarming :)
Rabena ye7a2alak da3wetak insha'Allah, w yerzo2ak zooga sal7a w 7'alaf sale7 insha'Allah :)

Anonymous said...

Names -:)

Mohaly said...

Thank You :))

Irene said...

ya Dr. Mohamed yeah it's a blessing to have a kid in your house, specially when you watch them sleeping after a long day of Sha2awa & 3afrata: the moment when you say: "noom 2el zalem 3ebada" LOL but when you feel their breath on your cheeks, their small toes in your mouth or their small arms around your neck it's simply the true meaning of pure LOVE.
May all your dreams cum true coz simply u deserve the best ever :)