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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

738) Shik ... Shak ... Shok !

Once upon a time there was Mr."Shik" who was heading a country for looong years.. one day he decided to run for the zillion's term, so Magles el "Shak" decided to nominate him, only him, and none but him (so help us God). Magles el"Shak" called for elections where people of "Shok" voted for their beloved leader "Shik" to "run" their country till further notice, and since then this country's nick name has become "Shik, Shak, Shok" with national anthem carrying the same name (listen to it here).

Of course the previous paragraph is purely imaginary and "doesn't ever" happen in reality! For example, in 2005 presidential elections, the last thing I could have imagined is to have President Mubarak running for 2011 elections. The question is: should I be prepared to see President Mubarak running for 2017 elections?

Before you say: "no way", note that on the day this picture was taken (in Italy) Muabark said he will be inagurating -along with Berlescony- the Italian Univeristy in Egypt in 2017.

In your dreams Mr.Mubarak ...



Ponco Susanto said...

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omar said...

ento khayfeen to comment wala eih?

Aliseyi said...
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Names said...

not only your example ya Mohaly there is another new and fresh one. Moubark sent a telegram to Qatar to inform them he will attend the world club in 2022, yama lesa hanesma3 weya3alem hankon feen.
bas akeed lama el story di waslet masr ta7awlet le r2as shar2ey. da rad el fe3l el tabe3y lely by7sal

Omar said...

Democracy is the only solution for the development of this country!