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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

628) Stop ... Think ... & Act!

I am just wondering how can we keep such spirit of loving the country and unifying under its name & flag that has been there for more than a whole month? I havent heard people whinning about life or Ahly/Zamalek problems or, or, or.. Is it because we found a common enemy to guide all our negative feelings at? or because there is one common goal for the 80 million which something that doesnt happen in real life? or because we are just fed up with everything and decided to celebrate together no matter what?

The match is on now, and I am one of the few people in the country who are not watching. Regardless of the final score and who will go to the world cup, I really wish that we stop and think how can we make use of what happened, how can we invest in and reflect on our day to day life as a country?

Rabena ye2adem eli feeh el kheir, and bless el masryeen in all cases.



H.A.W. said...

maybe its a common goal, which is not nekady,and there is hope to achieve.
but above, giving some pride to us infront of others. its like saying we are worth soemthing aho, bas given a chance.
most of egyptians dont hate the country, but hate the difficulty of living in it on a daily basis. and hate those who suppress their freedom and steal away their pride. i guess this part of the egyptian spirit doesnt die. its suppressed. but it doesnt die.
i hoped we'd win just for the smile i saw those couple of days,but somehow ppl are not angry. its rather an accepting sadness.
ya rab ye3awadhom in more important things.

merhan said...

Before i comment on the post,i want to express how sad i am that we lost:((
one of the best outcomes of such events that egyptians unite to achieve one goal regardless of the differences in social, cultural backgrounds.......even if it was for encourging Egypt in a match it shows how much we love this country and we all try to support and belong to it even for a trivial reason such as a match,the other night when we won i experienced joy in the streets that i cannot recall ever been in such a situation where all is cheering and happy for this country on all levels.......
But in reality can u give me one cause or a reason to unify all egyptians ? i really wonder ...waiting for someone to enlighten me !!!!!!!

Mohaly said...

haw: i am sad too but not as sad as I am when i see young and enthusiastic people leaving the country or see shallow people wasting their lives in tafahat, or see careless attitude from the government in major issues like education, health, and traffic.

Mohaly said...

Merhan: that is the problem. People's vision became so vague to the extent that they cant even think of a common goal for such a country.

Mohaly said...

I am also not as sad as I was when I saw the Egyptian companies destroyed in Algeria. We have to have a stop..think..and act Aggressively here. They won congratulations, but what about our right in what happened to the Egyptians in Algeria!!!

ahmed said...

not only in Algeria, and what is happening kaman in khartoum now; thank God that we didnt won or else they would have been killed

وقعت اعتداءات من قبل المشجعين الجزائريين على حافلات تحمل مشجعين مصريين فى السودان وذلك عقب انتهاء مباراة المنتخبين بالخرطوم .
وقال مجموعة من المصريين فى السودان فى اتصال هاتفي مع برنامج "القاهرة اليوم" مساء الأربعاء ان السلطات السودانية تغلق أبواب المطار مما يعيق سفرهم وتعرضهم للتنكيل من قبل الجماهير الجزائرية .
وقال الفنان محمد فواد إن الجماهير المصرية تم محاصرتها فى شقق وبيوت مجموعة من المواطنين السودانيين بعد أن قام عدد من المشجعين الجزائريين بقطع الطريق عليهم، كما تم تكسير الأتوبيس المصرى الذى خصصه الحزب الوطنى الديمقراطى لنقل المشجعين من القاهرة للخرطوم لمشاهدة المباراة.
وقد اصيب الفنان محمد فؤاد بشدة عقب رشق الحافلة التى كان يستقلها فى طريقة للمطار ، كما اصيبت رنيا علوانى بشدة فى راسها .

Mohaly said...

howa el gazayer 3ayza eih tani?! they won the match,ok , but what about destroying the egyptian companies in Alegeria, & injuring and threatning the Egyptians in Sudan!! Eih el Safala di, we eih el 2adab eli nezel 3al 7okoma da? Mal3ouna el kora, 3al sho3oub el hamagia..

I will not cheer for Algeria in World cup, not because they have won, but coz such people don't deserve to be cheered for!

Engy Samir said...

I didn't watch the match either, as a matter of fact, I didn't care so much whether we win or lose, not because i don't love the country, aw mesh WATANEYA, but because i felt that it is all a way to keep ppl distracted from what really matters, and make them busy with fake victory 3ala imaginary enemy in a battle wahmeya aslan (i m talking on both sides by the way)... For god sake, it is just a MATCH.
I just have some thoughts that I would like to share.
1. Why the hell was this ta3be2a in e3lam, facebook, .. etc. for the match.
Are we to that extent desperate for a victory to comparing winning a match to the great October 73 war victory!!! Is it fair to compare 2 teams beyegro wara kora be soldiers losing their lives, 3eyal betetyatem, ppl losing their houses (and btw ana mesh ba2alel men 2eemet el sports). Or comparing going to the world cup (which we all know en any of the 2 teams will get out from the first round) to freeing our land, our ppl and getting back our dignity !!!
2. We are all soo angry with what Algerians are doing to Egyptians, yes it is stupid, and hamageya we kol 7aga, but why don't we get that angry when Israelis kill our ppl (Egyptians) in Rafa7 and destroy their houses !!! they are killing them in their homeland, for no reason (7ata the algerians 3andohom sabab, a match, howa sabab tafeh, bas bardu sabab) .... but why the hell are our ppl killed on the boarders? Can any one tell me? And why didn't we get that angry anyways?!
3. Balash the Israelis, ma7na el 2amn tool elnahar yedrab felnas in any peaceful protest, and ppl get imprisoned, allah a3lam where ... we mesh beybanlohom sa7eb ... Why don't we get angry!!! Don't you think en this is the reason why e7na ba2ena ro7'as awy ledaraga te7'ali any nation tastabee7 damena, eza kan ba2a Israelis or Algerians or Germans...
4. The positive thing I can see is that we can still have one goal netgama3 7awaleeh ... this time kan hadaf tafeh shwaya, but we still have the spirit .... so it is really easy to gather the ppl ... The problem is with having the leader who has the vision. ya, it is not soo easy, but still, ppl are not totally dead ... lesa el7'er feehom ....
5. I have to confess that I m somehow happy for not winning, 3ashan law kona kesebna kan zamana neseena tamaman all our problems ... 7'alas we got to world cup, who cares if we are drinking mayet magari or having garbage problem or breathing smoke ...etc. At least we are now back to reality, it's painful but we shouldn't escape from it be match.
I apologize if my comment was too long or if it seems heartless. I m just grieving for el7al eli e7na weselnalo !!!

R.'Eltayeb said...

What a terrible thing!

they said "média": call this number, should you need to check on family or friends in Sudan (SIS Minister's office) : 01216000000 - but one lady said:للاسف لم يرد عليا احد وذكرت اليوم السابع عن حاله وفاه يدعي كريم وابني كريم هناك ولم يرد عليا احد
كله للاسف اعلامالحقيقه الخبر ده قلب كياني لان ابني كريم ظابط وحضر المبارة بس مش عارفه باي صفه وللاسف انا لغايه دلوقت عملت اتصالات بمسئولين كبار واكدوا عدم صحه الخبر والحمد لله
لكن حفضل قلقانه لغايه ماكريم يتصل بيه ادعوا لي يارب يتصل

Although I do not know her, I was very touched by her message and will pray for her son. I am not a mother but I know what it is like to be worried. Allah willing he will come home safe and she will forget all this...

Tab3an Mohaly tu as raison. I don't think it's very appropriate to congratulate them tab3an after what they did to us. If I had a relative, a friend or a sister trapped ALONE in Khartoum how would I have thought to congratulate them.

I am grieving, this is our fate to be affronted by the arabs and of ourselves!

wael said...

el match kom well outfit bat'a gamal kom tany...

H.A.W. said...

young enthusiastic people leave because otherwise they will freeze and die. can we offer anything to hold them? la2. so better let them go. at least someone will live.
not that i approve or like the idea. but as long as i cant offer any solutions, i cant judge them bardo.
all i can offer is to stay here myself and try to cope.

shallow people wasting their lives in tafahat.
first they are shallow becuase they never got the "training" of being otherwise. being serious or having a clear vision/goal in life is not a build-in-feature. you get it through education, practice and some effort from your side to form your personality. sa7?
- how many of the egyptians get such a chance of good education, practice and self development? the education system destroys kids' intelligence- based on a UNESCO statistics.
95% kids below 5 years are intelligent inventors.
at 7 years its only 12%
at 40 its only 2%.
- how many can afford it financially? how many have money to invest in self development? how many dont have to wrok in a second job to survive?

they are not born shallow, but they have been prisoned in this cube. i cant get myself to blame them.

has anyone offered a REAL time investing issue for those young ppl, and they didnt follow?
take the example of Dr. sherif abdel aziem, founder of resala charity org.he start it with his students in engineering faculty, and it spread in no time.
give them serious issue, some push and they will take it.

have u noticed how many coffee shops have opened in the last 5 years? in my street only there are 3. and it drives me crazy to read in an official newspaper that the most booming investment project now is "coffee shop and entertainment projects" !!!!!

careless attitude of gov. is the only long term plan implemented in the past 25 years to destory this country.
and its working.the basics of this country are already destroyed.
health, education, food, water are poisned.

inside and outside are tough options for egyptians to live.
i dont know what will happen next, but being suppressed and desperate this way would only lead to more and more aggressiveness. rabena yostor

H.A.W. said...

wael, i didnt see the outfit, as i wasnt really watching. but i heard some comments from my sisters.
let him wear what he wants, bas
ye3mel 7agah.

ahmed said...

masr sa7abet el safeer

Hicham said...

I have no answers, Mohaly but it's clear how football -which I am not a fan of- gather people so my questions are same like yours.