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Thursday, November 12, 2009

626) Beyoncé ... Beyoncé !!

Last weekend there was a huge party for the American superstar Beyoncé in Marsa Allam. Many people who don't even know or have seen here were trying to stop this party for moral reasons, there was even a fatwa that "Beyoncé is 7aram" but that is not the issue of this post (was already discussed in a previous one).

The issue is that Beyoncé fees was $1,500,000 for 90 mins; ya3ne about $16,600 per minute; ya3nee about $270 per second.

So by the time you have read this post, and had a glimpse at her photo in the party, the 28 years old star has made about $10000 (make it $20000 if you stared at the picture ;)

Kol Beyoncé wentom Taybeen,


H.A.W. said...

not surprised since your post of the escort.
havent we agreed back then, that we shouldnt compare :)),and that on long run you are the winner, while she/they loose?
this is what i keep telling myself when i face such situation with local stars.
cheer up, we are teh winners :))

merhan said...

I really liked ur analysis about how much she will make while we read the post ,it made me laugh at the irony :)

Anonymous said...

mohaly the fees don't go directly to ms knowles. the show is a whole 'production team' of technicians as well as talent that had to be flown in from the US. and the fact that 'marsa aalam' was not on her tour itinerary probably cost the promoters a little more.

so in the end 'we' requested the presence of ms knowles not the other way around. just thank god it wasn't her hubby Jay Z as he costs more!

Mohaly said...

Pax: the $1.5 is HER fees not the total cost of the party :)

Anonymous said...

oh in that case that is just plain ugly!

i'm sorry i misunderstood i thought the whole show had a tag of 1.5....lol al gore and bill clinton cost less sheesh.!

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Ppl are really going crazy over silly things.
Beyonce, egypt & algeria's match... What's next?

Hicham said...

Don't know why I recall Nageeb El-Rehani although I am not that old.

BaTaBeeT said...


ana 3aiza ashta3'al beyonce :D

how many people attended this shit ????

H.A.W. said...

ah ya hicham
naguib el ri7any in "ghazl el banat" when he was comparing his salary to the salary of the employee responsible for the dog. you know this part?

insomniac said...

ok, on an even more disturbing note... on the day of the concert i stumbled on some live coverage and noticed how quite a few people did not exactly know who beyonce was and some didn't even pronounce the name right... yet they paid the ticket fees all the way to Marsa Alam and the concert!!!

you gotta love this country, no!

Hicham said...

Of course, "ostaz Hamam". Allah yer7amhom kollohom. Here is the full scence on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnvZgYr1z8A

R.'Eltayeb said...

ô Là là! Beyoncé a chanté .. Beyoncé a dansé .. Beyoné a gagné ..
Gatna nila fe ra2sena elhebab ..

H.A.W. & Hicham, the whole movie is great, especially the last song by A. Wehab “3ashe2 Elro7”. Naguib Elrehani always made me laugh and cry! I forgot how beautiful this movie was and I fell in love with it again. Thank you for the reminder :)

H.A.W. said...

@ R
I am glad we reminded you of something beautiful.
this movie was for me a symbol of life injustice - in an ironic, funny way, since ever. wnenever i saw a twisted situation, i silently sang "ostaz Hamam na7nou el zaghalil" to overcome it :))))

R.'Eltayeb said...

H.A.W. :))
"men 3'ir géna7 benmil O netir!"
It was for me ba2a a symbol of "freedom"- I closed my eyes, I saw a beautiful world, and I prayed ^-^ "Allah..make me a bird - dove - so, I could fly faaar! far away from here!
But how do we know that we are choosing what is "good" for us?
How can we tell that we are not going to regret this?
We will never know!

H.A.W. said...

@ R
when i was a little girl everyone told me i could choose what to be when i grow up. they meant ya3ni in my professional life.
i always thought i would ask God to be a bird, instead of a girl. habla sa7? :)))
be the bird you wish, fly as high as you wish. the sky is open for your dreams to reach. the only one who keeps you from flying is yourself.
keep only 2 things in mind, then fly as high as you wish and find your happiness:
- dont do anything against religious values.
- dont threaten or bypass soemone elese's freedom/right.

as for the choices part, i will tell you my experience and you see if it suits you.

bossi, you dont have a guarantee that the path you are taking is the right one for you. you can only gather needed info, check the risks, see what are your choices, set your priorities and needs, then take off.
invest time, resources and see where that leads you. keep your eyes open for signs, which could tell if you are on the right track, or you need to back off.
its what we call "الأخذ بالأسباب"
you do what you should, and Allah's will guids you to what HE knows is better for you.
if it is success,then elhamdollah.
if it is failure - or so it appears to you- then be sure that its not meant to be THIS way, but there is another way. another door will open for you.

do what you think is right, go after your dreams and hopes. believe in yourself and in Allah, and relay on him. he will guide you.

dont regret a move you did, for its not a complete failure. you might fail in whatever you do, but you will gain experience, maybe new friends, gain a different aspect in looking at things, you might be surprised by finding out hidden strength and qualifications in YOURSELF you never knew existing.

you will only live once, dare to explore new areas.
dont stand there wondering what if...
dont waste your life in fearing.

if i can help in anyway, just mention :)))
rabena yewafa2ek

R.'Eltayeb said...

as if you had read my thoughts!

Bossi.. you made me feel good. I cant exactly express how I feel - but 7assa b reda keda - and that’s the best feeling a human being can have. You made my day!

as for your last word, I’ll take it as a promise, and when I need a help, I’ll call you keda “Gazar”!

Rabena yes3edek O ye7fazek


H.A.W. said...

glad i could help. and happy that you feel better.
and you made me laugh with "Gazar" that was the magic word in thanaweya 3ama.i had the german and the egyptian graduation certificates in one year. fa the magic word of this year was "tab gazar" and i still use it when i want to scream for help :)))

my offer is always valid. whenever you need a sis or a friend, just write. this is my private email: hebbawahby@hotmail.com.
begad, not offering keda wallahi. i'd be happy to help and would love to have a new friend.
especially one who wanted to be a bird :))) seems all girls have the same mindset.
thx for the prayer. i need it.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Thank you so much Sis, that is very sweet of you - and believe me when I say “same here”. I am really happy with Allah’s gift to me; a new kind friend - not seemingly, but belfe3l. and sweetheart you really deserve the prayers :)

Magic Word?! Wow.. Good :)
Tab “Gazar”!“Gazar”!“Gazar”. . . !

You know what, “Gazar” da weird awi wallahi, I feel his presence all the time... He is not always talking the whole picture though! ana etganent 7’alas :))

My private email:

Sorry for for my late reply, I was sick. Actually was sick of being sick :/

bless you