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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

625) 7adeeth El Saba7 wal Masaa !!!

What will happen to Egypt if its national football team win 14/11 match and joins the world cup? It may be a problem in my vision, but I still can't see why it is sooooooooooooooooo important that we win this match, and why all this time, effort, energy (fights),..etc are being wasted?

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I am definately cheering for Egypt, I even will allow my students to leave 30 mins early to watch the match, but I still can't see why is it as important as October war (as some papers have written)?! Does this mean if Algeria wins, it will be another Naksa that will take another 40 years to fix its consequences.

I am wondering that we have reached a stage where I wish that we take our work as seroius as we are dealing with football issues!


P.S. I have witnessed Egypt in World Cup 1990, and I wish that we win 3-0 and see the Egyptians happy, this doesn't happen a lot.


Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

I don't understand either :) and everyone is giving me a hard time for not watching the ads and making no fuss out of the match, i even got tickets to the opera on that day :D

Law fehmt, please let me know, i would love to understand.

PS: Thanks god i don't have any sections on that day or else my students would have hated me. good luck with urs.

zeo said...

كلنا بندعى ان تعدى المباراة دى على خير ونفوز على الجزائريين .
والجزائريين هما سبب الاحتقان الموجود الان بيننا البعض ولكن من شيم المصريين الجدعنه والمرجلةوسوف نجعلهم يروا رجالة مصر ان شاء الله

Anonymous said...

Ana 7azeen begadd .. el balad de sa3bana 3alaya wallahe, wel nas 7alethom fe3lan tebakky.

It speaks vividly of our place before the world, and even before ourselves.

Ah yany!

Noly said...

I think winnig this match is really important for all of us as Egyptians. Although eny msh bafham fel kora asln, bas waiting to see this match w hashaga3 w ha3ml kol 7aga.But nowadays alot of people are really overreacting and took that issue from sport and it's ethics to a totally different path. el mawdo3 ba2a 5ena2a w by 2elt adb.
Alot of groups, alot of events, alot of really bad and insulting videos on the Facebook about both sides. w msh fahma kol dah leh ana ba2et 7asa en el mawdo3 asln yom el sabt momken ye2lb b 7arb ban el baladen fel a5r mn kotr ely a3da ashofo kol showaya. dol ye2olo haye3mlo f dol wel tanyen yerodo b rad agmad.
They forgot that we are all Arabs and our Religion ethics prevent us from having such attitude.bgd el nas ba2a tafkerha 5ayeb a2wy w nesyo en dy just a game!.

P.S: Yesterday finally w ba3d 3ana2 we convinced our Doctor to give us Saturday off to see the match too :D.

Anonymous said...

الله ينصرنا يارب وينصر منتخب مصر لأن بجد المصريين بيفرحو بأقل حاجة والواحد مابيصدق ان تيجى فرحة لمصر حتى ولو لدقايق وإنشاء الله انشاء الله هنكسب قولوووو أمين

Anonymous said...

This is the only window that Egyptians have to exhale, failing to lift up your country in anything for 50 yrs.. That leaves you with football your only path (physiological relief)

Ehab Fares

Mohaly said...

Ze2red,Ibhog & Noly, thank God, I am not the only one who feels it is awkard.

Ehab: Thanks for your comment, tab3an that is good, but scary at the same time because with all these high expectations, a defeat (lakadar Allah) will be much more bitter than normal.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Spot on each word you said, Mohaly!

"it may be a problem in my vision" - accurate word that hides a lot behind it.

Best of luck Egypt, in *Work* and football.

Omar Rostom said...

Algeria has 4 chances (win, tie, lose with 1, lose with 2) to win while Egypt has 2 chances only (win with 2 or win with 3), ya3ne 67% in favor of Alegeria but montakhab Masr maleosh fel7esabat momken yeksab Italy we yekhsar men el Sudan!

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Omar, This is soo funny and sooo true :)

H.A.W. said...

what bothers me is only the aggressive way everyone talks about that play.
on facebook it is openly written in many posts what people should do if we loose. hankassarhom, hanmawethom, etc.
whatever the importance is, why the aggressive attitude?
i guess it will be directed to our team as well, if they loose, then all previous victories will be gone wiht the wind.
extreme in everything !!!

Marwa said...

Howa e7na leeh dayman bekabbar el7agat elly MESH mohemma we neddeeha aktar men 7agmaha while we ignore the most imporatnt thingsall the time!!!!!????

Ya3ny law kol el2ehtemam da is directed to a serious problem that we have to resolve (one of our country major problems) yemken kan yeb2a befayda...

Koret eh we beta3 eh, showayet reggala "kobar" beyegro wara kora belshortat; dy 7aga fe3lan teda7ak.. mayroo7o ye3melolhom 7aga mofeeda ba2aaaaa....

P.S Ma3alesh this is a PERSONAL perspective only; and no offense

Mohaly said...

Marwa, Kora is a sport that has its lovers and that is their right, but it should always be positioned as so.

If we really care about football that much, we should have put all our efforts and time to build something that qualifies us to organize the World Cup instead of South Africa. Here the love for football is turning into a national project that can raise funds for the country instantly and on the long term, we kaman kona neta2hel le kas el 3alem without waga3 demagh.

Mesh Keda wala eih :)

Marwa said...

Keda ya fandem :)

Bass bardo on the other side (elnos elmalyam men el cup) el7amdolelah ennena not qualified to organize the World Cup instead of South Africa.... EL BALAD MESH NA2SA ZA7MAAAAA..

Mesh keda walla eh ;)))

Mohaly said...


H.A.W. said...

Ya Marwa we would have coped for those days. za7mah for couple of days, but the benefit would have been great for the country and for people as well.
they would have repaired roads, bridges, and part of the infrastructure "3ashan ne3geb"

Marwa said...

@ Mohaly :)))

@ H.A.W. I like your optimistic way of thinking....

Bass za7met eh dy elly will be for a couple of days!!!
Shoofy elbalad delwa2ty 3amla ezzay 3ashan el Cairo International film festival!!!!!
loooooooooooooooooooooool really hilarious...

We ezzay ya3ny repaired roads, bridges, and parts of the infrastructure... makansh 7ad 3'eleb, a7'erna 7antalla3 asary elzar3 men ma7'azen wezaret el da7'eleya.....we newaza3ha fe taree2 elnas elmohemma we 7'alass....

Aaah la2 sorry momken kaman ne3alla2 showayet 2a3lam felshaware3...da be7okm el3ada ya3ny... :D

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

@ Mona and HAW:
i'm enjoying your point of views, both positive and negative.

Bas so2al kan feeh 2aml fe3lan in refining the infrastructure, w mawdo3 el zar3 dah men zaman medy2ny... why do they always put it in storage, mesh men 7a2na fe manazer 7elwa ya3ni :(

H.A.W. said...

ya marwa
positive/optimistic thinking keeps you going on and 90% reaching your goal :)))

no, sweety. the trick for planning such events is, that the organizing country proposes a renovation plan, based on the FIFA's inspection and report concerning things, which should be repaired, changed, etc in all needed areas.
this plan is followed up and checked upon on regular basis by a committee from the FIFA, to guarantee the standrads.
as long as there is someone from "outside" checking and testing there will be no back games. even if, it will be very small. but the great part of renovations would have been done in the best way.
ya3ni bardo worth coping with elza7mah.maho we have to cope anyway.
sa7? :))))))

H.A.W. said...

Ze2red hanem
of course me 7a2ena: trees and plants and flowers kaman.
clean streets, good roads not breaking my car every month, clean air and water.
who said we dont deserve.
bas when "they" do it only for strangers, fine. a7san men mafish.
lets enjoy till things change in our favour ISA, and all these good things will be permenant.
i was hoping for the world cup, bot bc of football. ana 7omarah fiha, but was hoping for some renovations.
fa, lets hope for the best, girls :)))

Mary jacoub said...

7'alas e7na mashakelna kolaha et7alet we elshabab la2o sho3'l we moshkelet ertefa3 el2as3ar et7alet we kolo tamaaaaaaaaaam fa mesh fadel 3'eir en masr teksab algeria walahy 7aga teksef howa e7na emta hanes7a???

Mohaly said...

Mary, may be because of all these reasons the match is important coz there is nothing else to care about!

Sylvia said...

I'm not into kora but certainly I'll be happy if we're not kicked out at early stages, hopefully not!

To me, it's ma2droush a3la el homar we e2dro a3la el barda3a

Mary jacoub said...

May be ya mohaly kol she2 gayez sada2ny el sha3b da 3'alban 2a7'er 7aga we nefso fe ay 7aga tefara7o rabena yostor

Mary jacoub said...

May be ya mohaly kol she2 gayez sada2ny el sha3b da 3'alban 2a7'er 7aga we nefso fe ay 7aga tefara7o rabena yostor

merhan said...

Although i amnot a big fan of kora but i watch matches all the time especially if we r playing i mean Egypt ,mosh deh el moshkella what really got my attention was that they r holding a campaign to pray and say 'ya rab'for 5 minutes from 7;25 till 7;30 only to win the match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not get me wrong i really wish we win or else we will live in nakad for some while but if we used the 80 million prayer i mean if we prayed to get rid of H1N1or a better cause would have been great.balash neba2a hayefeen 3ala tool.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Wow... i didn't know that there was a prayer campaign. Though i would wish for our team to win, But i won't pray for it.

I've seen so much bad attitude and bad intentions that made me hate everything that this sport represents. It really makes you sad and breaks your heart when you know that people are going to the match only to pick a fight and treat each other badly at the end of the day, no matter what the results are.

Are we really being that shallow??!! dah match kora, tel3 wala nezl akhro match, mesh ta7reer balad ya3ni!!!

Hicham said...

I am for your point of view Mohaly for Egypt and happiness of Egyptian despite being non-football fan myself.

Mongy said...

Whoever wonders about the meaning of the culture of peace versus the culture of violence that we try to explain in the Misriyati project, just follow the preparation for the game between Egypt and Algeria since few months.

At every inch of this game from both sides, on all fronts, in all medium of information, at every level, the culture of violence is demonstrated at its best.

It is shameful to see this happen because of a football game, not because it happen we have a critial game against a country they become ennemies and their ancestors are cursed and their people are the wost in the world...I wonder what would happen if any of the two countries plays against a nation that they already have conflicts with???

For people who happen to be my friends, they know how passionate I am about football and how I follow it and play it with tremendous interest. But if this game is going to make us behave like this, inshallah mawasalna kas el 3alam wenishalla male3ebna kora 7atta. Same applies for Algeria.

This behaviour is not schoking as much as it is shameful, it seems that staying for sometime in Senegal made us forget how violent our culture can be at times. We never ever succeeded in dealing with any confrontation peacefully in any field for as far as I can remember.

Wish success to the team who will represent Africa better in the world cup, ethically and on the pitch and the wishing for our spectators in Egypt to have an awaking call (even if its is a defeat) to learn...if they will ever do...

R.'Eltayeb said...

والدة أحمد حسن لابنها: «لو حد قالك إن أمك ماتت ماتصدقش وخليك فى المباراة»


Oh Allah! Omal lao kan raye7 ye7areb kanet aletlo eih?! She didn't need to say this, but she said it anyway :/