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Sunday, November 22, 2009

629) The Cursed Sale !

It says:
For Sale .. Highest Bid
..and that is for its endless problems, and failure of service centers to fix it, in addition to the high prices of its spare parts that are useless anyway!
The question is:
What was the owner thinking?!
He is honest but...
Why should anyone respond to this ad?!
Would you?


insomniac said...

i think the owner is making a statement against the brand and the local service centers rather than promoting a sell! men arafoh ghaleban... something i would totally do with regard to most service organiztions in egypt if you ask me!

Mohaly said...

That is a good point of view insomniac

why do we get shocked when we see someone delivering a good service in Egypt? we reached a stage where we only expect bad service in private sector, and "rashwa" in public sector.

ahmed said...

service centers in egypt are really bad and you have to think twice before buying something especially cars

Anonymous said...

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H.A.W. said...

i guess insomanic is right about it. its rather a fedi7ah for the service center and car trade rather than an ad. the owner probably didnt want to get himself into leagal troubles if complained publicly.
bas walahi fekra :)
we dont have custoerm service, nor a really caring customer protection authority here. and unless you have good connections, dont expect much.
and yes, when it comes to soemthing "big" you have to think 100 times, as there is no recovery from this misery.
sad, but true.

merhan said...

Either the owner is 3abeet or as isomniac said he is making a stand against the brand due to bad experience with the service centers ...3ala fekra there is no post sales mo7trama in Egypt except if u buy a Benz or BMW the rest is ay kalam.....or may be he is working for a competitor presenting a negative ad ..bs still 3abeet with all due respect.

amina said...

that is weird, no one will buy it
merhan is right

Mohaly said...

El Dameer el mehany is not there

if they respect their client even if they are riding 127, things would have been different

amina said...

we should boycott such companies

Anonymous said...


R.'Eltayeb said...

Huhuh.. keda 3einy 3enak?! he is fed up of the car, the service, the traffic and maybe of lifestyle! He acted like a waiter who is trying to push people away by offering them a bad menu, or by telling they arent clean, beyedba7o otat, 7’anazir .. or, or .. but he is a question mark [?] bardo :) something about him scared me! On the other hand, if he thinks he is gonna gain respect by being sincere, then he still has an innocent spontaneous little boy within. malhash 7al tani ≈≈≈ fe makani!