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Saturday, November 7, 2009

624) Ya 3eni 3al Walad ... wel Balad kaman!

If the minister of Transportation has resigned as a reaction for the train crash tragedy, I think the minsiter of social affairs -or whatever they call it these days- should resign 10 times because there are some Egyptians left to lose their lives for 100 pounds. Morever, till when will we accept making fools of ourselves just to get the Arabs' money? whether through renting our females bodies or even throwing ourselves in the Nile -as per the below piece of news- to gain 100 pounds from some few sick-minded Arabs who kept watching and getting it on video.
Justice says that they should be charged of plotting for murder as they were the ones who pushed him to jump and he doesnt know how to swim. I bet they will just sign some papers and then go home to upload the video of the poor guy while jumping, and plan for the next poor Egyptian victim.
7aga te7azen begad,
Mohaly :(

وصل مزاح الطلاب العرب الي حد الاستهتار والمتاجرة بأرواح الفقراء وذلك عندما خرج‏5‏ طلاب عرب بجامعة‏6‏ أكتوبر للتنزه علي كوبري الجامعة واستوقفوا بائع الشاي الشاب وطلبوا منه القفز في النيل نظير اعطائه مبلغ‏100‏ جنيه‏,‏ ودفعه الفقر وحاجته للمال إلي القفز رغم عدم اجادته للعوم فلقي مصرعه غرقا بينما تعالت ضحكات ونكات الطلاب‏!‏ فرق الانقاذ انتشلت جثة الغريق وصرح المستشار محمد غراب المحامي العام الأول لنيابات جنوب القاهرة بدفن جثته وصرف الطلاب من سراي النيابة‏.‏

وكان مالك مصطفي رئيس نيابة مصر القديمة قد تلقي بلاغا من مدير مدرسة إبتدائية بمنطقة حلوان بمصرع نجله الأكبر‏(22‏ سنة‏)‏ غرقا داخل نهر النيل وكشفت تحقيقات أحمد البتيدي وكيل اول النيابة أن المجني عليه فشل في الحصول علي فرصة عمل بعد تخرجه في كلية التجارة فقرر بيع الشاي و المياه الغازية للمارة المتنزهين علي كوبري الجامعة وفي أثناء عمله ليلا مع اثنين زملائه فوجيء بخمسة طلاب عرب يقدمون عرضا له ولزميليه باعطاء مبلغ‏100‏ جنيه مكافأة لمن يلقي نفسه في النيل‏,‏ فرفض زميلاه بينما وافق هو بسبب حاجته للمال‏,‏ وعندم طلب منهم المبلغ المالي أكدوا له انهم سيقدمون المبلغ بعد عملية القفز في النيل‏.‏

تم استدعاء الطلاب أمام النيابة وقدموا للنيابة كليب يحتوي علي تصوير كامل لعملية القفز‏.‏


ibhog said...

oh dear God!!!

Begadd this was shocking beyond description, la 7awl wala qowata ella bellah!!

Can man be more evil really?

H.A.W. said...

i was trying to keep my mouth shut and not mention this issue to you, as i was sure you'd post about it. now that you did and to answer your question till when we will accept making fools of ourselves?

until we have a "7akem 3adel".

i wont blame the guy for what he did, as i am sure none wants to act foolishly this way wiht no real reason behind. people try to get money to survive hopelessly from any way they can. guess he was only thinking that this "mission" is just another "marmata" he'd go through to get some money.

i agree with your opinion to have those arabs charged of plotting for murder.
but worse than this ba2a, is that the government supports such dirty playing iwth egyptians.
how the hell could a respectable minsiter get invovled in "shipping" of 500 girls to some countries to work as maids?
khalas, we cant offer anything but maids? and how would she guarantee that they will not get abused?
and why does she hide that fact that most of them are university graduate, but submitted only e3dadiah certificate?
and why doesnt she approve accompaying of of family members of those girls?
what does she expect of getting from this "contract"? solve the problem of unemployment in egypt? or delivering of some money to the state's treasury?
tayeb if they really need someone to work as cleaning staff in schools as they say, why not taking males?

if you want those arabs charged, you should execute that woman immediately.

one more "nafs" hanging on their necks for justice yom el qiamah.

Maha Aly said...

"Life is precious" .... Does it mean anything ?!
I don't think it's applied for Egyptians especially those who live in Egypt as the concept is "ely yemoot fe ghero kteer"

Marwa said...

Poverty is the reason of all disasters in our Country :((((((((

R.'Eltayeb said...

Since people were used to suffering every day with their own problems, fa such accident was somehow expected. Bas ya3ni 7'alass?! of all the ways we have, mafish 3'eir keda! we turn against ourselves and do battle within, we kill ourselves for 100 pounds becoz we are afraid to fight the good fight! O tehoun 3alena ro7na :'( !
I am really grieving for him, but regardless elzorouf elsa3ba O keda... I still have something against him, deep in my heart, mesh 3arfa ata3ataf me3ah 100%
" ولا تلقوا بأيديكم إلي التهلكة "!

We can't control the arabs' attitude but we can change ourselves - by work - and refuse to be cheap.
" حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل "!

answer: when we love, value and respect ourselves O yeb2a 3andena karama O iman.

R.'Eltayeb said...

PS: By the way, this is an unacceptable concept whether for 100 or 100 million pounds.

Hicham said...

Ya3ini 3ala el-gholb of many Egyptians in our country. Those (students) should be punished as you said but will this really happen?

@R.'Eltayeb: I understand your point of view, but how many people in the country understand religion in the right way (either Muslims or Christians); we see extreme things either far right or far left and this is part of many problems.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Hicham, I dunno :( seemingly they exist but not too much - Religion wasn't exactly my point though - I felt like I was going to cry begad coz of his stupidity.. Why didn't he say NO?!! Didn't he learn to say it "NO"
There is yes-and-no/on-and-off
About money, when the time is right, rez2o could be under a rock and he would still find it.

H.A.W. said...

@ R
dont judge him. you dont know what he was going through. if it says anything about him, only that he did a desperate action to get money. you know, like lets try we rabena yesahel.
isnt 70% of the population living with this concept?
i agree with you that we should know that our rez2 will come anyway. thsi is essential part of all religions. and i used to say so myself bardo.and for me, i do it.
- we dont know what he was going through- financial wise i mean.
- being a uni graduate, young and hoping for a future, better than his past (he doesnt come from a "mid" family).
- frustration of being unemployed, even though he has worked hard to complete his education up to uni level.
- the nature of the work he was doing. hard, not much rewarding, not stable, subject to "razalet" any officer he doesnt give tea for free.
- his family's hopes and expectaions of finally getting out of the bottleneck when he will find a job. how do you think they felt? most probably he felt like he disappointed them. you knwo guilt for soemthing out of your control, but none else to blame so you start blaming yourself?
- he did not sat there complaining about not finding a job,and tried to work on his own. ya3ni even his frustration wasnt out in the negative way.
- he did not steal, sell drugs or anything 7aram. he looked for rez2 and rabena yesahel bardo.
- do you think someone in this condition would resist the offer they made to him?
didnt we say rabena yesahel?

wallahi i dont know what to say, but rabena yer7amoh we yeghferloh.

as any sheikh in any masjid say: work and you will be rewarded.
tayeb, he has done his part. so did his family. where is the reward?

bossi, i cant get myself to blame him.

R.'Eltayeb said...

You may have a point ya H.A.W. bardo.
I know that every day that passes makes life more difficult & complicated, but this doesnt mean eno tehoun 3alena 7ayatna - Believe it when I say that I am sorry for him and I dont really judge him, but I actually consider him as a stupid guy - Yes. bcoz he wasnt calculating it right; his way of planning and thinking was totally wrong. He didnt be able to imagine how the result of his action will be like - whether it will be good or bad for him. You know what, he reminded me of Mahmoud A. Aziz fe "Garyy elwo7oush" he lost everything at the end and gained money :/
Tab let me ask you a question, what is your opinion about 2eli beybee3 "kelyeto" for 30 000 LE or his "eye" for .. 000 LE or, or... is this his right? bit by bit ba2a yeb2a fe special offering of goods at lower prices than usual and one says I got this hand cheap in the sale, while the other says I got this leg...
again I am sorry for him O ya rab yekoun 3ebra.

May Allah forgive us all.

Mohaly said...

R El Tayeb

We need to differentiate between those who lost every possible hope and sell their kindness and those who do it as a business.

H.A.W. said...

@ R
Dear,lets analyze what we have here:
- young man from a poor family,who has managed to somehow finalise his study up to uni level.
- fresh graduate, willing to work & support his family,as he is the elder son.
- he did all what he should,yet the result is different than what he has been promised: study n work hard n u will have better life. Dont we hear this day n night at media,masjid n politicians?
- his & his family's hopes are gone with his not finding a job. Either no wasta or not qualified enough to work in company. His mistake tht public schools dont offer good education? Or that he belongs to poor family?
- Frustration & disappointment for unfair treatement, but not his mistake
- trying to solve his problem on his own,he worked on that bridge to survive.the work he did isnt that rewarding,unstable, harsh and on top of that unfair.why did he spend time n effort at education!
- despite all negative feelings building up in him,he didnt turn to a criminal.he still chose the
7alal way.sa7?
- his need of money lead to that desperate action, hoping to get it,we rabena yostor.
- in his case thinking about concequences is a luxury he cant afford, because his basic humann needs arent fullfilled. thinking and choosing and betweenn options doesnt come here aslan. they gave him a temptation he couldnt resist. U make ur choices based on how stable ur life is. And he hoped for success in this scary mission.dont u think he was scared to death before jumping?
- we are talking about surviving only. Not living!!! Doesnt he deserve to marry n lead good life as any of us has?
- would u blame his brothers/ sisters if turned to criminals?
- why hasnt any of z executives cared to mention z subject? n request wallao an appology and 'deyyah' from their families?
- speaking of movies,few years ago there was a movie for ahmad adam.philipino submitted official request to change the name bc its mocking of them. PM announced an official appology n changed the name. Egyptians dont deserve same respect?
- during omar ibn el khattab 'welayah',he stopped some punishment cases for rubbery. When his counslers objected for stopping Allah's justice orders,he said if u want to punish anyone, then its me bc I didnt offer them a 7alal way of living.they hang at my neck!!!

@ Marwa,

i dont think its poverty only ya marwa. it was always there, everywhere. do you think poverty doesnt exist in USA or europe? what we face here is lack of respect for the human soul and inequity in survivng chances.
poverty is Allah's rez2 to someone, but injustice and disrespecting of human souls is our own actions.

Hicham said...

I liked the way the discussion went after my last comment by " R.'Eltayeb" & "H.A.W." . I here highlight on Mohaly's comment too. By all means, it is a sad situation.