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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

523) Quiz - Map of Egypt!

This is the admin map of Egypt and I have altered some stuff. It is deceiving for the 1st impression, but if you take a good look, you will find mistakes. Can you at least point out 3 of them!


P.S> Click on the image.

I wasn't intending to cut the series "Living like an Egyptian" except if there is major news, but arguments take a lot of my energy and it seems hard to do it on one shot as I really wanna get something out of it, so let's  have a "mental break" but also about Egypt :)


amina said...

that is interesting mohaly i can think of 2 so far

- I cant find Ras bernas?
- size of western desert

Tarek said...

There is no 6th of October nor Helwan Governorates.

Yasmine said...

i'm no geography wizzard, but you've marked Giza on the east bank, asyut and sohag are extended too far out west, and alex governorate border is not there...

darlene said...

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omar said...

Darelene, I didn't get what is the relation between your comment and the quiz!

For me I think the Red Sea looks too straight, upper egypt is bigger than usual, and something wrong with the borders but cant tell what!

Mona said...

I noticed three Jiza on your map and I was curious the most about the one on the west-southern part of Egypt.

Mohaly said...

I am glad to see many smart comments, I will give it another day and say what are the wrong stuff :)

and welcome to Tarek and Darlene :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

el mawdoo3 sa3b specially after the new look they made, but I will try
"El Jizah" in the west, I don't think it is right. This was the place of one of the oasis. or ya3ny around it. It is to the south of Fayoum too, I guess this is the new born 6 of October. But the question will be where is the rest of it?!!

fi 7aga 3'alat fi el se3eed, I believe en most of el se3eed is located on the east of the nile not the west. The ancient Egyptians lived on the east and buried their dead in the west.
Consequently the size of el ba7r el a7mar will change. Not the sea the governorate :)

There is another giza on the right, my guess will be this is the new Helwan. The giza I know was on the left :) the right is east and the left is west just in case anyone got lost :)

How many mistakes are there :) My eyes burn :(

I image is edited 3and bernice :) could this be a sign of mistake?

Anonymous said...


Mohaly said...

Here you go:

1. Ras Bernas is edited in Red Sea (totally removed under Marsa Allam).

2. Middle Egypt (Menia to Sohag) prolonged to the left, and accordingly Marsa Matrouh and Wadi Gadid map has changed.

3. Egyptian-Libyan borders are edited (originally curved near Salum)

4. Helwan & 6th of October are present, 6th of October not written

5. Giza is written on East and West (actually before being part of Helwan, southern Helwan was part of Giza)

6. Lake Nasser border with Sudan is not a straight line but it extends within the lake in favor of Sudan.

P.S. Nothing wrong with Alexandria borders.

Shaimaa got most of the wrong stuff right, but I don't know because she knows or she was reading the previous comments :)

Thanks, and may be a quiz every now and then is not a bad idea!

Shimaa Gamal said...

If I was going to cheat I would have opened a book ;) How would I know if the comments were even right ;)
I thought I seem to be smart, 7ata anta ya Mohaly :( :(

I am so sad I didn't notice the borders, now Qazafi can take our land and I won't even notice :(

Next time bellah 3aliek el soora tekoon awda7 3ieny mesh shayfa beeha khalas :)

Mona said...

Hey Shimaa,
I know your eyes are burning but I was wondering if you can help me here with a fine-detail question. I am trying to figure out if Anonymous answer to the quiz was actually a dot or that is a stain on my monitor.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Mona, your monitor is clean :)