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Sunday, February 1, 2009

521) Living Like an Egyptian - Episode 1 !

What is it like to live like an Egyptian?

Actually to answer this question, we need to define first WHO is the Egyptian?

1. Is he/she the one who lives in a villa in a Cairo suburb, spending summer between Europe and Marina, and winter between Sokhna and Sharm? The one whose first language is English or French, and Arabic comes second and may be last!

2. or the Egyptian is the one who works hard and collect money in order to have part or his/her dreams achieved while looking every now and then upto the people in no.1 and trying not to envy them?

3. or the one who is a mix of the first two and trying to help the rest to have a better life?

4. or he is the one who left everything and went to work or live abroad building up hopes to lead a better life when he returns if he will ever return.

5. or he is the one who can't get any proper education, health services, basic stuff, and is struggling to fulfil his basic needs, and has a mix of contradicting feelings of envy, hate, satisfaction, love, patience, hope, and depression!!!

6. or the one who can sell him/herself to whoever will pay, and acts as a Human Mall who may sell his thoughts, effort, body, anything just for money or tips?!

If we want to define who is an Egyptian, how should we choose?!!!! & who?!... 


(Wondering if he is an Egyptian?!)



nourita said...

Wondering if he is Egyptian?

surely you are

Mona said...

The Egyptian is all of the above and that is what is called "diversity."

Diversity is power when it unifies rather than divides. Our differences make us stronger, smarter, wiser, and simply more powerful.

kochia said...

انت عاوز تصنف شعب تحت تصنيف واحد
مش ممكن طبعا
80 مليون اويزيد
فيهم كل دول اللي وصفتهم
ويمكن اصناف اخري كمان

لكن انك تعيش كمصري
يمكن شئ من الروح المصرية المالوفة هي التصنيف الاعم ومش هتلاقيه برده عند 100% منهم

او زي المصري زمان شوية قبل ما تغيرات العالم تدخل لحد قلبه ودماغه وروحه

Mohaly said...

Nourita: I am proud to be so, but sometimes I feel like I am an alien in Egypt!

Mona: You got it right Mona, diversity is a blessing and a curse.
Unfourtnately, I don't see that we are taking diversity into our advatage, it just only makes us more and more apart!

Kochia: I for sure don't imagine that the 80 M falls in one category but over the history the Egyptians always had kind of a unifying spirit that melts all this and more into a unified personality which I really can't find now!

Shimaa Gamal said...

You can't find the unified personality because there isn't a unified aim.
I believe that Egyptians are like our national football team. They come from different backgrounds, but they all share one thing, they remember to take the game seriously in the last minutes because only in the last minutes they discover that they are a team playing against another team and the aim is to win the match not to prove who is the better player.

The Egyptian football team changed philosophy. I hope this is a sign that the Egyptians too had changed.

Mona said...

Good analogy - my only comment on your analogy between "sports" and "nationalism," is that world class athelets - the best of the best athletes - do not play to win in the first place. They play for the joy of doing what they are doing, to the degree where the doer and the act of doing merge and become one thing, they call that being in the "Zone." And that is how I define true nationalism - it is being in the "Zone."

omar said...

Mona can you talk more about the ZONE concept?

Mona said...

In a nutshell, being in the "zone", having a "flow" experience, has been associated with peak performance. People having a flow experience achieve what no one ever thought possible.

It is a magical state where the mind is completely clear and relaxed, where one is completely focused on the task at hand, where everything else fades away and nothing else but the act of doing seems to matter. When that happens the doer and the act of doing become inseparable and everything feels so peaceful and harmonious - just like a great piece of music - it is an experience of joy beyond measure.

omar said...

wow Mona
That zone is soo orgasmic!

Mona said...

Omar, they say it is even better than that.

Anonymous said...

أعتقد أن المصري يتحدث العربية

Anonymous said...

بالطبع أنت مصري إذا ولدت لأب وأم مصريين أو لأحدهما

ولكن النموذج المصري
هو الذي يحمل صفات القاعدة الكبري من المصريين
شريحة الطبقة العليا والمتوسطة معا لا يمثلون حتى نصف الشعب
اذا المصري في اعتقادي الذي ينتمي للطبقة المنتشرة أكثر مثل الفلاحين وأهالى الصعيد ستجد فيهم صفات المصري الذي تبحث عنه وكيفية معيشته

باقي الشرائح مجرد استثناءات من القاعدة مثل الحاصل على الدكتوراة عدد قليل من خريجي الجامعة