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Saturday, February 21, 2009

531) Ayman Nour, & the Khelf Khelaf system!

Although Ayman Nour dah mabyenzeleesh men zor, but I am glad that he is set free, still there are some questions though:

- Why did he enter the prison?
- Why is he out of the prison just couple of months before it is over?
- Why now and not before?

Many speculations, may be the new US admin, may be internal, but the thing we are sure of that this regime just loves doing the stuff when least expected and resisting it when it is most demanded!!



Anonymous said...

why doesnt he "mabyenzeleesh men zor" ? :)

amina said...

Actually mabenzeleesh menzor ana kaman. May be he doesn't have the charisma he claims to be.

Mohaly said...

Anonymous (please write a name, not a hard thing!)

Simply too much talking, something fishy, and as Amina said, no real charisma as claimed. I don't like the leader who has all these conflicts inside his new born party and handling it the way he did. But again he much better of the many so called "Leaders" in the ruling party like Ezz, we ghero.

Anyway, This is not the issue I like or don't like him as it is a subjective thing, the issue here is the weird case in having him ion prison, not accepting to let him go, and letting him go now (on health basis! although his health was worse).

Shimaa Gamal said...

I thought he was dying and they let him go 3ashan maymotesh fi el segn.
I never liked the guy. He is lazeg in many ways. Plus I never liked his wife :)

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it, Nour's release is somehow related to Mubarak's US visit!!