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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

529) Personal ::: E3terafat Mohaly - Part 1 !

Since the time I was writing the Valentine's week articles, I had an urge to run this e3terafat.. May be because it comes with the start of a new year in my life, and the 3rd year of the blog's on the 27th of Feb, or because I feel so much changes going on in my life these in 2009 and may be will last to 2010.

This E3terafat is dedicated to me, yes, I am dedicating it to myself. I have loads and loads of stuff inside, and I can't hold it anymore. I wanna get rid of all what keeps me of enjoying my life. I work hard, love the people, and want everyone to be happy, why the hell I live in sadness! I owe it to myself.... The main notion that dominates me in this series is that "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did".

I just hope that I am not bothering you with too personal stuff, but it is my personal blog bardo, so hatesta7melouni, I guess ;)



Anonymous said...

and we are here to support you, go on :)

saralona said...

eh dh eh dh ma7dsh hyst7mlk tb3n hena hwa ehna fadynlk b2a wla eh :P:P 3shn teb2a tesm3 kalamy b3d keda we te3trf enk medye2 we aked fe 7aga n2sak
bos ana 3rfa enk mes ty2ny bas ana momkn aktr7 ektra7 y3ny :D:D:D enta momkn try 2 change ur routine life y3ny a2olk t3ala khodny ana we 3mora 2 a safari :D:D

mohaly when i made somthing 2 any one and feel that he\she is happy with it i said 2 myself why i haven't the one who makes me happy like those people bas barg3 tany b2ol tlma ana b3ml keda yb2a aked ana men gwaya radya 3n nafsy we beltaly ba7es be that thing which called (happiness) edkhol gwa nafsk shof enta 3ayez eh we sad2ny mogrd bs enk te7s enk 3rft eh elly momkn yekhlek mabsot de lw7dha happiness bs lma tegy tetklm m3a mohaly khalek sare7 m3ah

eh dh ana awl mara atklm btre2a gad awy keda :D:D:D bs yla mesh khosara feek aho esmk sa7b 3omr bardo ;):D:D:D

Elham Salah said...

Amina: thanks for checking Just I was too busy and here I'm again, I'm happy that you noticed my comments
Mohaly: very nice idea, you have the right to dedicate it to yourself as its benefits will be reflected mainly on you, our role will be supporting, helping, wala balash helping 3shan enta mabet7ebesh 7ad to help you.
Sometimes we may learn something from your (e3terafat), others we will add value to you by our comments but all I'm sure about that this idea that you are trying for the first time will be the best thing you did in your life.
Believe me that will relax you a lot even if you didn't analyze your (e3terafat), it will remove any sadness or loneliness you feel.
but please promise all your readers that you will be more than honest in all the series, no cheating :D
May be kolena ba3d keda ne2aledak we nekteb e3terafatna ;)
I have a question, why this year is a turning point for many, is it contagious wala aslan heya mosh keda we ana beyethaya2ly??? can anyone answer me?

Anonymous said...

yemken 3ashan bush meshi ya elham!

amina said...

welcome back Elham, yes I agree that it is a courageous move from Mohaly may be it will push us to be more open to ourselves.
Good Luck Mohaly and we are supporting :)

omar said...

ana esmee maktoob fel e3terafat di?

Mariam said...

tamaaaaaaaam totally agree...
sa3at el wa7ed beyfiiid beeeh!!!
lazem yefadfad..

sa3at at'7ene2 mn '3er sabab.. aw yekon fih saba bas emsh wade7 awiii... aw be3iid shewaya...

ummm mawdou3 el e3terafat dah beyraya7...
mmken ta'3yeer my status 3al face ye7asen my mood! mmken a long walk 7atta law alone "sometimes prefered alone aslan" techange my mood...