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Sunday, February 22, 2009

532) Masr Mesh Na2sa!

I am saaaaaaaad. 
Masr mesh na2sa erhab, wala bombs, kefaya 3aleena el hokoma! Kolo beyeegi 3ala demaghna socialy, and financially.
Rabena Yostor :(


Anonymous said...

هز انفجار نتج عن قنبلة بدائية الصنع منطقة الحسين في السابعة من مساء أمس‏,‏ أدي إلي مصرع سائحة فرنسية وإصابة‏20‏ أخرين من السائحين الأجانب والعرب من بينهم‏14‏ فرنسيا والماني و‏3‏ سعوديين‏,‏ و‏4‏ مصريين من بينهم طفل ومجند شرطة من الموجودين بالمنطقة‏,‏ وقت وقوع الانفجار الذي تسبب في تدمير واجهات عدد من المحال التجارية وتسبب في حالة ذعر بين رواد المنطقة‏.‏

Omar Rostom said...

Does this have something to do with Kanoun El Erhab that will be approved soon?

amina said...

omar, u mean conspiracy theory?

Omar Rostom said...

Why not?

I noticed that there are million comments when it is about love, marriage,..etc but when it is about politics, almost everyone is shhhh ;)

feen saralona, la2 ana ba7eb my furure partner teb2a mothakafa ;)

Mona said...

Which and what politics are you referring to here?
Do you mean "The politics of assassination?"

Omar Rostom said...

No Mona, they are in the final phase of replacing "Taware2" law with "Erhab law" and Mubarak is due in Washigton in couple of months, so may be "someone" wanna prove how much we need such "laws" because we are still fighting terrorism!

Mona said...
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Mona said...

Thanks for the heads up Omar. I did not know that.
I am not sure I buy this argument though - I guess I need to do some reflection to come up with a grounded opinion.

Mohaly said...

and we will be waiting for this reflection Mona.

The problem in Egypt that it is very hard to know the truth about WHY & WHO did it, we usually only know HOW, WHERE, WHEN!

Mona said...

Mohaly, A full analysis might take sometime so don't hold your breath.

My initial list of suspects is:
The "Culture of Irresponsibility"
The "Culture of Fear and Violence"
The "Culture of Revenge"
The "Culture of Suppression, Repression and Oppression"