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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

518) Why is it 24 hrs a day?

Do you know why the day is divided into 24 hours, not 10 or 100, or 60?



omar said...

because there is 12 hours a day and 12 a night?

Mona said...

come on Omar, it is the winter season, nights are longer. (Reference: 9th grade science book)

Noly said...

I think bcoz this system was set by the ancient Egyptians as they were interseted in the astronomy.The ancient Egyptians were fond of counting in the base 12.So they divided the day into 12 hours of day-time and 12 hours for night-time.

But this is not the only why, law keda fa han2ol why 60 min in the hour and why 60 sec in the min and why 365 day in the year........ I think asln en bgd el 3elm 3nd Allah, may all these studies and info are wrong or right. the only certain in this life is Allah.

amina said...

Each of your fingers has three distinct segments. I never really noticed that! - and, touching now the middle segment of his right index finger with his right thumb, he said… “Two.”

I think you may sense where this is leading. By the time your right thumb has counted each of the three segments of his neighboring four fingers, you’re up to 12.

Long before people were reading with their lips, one imagines, they were counting with their fingers.

So a day was divided into 12 segments, called hours; and, too, the night.

Mai Fouad said...

Day (24 h) is the time Earth takes to revolve around itself

Month is the time from full moon to full again

Year is the time Earth takes to revolve around the Sun

I searched Google and found that ancient PPL used to use their fingures for counting, each fingure has 3 segments for the tallest 4 fingures we can count 12 per hand and 24 for both hands so it was easy for them to divide the day into 24 hours

Reem said...

Back In College we had this time management sessions , "There's no such thing as, I don't have time..God Has given each person the same 24 hours a day and that is ...." and that's where my mind goes blank.. I totally forgot what the instructor said.. but what I do remember and believe in ,is that.. it is up to you to make 6 hours of your day or to make even 36 hours out of it.. it's all up to you.. the trick is in organizing your time sa7.. needless to mention that i totally such at it.. I did some sort of organizing.. and my day became a very long one :) .. we yaretni :)

Mai Fouad said...

I agree Reem Nice comment(y)

Mohaly said...

I am glad with such discussion, and that people are really taking the time issue seriously..

Mona said...

Isn't that what we studied in 9th grade science classes? that the earth spins around its own axis slowly and it takes earth approximatly 24 hours to complete one cycle around itself. And I guess scientests are finding out that earth is slowing down in speed so the time earth would take to complete the one cycle around itself may stretch to 25 hours in the future.

Mohaly said...

What you are saying is right ya Mona. The day will be 25 hrs in the year 7460 A.D.
If mankind make it till then, I dont think it will make much difference as I think people will be more robots than humans!