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Thursday, January 15, 2009

516) La Torad Wala Tostabdal - Part I !

I have always wondered about why do we have a big problem in the after sales service in Egypt!

Sales people are running after you like crazy in order to buy something, and once you pay, khalas, you are trapped or in other words "lebest".

It is like someone who is chasing a beautiful woman, and when she falls for him, he dumbs her; in other words; Nadl!

Think about when you go to the maintenance center for your car, to Raya or I2 for the mobile, or when you buy clothes and discover that it is not as fitting as you thought. In all cases, you are the loser. It is never "3eeb sena3a", and they will alaways "hanfarmat el gehaz", and "el beda3a el moba3a la torad wala tostabdal"!!!

Not having after sales or bad after sales is really a strategic problem because lots of opportunities will be lost for the company if they are not satisfying their customer's needs. I don't know is it part of the overall TANASH of the country and the notion that the Egyptian is a priceless commodity in this world, or is it something we are used to coz we don't wanna exert effort and walk the extra mile with the customer?!



Mona said...

I guess that is because Egypt's businesses are still experimenting with the "Capitalism" concept, to see if it is gonna fit our country. In true Capitalism, capitalists choose to fulfill their own needs by fulfilling the needs of others and hence they are compelled to care about customers' satisfaction.

amina said...

we have to learn from the levant people (Syria, Leb..) how to do business and satisfy the customer!

Anonymous said...

this will never happen in egypt!

Mona said...

Why not?