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Sunday, January 11, 2009

515) Managing Egypt !

Despite the fact that many things are going in the wrong direction or in no direction in this country, I have to admit that managing Egypt is not an easy job at all. However, it is not impossible as well. 

I really wanna spend a whole week with Mubarak and see how does he think, plan, & react regarding internal and external issues. Does he really have Egypt prosperity as priority no.1? who has the real power, what are the stuff that he can't do, and why? how does he see his accomplishments and mistakes? and what are his real plans for the future?

howa e7na leeh maynfa3sh ne2abel mubarak, mesh howa el rayes bet3na bardo?!!



Shimaa Gamal said...

I agree, ruling Egypt isn't an easy job. But I promise you if I ever ruled Egypt, I will make sure to arrange a weekly meeting with "sha3by el 7abeeb" :)
Maybe through skype or something :)

Will you vote for me?

omar said...

will vote through skype!

Mona said...

I think that the National Democratic Party (NDP,) Egypt's ruling party which is headed by Gamal Mubarak, is the party which does the planning for Egypt's future. They probably have reports out there that describe their vision for the country and the direction it is heading to.

gjoe said...

Enta etganenet?! 3ayez te2abel el rayes??!?!

I am expecting an answer like "sha2wet sha3b ya fandem"

Mohaly said...

ya Mona, at the end Mubarak is the president 7ata law Gamal is Acting like one.

I really wanna do a job shadowing for the president of Egypt.

Mohaly said...

or May be we should produce a movie called "The Egyptian President" like "The American President".

Mona said...

The "The Egyptian President" movie is a great idea. It will have to be at least 5 parts to cover the 27 year long (or maybe short) presidential term.

Frustrated said...

Ok, so you want to give your president a free consultation....or are you going to charge him?:)

Mohaly said...

charge him!!
may be I will thank God for walking-out alive!

Marwa said...

قال لي قارئ بحرارة: بجد نفسي أقابل الرئيس مبارك. قلت له: أكيد نفسك تبايعه؟ قال لي: الحقيقة نفسي أديله الـ 500 جنية اللي باقبضهم وأقول له: سعادتك وريني إزاي حتكمل بيهم لحد آخر الشهر؟
(الكاتب الساخر بلال فضل)