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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

513) Marriage, Top Reasons - Part I !

So can you list at least 5 top reasons for guys, and 5 top reasons for girls to get married?
P.S. there can be common stuff between the two lists.



omar said...

hmmmm interesting

1. his own family
2. lots of sex
3. less sex
4. much less sex
5. no sex!

1. babies
2. del ragel wala del 7eta
3. some money
4. more money
5. much more money!

Shimaa Gamal said...

7aram 3aliek ya Omar :)

Mayson said...

Girls marry for only one reason which is BABIES but afterwards she will live in ham w gham w a2rf m3a el mawkos ely etgawezto. lakn elregala aw ely now yo3tabro so-called regala :
3)money bta3et el habla ely etgawezto
4)yela2y wa7da teshel hamo w nakado
5) wa7da tekhdemo w yetala3 feha zaha2o.
ya slam law kant eldonya mn ghr regala, kant htb2a gana!

Mayson said...

Omar I forgot to mention that your four reasons for guys are not working any more as lately they announced that 70% of the arab men are not having any sex ability any more!
ya3ny ba2eto kolko msh bt3rfo, yeb2a el ragl feko 3aml nafso 3bd el gabar w fel akhr yetla3 fel bat fify wla soso! oskoto a7sn!

jessyz said...

I guess my list works both ways
1. For love
2. For friendship and companionship
3. For happiness
4. For life
5. For continuity of one's self through children and having a family

Mona said...

The reasons below are based on my observations of marriage in our society which may or may not be accurate.

Top reasons for age group 18 to 25:
Infatuation with someone; to have an intimate relationship with that someone; to run away from parents control; to impress friends; and for financial convenience.

Top reasons for age group 25 to 30:
to have an intimate relationship; fear of missing the time window for marriage; boredom with status quo; to fit in the society; financial convenience and status.

Top reasons for age group 30+
Fear of missing the time window for marriage; society pressure; boredom with status quo; hopes for a better life; longing for true love; and safety.

Shimaa Gamal said...

If the question was why would you get married, it would have been easier to answer.But it is really hard to generalize, though it is one of the things I love to do.
I agree with Mona that our reasons to get married change by time.
I agree with Jessyz that love will always top the reasons unless unavailable. Company will always be the final aim of a marriage.

Omar Sex and babies are two faces of a coin. It is the 21st century. You don't really need to have sex to get to the babies point. So, I believe if you think girls are marrying for the babies, try suggesting the other options of conceiving a baby and you might be surprised by the reactions.

As for money,I can't deny that many girls will do it for the money the same way many men are doing it too. Yet el masal el masry ya wakhed el 2erd 3ala maloh beythbet fi kol yoom en el 2erd beyfdal 2erd wel mal probably 3andoh wings!

Mayson, the fact that the statistics are showing that more Arabs are falling under the "noom fi el 3asal" spell, dah mesh ma3nah en sex isn't one of the factors. At least when they get married they will know eza kano naymeen wala sa7yeen, mn 3'ier gawaz kol el kalam nazry and there are things el nazry fiha mohem ah, bas el far2 fi el tatbee2!

Mohaly said...

Omar: Typical guy :)

Mayson: I think it was the oppoisite 30% cant perform. Asl law 70% cant perform and we have this popluation growth rate, teb2a moseeba!

Jessyz: Romantic and optimistic, akeed single :)

Mona: that is a good chronological analysis, however i wonder do all the 18-25 reasons apply in Arab world.

Shaimaa: No comment ;)

jessyz said...

Heheh sorry to disappoint you but I am married actually and have a little baby girl. Marriage is a very great thing to do but only if you are marrying the right guy, he has to be a friend before anything else and you both have to be willing to make compromises in ideas, lifestyle, wishes and many other things to accommodate the other person. The problem is in Egypt/Arab world people want to get married because they should or because of some of the reasons I see here. People should get married when they have met the right person whom they really want to share a life and start a family with. It's a huge emotional investment, no one should bet on a loosing deal.

Mohaly said...

perfectly said jessyz, may God bless ur family :)

Anonymous said...

Mohamed you will never get married from any one! life isnot an equation you are dealing with!
you are like a calculator which is not understanding except numbers. but life is not like that.

you think when you will decide to marry any girl, you will immediatly but you are fooling yourself because any girl need to live with some one who has feelings before this mathematical mind .
plus you are getting older and any girl need to start her life with some one who is close to her age to enjoy and start their life together not with someone who will turn 40 years after a short time!

my comment is painful for you but it's true!

Mohaly said...

Anonymous: I'd really respect if people have their names on their replies so that I know whom I am talking to.

Anyway, you may have a point but with all my respect, I dont wanna marry that girl you are talking about, and I don't mind if I don't get married if I don't find the one I am looking for. P.S. you will be amazed about the amount of passion this calculator holds, but it is just reserved for the right person, if she is not there, then I will just keep it to myself.

P.S. Still 6 years to 40 :)

Mona said...

I am not sure I understand what you are wondering about here -> "however i wonder do all the 18-25 reasons apply in Arab world."

Anonymous said...

People marry for many reasons, but usually one or more of the following: legal, social, and economic stability; the formation of a family unit; procreation and the education and nurturing of children; legitimizing sexual relations; public declaration of love; or to obtain citizenship.

Mohaly said...

Nevermind ya Mona, :)

Elham shaban said...

to anonymous,
not all girls want to marry a guy who is close to her in age,from my point of view the girl should marry a guy who is older than her by 4 years min to 10 years max cause he will be more mature and more attractive to her.
my reasons for marriage:
though i'm very happy in my single life, there are many things that can't be acheived unless I got married,that is why i'm looking forward to have it, like feeling that some one is caring about u,loving u and u love him in return,and the nice taste of jelousy,someone u can't feel shy telling him anything whatever sensitive it is,some one to whome i will give all care and love i saved all my life and enjoy the feel of giving, some one i can depend on and he depends on me, someone i want to have a baby from
and only from him, some one me and him become very close to the extent we don't need words, eyes are enough
bezemetkom tela2o dah koloh feen 3'eer fe el gawaz

Ree said...

First I'd like to tell u that ur blog is just amazing msAllah
well answering your question I'm a kinda person who believe that we came to this life for a purpose and my ultimate goal is to go to paradise, so I would want someone who would share the same goal with me so that we can be able to support each other. Another reason would be to have kids! which is one amazing thing I sometimes wish I can have them on my own if I didn't get married :) also to fulfill the emotional part. Having your own family and shaping it the way you dream is just amazing I think :) expanding your family is also a great thing