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Sunday, January 18, 2009

517) La Torad Wala Tostabdal - Part II !

Ok, in the last post, we discussed the causes, but now the important question is: How can we enforce the after-sales culture in our society? 

There is "Gehaz 7emayet El mostahlek" (Customer Protection), that should play the biggest role, but what about the people, they should play a role too..

1. You never buy something valuable without having a documented after sales proof.

2. When you experience bad after sales, you have to report it immediately to the Customer protection.

3. If it is an international brand, send email to the headquarters, I did it before with Nokia, and they really bahdelo raya.

What else guys? We need to be more proactive...



Yasmine said...

well, the good thing about having new international brands in egypt is that they follow the same return policy of their original countries.
so you get to return the product within 14 days, provided that u have a receipt.

hopefully local brands will learn from their international competition, after they lose their customers to them.

amina said...

Yasmine, I am afraid that the international brands will catch the virus from the Egyptian brands and stop doing that :(

Yasmine said...

Amina, it's not in their interest to do that :)
this is a global policy, and they're required to apply it everywhere, because this is the norm everywhere (except egypt of course).
sooner or later we'll have to catch up, or no one will buy local products because of this inconvenience.

Yasmine said...

and to avoid slack from our people (3eib thakafa ba2a), reporting is a good idea.

i did it with even smaller products and services, such as Costa Coffee, Second Cup Coffee, Aramex, etc...

i always say, if you dont report the problem, dont blame management for not fixing it.

Noly said...

By the way Mohaly even the customer protection isnot that effective one yet here in Egypt.Last Aug. I had a problem with my mobile and I gave it to I2to fix it for me as for my bad luck my guarantee was with this company.
w mkansh waraya gherhom ba2a for 75days ba3d keda. Every time they tell me come after 14 days and when I go to them, they tell me it was a software problem w khlas sal7nah. but afterwards I discover enhom bawazo haga tanya w el3eb el asly ely kan feh lsa howa howa.I called the customer protection many times but they did nothing akhr mara asln o2lt leh ana nefsy tro7o bas mara wa7da henak w shofo ad eh mashakel el nas m3ahom ( they cannot fix and refuse to replace) msh fahma bydo guarantee 3la eh.
2) secondly not all the people here have this culture of sending E-mails to the headquarters, ana shoft henak el bawab wel 3askary el akherhom yektbo asamehom.

nas zay dy m3ahom receipt w guarantee bas 3mlo beh eh, wla haga!

From my point of view concering sherka zay Nokia masln , why they don't send observers from the headquarter aw even hiring nas mn hena and those observers yeb2a every one of them leh office in every branch 3shan yeshof el company dy testahl enha tb2a working wiz their brand wla la2.
ya3ny I think law wa7ed zay I2 dah kan feh wa7ed mn Nokia byra2bhom kan tare2thom mokhtalfa tamaman w kano raya7o elnas dy kolha.

jessyz said...

I agree with Mohaly and Yasmine. If you insist on getting good service you can. If it is an international brand you can contact headquarters and they usually handle it. I also believe that as bloggers and people who are socially active on the internet you can get the word out on a bad company. Company's really don't want a bad reputation. Just remember to remain calm and polite. I've seen amazing customer service with place like the CIB, Vodafone and TEData.