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Thursday, January 8, 2009

514) Marriage, Top Reasons - Part II !

Now, can you list at least 5 top reasons for guys, and 5 top reasons for girls to stay single?


Mai Fouad said...

For girls (particularly for me)
1) Not in Love
2) More freedom
3) Unlimited dreams and plans ( bafakar bas fe nafsy mosh 3amla 7asab 7ad tany fe 7'ataty so mafesh limits aktar min ely ana 7ataha)
4) Less responsibly
5) Less argues and fights

omar said...

5 only, tab 2oul 50 :)))

Mona said...

The reasons below are based on my observations and interpretations which may or may not be accurate.

Top reasons for why would some choose to stay single -

1. Ego Issues: having an inflated ego which makes them think that they are way too great for any one to share their lives with. Or having a tiny ego which makes them think that they are not worthy of anyone's love.

2. Trust Issues: inability to build and maintain trust in themselves or others.

3. Fear of loosing control over their lives by having to share the decision making with someone else.

3. Commitment Issues: fear of commitment. Or having another competing commitment like taking care of elder parents or being the sole provider for current immediate family. Or just having too much fun being single.

4. Unresolved trauma around family: witnessing or experiencing first hand verbal or physical abuse, having divorced parents, having a parent who just left the family behind.

5. Moral Obligation: Having a sexually transmitted disease (STD); being homosexual, or having no interest at all.

Shimaa Gamal said...

tayeb ma2oltesh 7aga mn el 50 ya Omar :)

Noly said...

Actually I have a different point of view. as I see ( being single& getting married) two succesive connected stages and both of them are having the same reason for me which is finding my ( perfect soulmate). if I found him I will get married and if I didn't I will stay single.
but the point is, every status whether single or married has it's advantages& disadvantages.
w asln every status no matter the number of advant's it has byegy 3lana wa2t and we feel bored mnha. khlas ba2a kol el advt. dy ehna 3mlnaha w zh2na mnha.

Elham shaban said...
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Elham shaban said...

From my point of view it is a matter of lack in coupling of compatibility in people, I mean the one with whom I’ll be compatible is not seeing me because he didn't meet me while he is searching for me, and I always see many guys searching for a specific characters around me but they don't meet them.
Differences in the objectives for marriage between the 2 partners is also an important reason for both to stay single
Fear of getting bored after a while specially by men
The most common factor these days is the difference of communities, for an example a guy from an open community met a conservative girl and vice versa.
The last thing is the difference in social levels, as I can see that a lot of guys from low levels is proposing to a girl from a family ranked high and supposed to accept (2eemanan be mabda2 el banat 3ala 2afa men yesheel)

E N G Y said...

Personally speaking........
1- Not in Love, not even personally nor physically attracted to anyone.
2- Didn't feel belonged to any of those who proposed.
3- Don't trust guys intention of marriage and don't believe their "I love u"!
4- Wanna live happy ever after not gawaza wel salam.
5- Of course I do wanna have a home and family, but if I don't find the one to share me this, fa I am fine being single.

Mohaly said...

then u r in the right place :)

E N G Y said...

Think so?!

Mohaly said...

I am afraid I am!

E N G Y said...

I know I'm in the right place, just didn't think that anyone agrees on this..at least non of my family & friends do..so,thank u!!:)