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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

787) A Career in Tahrir !

Whether you are with or against or even undecieded regarding the 25th of Jan Revolution, you for sure won't be happy with what the street vendors and beggers are tunrining Tahrir square into these days.
For business reasons, I visit Tahrir at least 2 times a week -some weeks daily-, and I really hate what I am seeing from these vendors who are fighting each other for occupying bigger areas of the great square, the icon of our revolution. I was even an eye witness to the last couple days events and big part of it was because of or involving these street vendors.
Remember: http://mohaly.blogspot.com/2011/04/772-tahrir-deja-vu.html

This is not about July 8th Protests, but I am just against taking Tahrir as a Career whether for street vendors, beggars, thugs, or even any un-peaceful revolt. It has to be kept as an Icon of a clean and great revolution, and I really don't understand what is the SCAF waiting for to build the Martyrs Memorial in the middle of it.

sadly writing from Tahrir Square.


ahmmad said...

3andak 7a2.. El mawdou3 beta3 el baya3een da zad 3an 7ado, we rabena yostorha ma3ana yom el goma3a

Anonymous said...

yes of course what aout the memorial it seems that they have forgotten about it !!!

Dina said...

well, it is not only in Tahrir, chaos is all over Egypt. The people ma sada2o, as if they were locked in a room for 60 yrs and suddenly they r out on the streets, and unfortunately the police can do nothing to them.

Omar Amr said...

totally agree

amina said...

yes it is becoming over, i hope it will be controlloed in our protests on July 8

Mohaly said...

RT @Shorouk_News: #Tahrir عاجل: اشتباكات بين الباعة الجائلين وشباب الثورة بميدان التحرير لاستيلاء الباعة والبلطجية على أرصفة الميدان

Basem Shaban said...
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Basem Shaban said...

this will continue until we have a leader with a vision

someone who can inspire people and unite them

till now i cant find someone better than Amr Khaled

soulshaker said...

democracy!!! looooooll

Lubna said...

Today I truly remembered with sadness this post...I think ppl in midan shud organize the setting n allow el ba3a to enter conditional on staying on a certain area....it's worse each day!
It shud remain clean icon...I agree