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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

790) Egypt On a Bike !

When I saw this photo, I remembered our situation now .. going on so slowly as if we are riding a bike, and covering our head where we can't see a clear vision for the road ahead or even from behind.


Sue said...

Still, the picture can symbolize a strong will to keep on going and trying even if the vision is blurred and the burden is heavy...Never giving up...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

a valid point of view.
you can ask as well if such stuff is really important to carry at this time?
at lost vision to the past and future as well, do we have any destination or just moving with no road....

and to me it looks like individuals share same path and we are a big lost group

NAMES said...

Exactly, This is what we can call over confidence that will drive us to the hell.

Anonymous said...

@ Names,
I am not sure it is overconfidence, over estimating own power, or is it injustice of others pushing the poor guy to take over such a taks that would lead him into a plain accident.
many times over the past years Egyptians had to endure injustice up to an irrational degree for many reasons.
however i never got the guts to blame the poor man only

NAMES said...

it is true, but at the end it is our choice to move even if we don't have the vision of our destination.

Anonymous said...

@ names:
mesh 3arfah. often i was confronted with situations where others are forced to take over impossible tasks, and i felt helpless to stop them.
dear, don't think of our social/intellecutal niveau. think of the poor man's on the bike.
what if he would get for this "tawsilah" like 10 EGP?
can he really afford to refuse?

NAMES said...

my dear, if you wanna me talk about this poor man fa i think there is no justification for him to do such. by a way or another he can but this thing behind him, da belzabet be ybayen fahlwet el masry. also this is emphasize that many of us used to walk baseen ta7t reglina bas we mesh 3ayzeen neshof 2odamna.

Anonymous said...

doesn't fahlawet elmasry tell something about the will to survive, no matters what in non-human circumstances.
the education i had makes it easy for me to tell at least 10 mistakes out of what he is doing, however i still can't get myself to fully accuse him.
i can tell of course that he could easily cause a disaster to others, if not to himself as well.
but still would find him a justification :)

Mohaly said...

People need to start with themselves .. without having personal vision, goals, and working hard on it.. we wont be able to feel the need for working hard together to achieve bigger goals the benefit us all.
What is happening now is just a waste of time.