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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

789) Is it hard to be Happy ?!


Why is happiness so hard to achieve? 
Why do we tend or seem to be un-happy most of the time?

Ironically I am writing that on a day I am really happy as it is the birthday of the most precious person in my life, the real source of happiness .. my cute and lovely niece Noor :)



Laila said...

bec we think that our happiness lies in the things that we dont have, so we dont enjoy what we have and always ask for more

Mohaly said...

sometimes we ask for less to be happy..

amina said...

What would make you happier? Perhaps a bigger house or a better car; a sexier or more understanding mate; surely, wealth and fame. Or maybe you would simply be happy with finishing everything on your to-do list. Well, stop deluding yourself. Psychological research suggests that none of these things is very likely to increase your happiness significantly.

soulshaker said...

dopamine n endorphin; love, good sex, sport, or cocaine :D

deppy said...

Happiness lies in satisfaction, be it less or more. It's about appreciating the little things and about following your passion and your path.

NAMES said...

I would say happy and unhappy are emotions. That means they do not last forever. Sometimes you can shift from happy to unhappy with the passage of time. Allow more time and you will shift back into happy. that is the life experience.

And yes, sometimes it is hard to be happy especially these day's with negative people who just love to put us down. and Sometimes the let down comes because we have set our expectations too high. we adeena bent3alem men el donya.

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.
Finally I've found that we have to make the decision to be happy. and my advise if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things and always remember the Happy times in your life.

"Happy birthday to Noor and God bless her. we te7'alik ya Rab dayman mabsoot" :))

Mohaly said...

hmm,,that is insightful.

Mohaly said...

btw just came back from her birthday, seeing all these happy kids playing together made me really happy... i almost forgot my age, positions, challenges, and enjoyed myself as a "kid"!

soulshaker said...

we tend to tie our happiness to the things we dont have.. but we seem to overlook the things we already have as if we have them for granted (altho we dont)!..which is normal cuz Allah said " وإنه لحب الخير لشديد"..

Mohaly, people like us, having a very sensual fragile heart, very simple things can make us happy n even fly.. n yet having an intellectual practical mind, makes the search for these simple things extremely complicated!.. thats why, even our closed ones will tend to be lost between this n that(heart n mind) n decide that we r not easily satisfied, tho this is not true.

Anonymous said...

first, happy birthday to her. glad you enjoyed it.
this is what i wanted to tell you. a tip i learned: set your mind to be happy for just the next hour.either do something, like watch a movie you love or read a book- or just enjoy what comes your way.
what i do is as long as there is no crises coming my way, i am happy about the day passing. happy 100% is none, and not here. this would be in jannah, isA.
try the tip i told you. sometimes it works.you will end up spending "good" moments, happy maybe each day.even if the essential things are missing, still.
i read some of your past posts. i got a glimpse of a part of you. what is missing in your life is definetely precious and importat to you, but close your eyes and compare keda: noor as your niece as a healthy child or a sick child of your own? i think this way with my niece when miss having children of my own.
somethings are not in our power, no matters how hard you try.
ma3lesh, be patient and enjoy the moments you can visit your niece until things change to your favour isA.
believe me, a woman has it 10 x harder than a man for missing children, knowing that she will never have her own. yet life goes on, and Allah compensates.

ah, something else i wanted to tell you: surround yourself with those who truely love you.their warm feelings will warm your days. sure there are others who love you, and sure you know it. call them and visit them, let thier warm feelings lighten your days. give back warmth and love, laugh at them back and isA you will feel different in a short time.
May Allah bless you.

Mohaly said...

thank u,this was .. touching in some weird sense..

Anonymous said...

sorry for my late reply.was out of town.
i dont mean to lecture you or anything,just want to share with u what i know.
you know the quran verse that says رضى الله عنهم و رضوا عنه it is about our @reda@ of what allah has given us, and also taken away from us. it might be very precious.it might be our very deep soul that is taken away.but who can change his destiney.what i learned is try to keep up this reda, whenever i am down,lonely or thnking of my troubles.
leave the dark side and think of those who love you, those who want to be with you those who wish you'd visit.go visit with flowers, chocolate or even a call. begad, it makes a difference.
my wish to you is to find this reda and happiness isA.

dina said...

Happy life cute Noor,Tetraba fi 3ez Allah w yekhalihalko.
Happiness is always there...n here, but we don t wear da right glasses to see it.am against the statement of"Look for happiness" let s make it"Look to happiness n look after it", happiness comes with even da situations dat wear da darkest clothes of sadness ever. It dependes upon our sight, point of view n our tendency to be happy or to be sad.

Happiness doesn t ask why? have u ever smile for a shinin star in da sky? have u ever smile for a beautiful kid?have u ever put a piece of chees for a hungry kitty in da street? it s not kindness , it s happiness dat makes u make dat.
r u happy dat u r Egyption? r u happy dat u r in thirties of age? r u happy with ur early morning cup of Nescafe?r u happy dat u see da Nile in every day? r u happy dat u r lecturer n in every word u say u change in someone,may be u change in the phase of da earth?
be happy even with sins because u still have da time to ask for forgiveness n forgiving god"Allah".

dina said...

u have a very crowded mind...n a very very crowded heart.
God bless u:)

dina said...

Maryam..do u have blog??? I wanna read more for u:)

Anonymous said...

hi dina
kindly write back to my email
i will send you the link to my blog, dear.
thank you for your interest :)

Sue said...

My favourite quote, never fails to be true: Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the movement will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and softly sit on your shoulder.
قال على رضى الله عنه
الدنيا تغر وتضر وتمر
Don't think a lot Mohaly about how to achieve happiness. I believe it's all in the mind, in living the now, not the future and not the past. Always smile and you'll find your lovely friends smiling back at you :)

dina said...

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.....Marcel Pagnol.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us...Helen Keller.