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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

788) Egypt is PMSing !!

Yes, it may be a bit shocking title .. but this is what is coming to my mind now while I am writing this post right from the heart of the news .. Tahrir Square.

The physical and emotional symptoms are not far from what dear women experience. Egypt is not focusing, dizzy, tired, stressed, and cant coordinate its actions and activities in the right way.
Egypt is moody, anxious, depressed, sore, insomniac and its leaders are almost making her fainting.
Egypt is overreacting, and accusations are all over the place.
Egypt is tearful and needs support, love, care, and respect.

Egypt is not in its normal state, and is passing through hard time that will hopefully lead one day to the freedom and democracy.

Are you wining, frustrated, cursing either the revolts or the rulers ... is that really all what you have got? What a shame!

What is your mission in life, do you have one? What are you doing to achieve it?
Are you giving more time to work these days? If you are not working, are you using this huge free time to help others who are in need? If you dont wanna do anything, did you leave other to do what they are doing or you are an obstacle yourself?

Stop and Think .. and know that Egypt needs your support, care, and love to it and its people. Only Real Men can Handle Egypt in this state.



Lubna said...

I think Egypt is not PMSing...it's in Labour

Mohaly said...

PMSing so far ...
When it is in labour it will have other symptoms... and definitely wont be PMSing.

Anonymous said...

I understand the comparison, and yes you have a valid point of view.
but the road ahead into the future is unclear for almmost everyone, of those who really love the country and want its best.
if we exclude those who want to destroy and those who want to continue robbing Egypt, we will have 2 groups:
- educated people,who want to build the country and at a phase "enjoy" living here
- non-educated people, who are an easy target for existing political groups that want to dominate and control the country.

my fears come from the second group bc they are the majority and their mentality is very easy to control via religion and/or poverty.

thinking things over, i often find myself feeling helpless of how to proceed. we might have good calibers inside and outside Egypt who really want to help out. only they are not strong enough to pull the majority to their party, bc they wont use the religion/poverty weapon to drag this majority.

I believe in Allah, and that his hand will help us through this tough time, but we need to DO something. the question is what to do and how to do it to help in crossing this tough time with the least losses.

Mohaly said...

anonymous (name?) i agree, check my article about change http://mohaly.blogspot.com/2011/02/758-egypt-20-dvf-r.html

Anonymous said...

good one, i read it.
but it doesn’t answer my question of how to approach the majority, who are politically uneducated and immature as well.
i understand that readers of your blog are of a certain niveau, and those are my least concern.
back then at time of the istefta2 i tried explaining the difference and the consequences to my maid. she went home fully supporting and understanding to find her husband wanting to vote with yes bc "sheikh el game3" said so.
got my point?
exactly THIS category scare me.they have no solid ground, no trust in themselves or others when they face "sheikh elgame3".
somehow need to approach them in a way they understand, believe and not make them "follow" but decide on their own.
this mature thinking and acting way is what i want to reach. only then people would be free to think, act and vote accordingly.

I believe in positive thinking and that there is always a way out of every "matab" only can’t see it for the time being.


Mohaly said...

It doesnt answer but explains or puts change in perspective. I do understand what u r saying ya Maryam, and a major problem is that under Mubarak's Regime these 2 layers became like oil and water, they dont mix.
I am sorry to bother you with more articles, but may this help a bit as threshold for starting change properly.

Anonymous said...

from where i stand i have been facing hell of difficulties during the past couple of years of my life, simply bc i am different. i never lost my faith in my right to live the way i want as long as i am not harming anyone else.
95% of my troubles are caused by those who try to put me into a cube that is called "tradition" and "osul".
now i am facing the same cube but on broader level. on the whole country level.
those who wanted me in the cube are exactly the same who want egypt in the cube of religion and poverty.
they are the same who resist any difference be it even on the personal level.
having the education i had, i could never obey the "osul". nothing against them. just dont fit there.
i believe that only Allah can dictate me rules. therefore only the religious rules are countable for me. traditions are man's writing, and therefore are changeable and customizable based on individual case.
what i clearely know is that i won't give those people the chance to control the country's future.
looking for new weapons to use next to my mind.
but still believe that we deserve good life, even while working hard to achieve it.

Mohaly said...

well said maryam

Anonymous said...

thank you.
well said yourself, regardless of the shocking title.
to be honest, it made me blush.

Lubna said...

Mohaly Egypt if U wanna describe her better is a like a new born baby...needs to learn everything...how to talk...walk...think...act.....
I disagree....We witnessed rebirth moment, we shud realize that....
Start over again...fresh start with fresh thinking....
Till now we are stuck with the past!
If we agreed it's hatedy eh li masr concept, and if we cared much as we do fr the new borns we will realize that yelling at each other doesn't help, rather hurts the baby...
what really comes to my mind is the word Leadership ....
Strange but as a guy or a girl feel mature as they have a new born, I guess our generation has to realize that with New Egypt birth, we need to be mature to protect her from even unintended harm...!

soulshaker said...

only wise men can handle a PMSing female.. ignorants will think that the lady has gone crazy n can no longer tolerate her; will either treat her badly or totally abondon her!
may Allah grant Egypt with the wise men who will help her pass thru.. I believe in EGYPT!

Mohaly said...

very true soulshaker

Mohamed Mansour said...

I agree with Lubna, I feel that we need, as Egyptians, to re-define everything in our life.
Everyone wants to see what will happen if we take this rout or that.
For instance, some people say that we should start with the elections and then the constitution, others says the contrary, as if no one else in this world made a revolution before :S
As Mubarak made us living in acquiescence, afraid from any changes and always seeing him as the leader throughout his regime, and after he has gone "l7l", everyone wants to take the leadership and wants the others to obey his word.
As if we are toys in their hands.
People don't need all of this, they wants to live a good life in their country with the good basic standards of life.

soulshaker said...

thanks mohaly.. bs meen ely yefham ba2a :S.. honestly, many n I mean MANY, r seriously fleeing! :(