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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

786) And The Professional Prize goes to ........... ! !

My work (academic, corportae, and development) and education allowed me to meet and deal with thousands of people in different places and from different races. The surprising thing is that the more people I meet, the smaller percentage of professional people I experience.

The Ironic thing is that the most professional and competent person whom I deal with on daily basis is the laundry guy (el Makwagy). Why? 
- He knows his work and competencies by hard. (Edge)
- He never missed a deadline. (Punctual)
- He is always quick without compromising on the quality. (Customer Oriented)
- He delivers consistent and reliable service. (Quality)
- He doesn't over promise. (Confident)
- He never steals something left in a piece of cloth. (Honest)
- He has hard working environment in the streets and he never complains (Reliable)
- He doesn't interfere in my life and talk about his life. (Seprates Business & Personal)
- He treats all his clients the same way regardless of their religion or social standard. (Fair & Liberal).

How many people who do meet on daily basis and are driven by such values. I really wonder about the sercret of his professionalism in a country that has sneaky and unprofessional attitude "fahlawa" as a core competency! and how does he keeps his motivation and satisfaction.

Salute to Girgis, my laundry guy :)



dina said...

I v met a carpentar in Demietta with de same specifications plus de SMILE , has a degree of loyalty to his boss"hwa elly me3lmny el sho3`l w merabiny"gave me feel of proud dat we still have such person here in Egypt...
Anyways , we live in country with a very long history of craft business , which almost have dese ethics , or must have.

amina said...

I like the we7da wataneya I read between the lines; Salute from Mohmed to Girgis ;)

maynfa3sh yegeey yeshtaghal ma3ana!

NAMES said...

The most ironic thing is that I'm dealing every day with a christian driver who is picking me up daily to work.
I'm wondering why do the most people who we are dealing wz and have such morals and ethics are Christians???

Anonymous said...

interesting the way you put it together, you always have this different analysis to things even if small and unnoticed by others.

dina said...

I support ur opinion Hoda.

insomniac said...

i'd move next to Girgis if i could, i hate every makwagy i ever dealt with!

Mohaly said...

insomniac ... LOOOL :)

E N G Y said...

Answering your question...NONE.

Professionalism or even the good intention to do the job professionallly is as rare as....dunnu as what!!...as aktar 7aga rare!!:D

Mohaly said...

none !!!
you havent met any professional person in your life!

ayooy said...

Well Said ..