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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

784) How much do you worth?

A Wiseman once said: "The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money."

So Have you ever thought about how much do you really worth?
Do you worth what you own? (eli ma3ah 2ersh yeswa 2ersh)
or what makes you satisfied?  
or what others owe you? 
or the number of people loving you?
or what difference do you make?
or your potentials?
or what?
How do you measure your wealth?



Anonymous said...

“The number of people loving you” and the number of people u love.... how much money u have in ur bank account will never create “27sas bel 2aman”… 2ma el ragel may3bosh 2la gaboh wa el hagat diii 2sbatat fashlha…. Nothing but “PEOPLE”!!! mimo

Anonymous said...

that is deep mohaly
that is deep

Lubna said...

First thing that comes to my mind a pin button that I once bought that says: Born Free, Now I'm Expensive " [ for me it meant, as babies we almost worth the same but it is about how much we invest n work on ourselves to become the persons as we grow ]

Anyway, This is a very philosophic question that cudn't be taken slightly by any human being. It has been raised through different ages yet the answer in my opinion remains the same. It depends on how a person think and perceive himself within his surroundings. It has two dimensions: External & Internal. A person cud be successful leading a successful life, inspiring others and all yet so lonely in heart to the extent that he frequently feel worthless while another who may be has one or two persons in his life that make him feel like he means the world to them cud be feeling like he is priceless and as if he literally owns the world.

An actor who has crowded audience cud be suffering from anorexia or feeling worthless while may be an amateur actor or a student in the rehearsals who has his girl friend or love attending cud feel like the Greatest of all times.

A rich man who lives in a mansion, again……so many scenarios all leading to one conclusion it depends on how a person feels from within…what satisfies him I think? to be loved or to have money or fame……

It is not a cliché…the answer is Love and not the number of ppl loving U…it is just Love…..
[ I have an elaboration about Love & no of ppl loving U but it is another topic] :)

Dina Ibrahim Marie said...

I am really don t have a specific answers for such questions or even a comment , they throw me in a big thinkin hole , but i believe in Lubna Al Sharif thought "it s just love , only pure love "regardless of da no of ppl or how much money u have n if u deserve it or not .....at ma side da embarrassin matter is" what differance do u make?" am really don t know how to think in , may be its answer is awful

Anonymous said...

Hi Lubna,i Like ur analytical style

Really curious to know WHY “Love and not the number of ppl loving U…it is just Love”. mimo

Mohaly said...

Lubna, you made me feel that the post got deeper and deeper .. u made it even harder to realize :)

Lubna said...

@ mimo: I believe that when it comes to love , the question won't be "how many" it rather "how deep". You can't measure love with regular mathematical tools such as numbers or figures. To measure love is almost impossible except in terms of how profound, fulfilling, enriching…etc. It's impact on your life is about how content love make u feel with your life , in both cases, worst n best.

You could be in the same room with your family " who love u" yet due to matters of mind feel lonely and not loved "which is not totally true by the way". Yet, if only person Gets u right, it cud make U feel like U can face the world coz u know u have someone u can talk to u and not only accept u as u r , but also enrich you from within by their existence , love and care.

Love seems tricky to most of us but it is really simple. We need all kinds of love to be balanced n feel loved. It is not about the number of ppl who love, it is about how they love and how u love them back.

Same applies to life. If measured by all means we have Only One Life yet the ride that counts. How each one of us spends it….

That's what comes to my mind currently.

@ Mohaly: Your questions are deep, so it is a natural result the answer needs "digging deep" in soul & heart 

Anonymous said...

We have the same point of view Lubana :), when I wrote the word “number”I assumed the quality not the quantity, totally agree that .. the question won't be "how many" it rather "how deep". ".. I will not add something new u said it all :) just get what inside my mind when the word ppl pass by!

The idea of categorizing. Relationships arent “mal2 fargh”… able to make a positive change when you enter your friend/lover life!. Ya3ni 2la no5sh 7aytoh wa man3mlsh far2 2w lama n5org men 7ayato wa mayb2sh fi far2..yab2a akeed mesh 27na el thrwa!!! ppl r really clever in saying sweet words and accordingly sometimes we overestimate or underestimate them bec of their verbal ability, the big surprise comes when they subject to real situations.

You can measure your wealth by how many ppl support you and the ppl u support..love is not a word … kam wa7d far7 men 2lboh 3lshank wa
kam wa7d kan mo5las fii mousa3dtek 7ata law ma3refsh .. accurate classification may not lead to big number but if u got a big one it could indicate that you are rich.

Mohaly, the picture is saying “I am priceless” do not u think that everybody has a price but the scale is different? mimo.

Mohaly said...

Mimo, some people are priceless because there is no price that can value them, and other people are "priceless" because they worth nothing.

Anonymous said...

mashi ya Mohaly 3agbny kalamek :))mimo.

Lubna said...

Dear mimo...I think U R missing my point about "all types of love". We need that balanced portion of love....Ur word "support" is one of the manifestations of love...by mum, grand ma, dad, sister, brother, cousins....aunts....friends and [rarely & luckily :P]Love.....
About relations being with value....every relation is worth how U give to it.....

Again, as fr ur wealth....it's "how deep" are U loved...coz U can't make a difference even with strage audience if they don't "love" U.....
U can't excel in work without love....Again , the answer is one word "Love" [ able to give & take]

As for priceless ya Mohaly, I believe that every person is worth something to someone...no one is worth nothing...at least he has a mum "no mum in earth cud consider danaha worthless" :)[ at least he has one]

Anonymous said...

Lubna, yamken I MISS things or even away from the ideal answer, shawia el 7agat el ensanya seems very simple and flat laken haya mesh keda 2abdan..el lhza 2la
bat5ail eny fahmat wa wasalt khalas bala2ny eny 27tart 2ktar wa toht :) mimo.

soulshaker said...

u're worth what u give to others..in this sense:

"والعصر. إن الإنسان لفي خسر. إلا الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات وتواصوابالحق وتواصوا بالصبر "

Lubna said...

Revisting this post-
What is the worth of a person?
Well it depends on the perspective from which U handle the question....My answer dealt with the emotional part...actually U can measure by all the factors U enlisted as questions...a person academically is worth his knowledge n whatever new he addes to his students.A person socially is worth what he adds to his colleagues, friends, family of love , care, and more.A writer is worth how he enriches the lives of others through thoughts n mind. A person's worth ...i.e his life's worth.....is about all he adds to the lives of others....few people change history, others change their surroundings,and many don't change anything and are dear only to those they knew n loved [ so only emotional worth].
Life is a journey, we shud try to make it worth taking [ fr ourselves & others].
just wanted to share my new thoughts with U and ur blog readers...