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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

783) Being Egyptian 2.0 ::: The Next Generation !

I arrived in Alexandria today for a business trip and was just having Coffee in Costa Alexandria, and this cute kid came to me and said:
"I am Maleek, do u mind sharing your computer with me? "
I answered: "sure, I am Mohamed, how old are you?
He said: "3 years, and turning 4 this month". 

He moved and positioned himself between me and the netbook, then took a quick look at my screen, and stopped at Khaled Saeed's photo and said: "El Shohada2".
I answered: "Yes, indeed!!"
Then he quickly asked loudly: "These Martyrs died for what (homa el shohada dol mato 3ashan eih)?".
I was taken by the question, and I realized how pure yet deep the question is, and how hard is to really answer such a small kid in a way that he can understand and feel ... I found myself saying: "3ashan Masr teb2a a7san, 3ashan enta teb2a a7la, 2ashan kolena ne3eesh".
He said: "and who killed them, the old man (el ragel el 3agouz)?"
I didnt know what exactly he is refering to but I answered: "yes, the old man, who didn't want the rest of us to be happy, and took all the good stuff to himself and his family (khataf el 7agat el 7elwa kolaha)".

The kid killed me by saying: "I am not afraid from the old man, and if I saw him, I will let him know that he should have died in order for the martyrs to live (law shoft el ragel el 3agouz kont ha2olo el mafrood enta temoot 3ashan el shohada2 ye3eesho we yefra7o)".
I just took him in my arms and kissed his forehead saying: "God Bless You and all your generation if they think like you my dear".
The Kid made my night, my week, may be my year, and gave me hope that one day, what our generation has done, will be continued ...

Amazingly at the time I started losing my motivation, God sends me a 3 years old kid to push me forward...

Sob7an Allah .. Yewda3 Serro fe as3'ar khal2o :)



Anonymous said...

for a second, I thought you were referring to a fictional scene in a novel!

you're very lucky, I love those kinds of moments!!! :)

And children are life's pure essence .. very clear and untainted by the world's miseries ..

Mohaly said...

I am indeed, I kept all the way back to the hotel wondering why did this kid came to me, and how did we deal as if he is my son not just a kid, and what kind of conversation we had instead of just playing!!

Lubna said...

The post made my day,week, year too. The great thing about kids is their simplicity & purity.That said, I have to Admit, I like the way U replied too :)

Anonymous said...


rehab said...

In one ofur status u said"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same."
Sure this kid brings a msg.
7a2i2y fe sh7's momkin t2ablo lela7za fe 7ayatak fe wa2taha msh bt3raf dorh eih laking ba3d wa2t lama bt2rah el msag aw el resla ely gatlak 3an tari2o bt3raf howa leih da7'alfe 7ayatak lla7za w tala3 fe nafs ella7zabassab asar kbir.
bas u r smart enough akid 2aret el msg bsor3a ya Dr ;)

Z-Mystique Girl said...

Oh my god!!! I would have cried at that scene! What A LOVELY KID!!!
I was silenced by his reaction..when I imagined myself in your place!

Holy Hope...Gracious God..

This is so thoughtful of you too Mohaly! How you took it profoundly and not just a normal situation.

Jasmine Aladdin

Mohaly said...

It is indeed a scene that will be carved in my mind for a looong time, and may be that is why I instantly took a picture of the kid so that I wont forget him .. "Maleek Ahmed"

NAMES said...

After reading the post I got the feeling that I want to give every kid a big hug and kiss.

Kids are:
Life's Honesty
Life's Smile
Life's Beauty
Life's Hope
They are the life itself.

The kid didn't kill you by his reply, absolutely. he makes you want to start life over. he brings us the light to live our life as we dream.

Kids are life's messages and while we try to teach them all about life, they teach us what life is all about.

Thanks dr. for sharing this post with us, you renewed our hope.

Lamya Atef said...

How lucky you were. ana fi elmawaqif di maba3rafsh amsik domoo3i, especially with toddlers :)

Sally Orfy said...

God always gives us hope that lights our life when it became dark enough..

Anonymous said...

you would make a good father for highly educated kids with a very special awareness of the surrounding world

Mohaly said...

I really hope so, it is a dream ya Mr.X

Anonymous said...

it is Ms. X
not Mr. X
just a small correction :-)

noha alii said...

ماشاء الله ربنا يحفظه ويبارك فيه ،
Now he is ten ,