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Sunday, May 22, 2011

780) Al Masry Al Ghad - Part 1 !!!

Al-Masry Al-Ghad ... January 25th, 2021

- FM Tantawy,88 delegates his powers to his deputy Samy Anan, 73, after going into 3 successive commas in less than a month.
- PM Dr. Essam Sharaf,69, is heading an Egyptian Delegation today to Lebanon in order to "Kiss El Wawa".
- In the 1028th session for the pre-constitutional dialouge, Dr.Yehia El Gamal,91 announces that the attendees have finally agreed that Egypt name should remain the same without change.
- General Shaheen announces that the country is finally ready for parliamentary elections, and it will take 2 years for preparing the committee and 5 years for making it available for Egyptians Abroad (98 Million out of the 100 Million Egyptians are living between Arab world, West Europe, and North America).
- The General Prosecutor urges the medical committee to finalize its report about the medical condition of Ex. Ousted President Mubarak, 93 in order to decide if he can be transferred to a grave in Torrah after he dies.
- Ex.First Lady, 80, is facing charges for getting a commission from tourists coming to take photos with the Ex.President without paying any taxes.
- Dr.Fathy Serour, 90, wins a case against Egyptian People, and is asking for $1 Trillion pound in return for forgiving them.
- Imbaba President, Sheikh Abdel Gabbar Hazem El Wahsh, celebrates burning of the last church in the Repubic of Imbaba, and Saleeb Abdel Massih, President of Coptic Republic of Shubra declares war on Imbaba.
- Omar Alaa Mubarak, 20, announces joining the Muslim Brotherhood, and marrying Fareeda Gamal Mubarak, 12.
- Egypt nominates Dr. Mostafa El Fiki for the Arab League after Dr.Nabil El Arabi's resignation in  December 2020.
- The Central Bank denies that the USD exchange rate will be 20 pounds vs. 1 USD this year and stresses that it wont exceed 19.5 pounds.
- Egyptian President Amr Moussa, 84, declares that he will step down in 2030, and political activist Dr. Mohamed El Baradie is meeting him to reach a compromise to step down in 2027.
- E2telaf Kohol el Thawra announces an Alfeya (1000 people) for celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 25 January Revolution next Friday in Tahrir square.

---> Mohaly found hanging in his office after reading this news.

Khier Allahom Ega3lo Kheir,


Anonymous said...

Mohaly :) ana wa23t men 3ala el korsy men kotr el da7k looool.mimo

Mohaly said...

ham yeda7ak we ham yebaky :)

Z-Mystique Girl said...

this is hilarious! LOL u created this LOL?! 5ayyallak wase3 awi ya mohaly!

morsi said...
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Mohaly said...

yes I did Mystique :)
rabena yostor we mayeb2ash 7a2ee2a.

Mohaly said...

wel sora gamda ... enty awy :)

NAMES said...

I like it gedan :):):)
bas enta neset ya mohaly te2ol 7aga mohema gedan en fi 2019 el ba2yeen men el sha3b el masry kharag men el segn bekafala bedaman ma7al ekamthom eza le2yo makan fi el balad ma3a daf3 kol el ta3wedata el met2akhara 3lihom befawaydha ba3d tohmet el bala3' el kazeb wa etham el solotat bedon dalil.

Cherie said...

helwa awe begad
But wat will do on 2021?