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Monday, May 9, 2011

778) E3terafat Mohaly 6: Ana Manfa3sh 3arees !!!

Before your mind takes you to any other meaning ... I am fine, and my health is great thank God, we kolo tamam ... ya3ni Strauss El Ganzabeel ;)
I am sorry in advance for being too personal here, but as you know this series of "E3terafat Mohaly" can be nothing but personal.

So What am I talking about here? 
Some of my friends in different situations were discussing that "You can make a good "3arees"! Actually my reply was: I will not be able to fill the vacant position of "3arees" for a woman!! I am not applying and wont be applying for such position even if I proposed to a woman and married her as well. Why? because I dont wanna fill any structured position in life whether professional or personal, but I want to fill a gap, a real need for a life time best friend who happens to be her husband as well.

For a woman who is really looking for "3arees" position, I can be of a great disappointment. How come?
1) If she is looking for positions, titles, or certificates: I may have that now, but I am planning to leave it all and start over from scratch one day as I did before once I feel that I have given all what I have in such position or title.
2) If she is looking for stability: I have been settled in Cairo for years (and sometimes Hurghada), but not planning to stay there on the long term ... I gotta move to the seashore and start my cultural project there.
3) If she is looking for materialistic stuff: Year after year I am planning to have more public work/service which means more percentage of my time will go on volunteer basis (unpaid).
4) If she is looking for connections:  Once I leave my positions, I am sure more than half of the connections will be gone. That is life, and that is people.
5) If she is only physically attracted: I change every couple of years, lose & add weight, lose & add muscles, (I wish can say I can add more height), have or lose hair or goatee...etc. I am a Mutant man !
But if she is looking for me as a person, who I am, my thoughts, ideas, believes, without the titles, possessions, certifications, looking directly at my heart, my CORE, and likes it, then she has guaranteed a consistent life-time friend and partner who can happily hold the title "husband" & hopefully "father" as well.

I am someone who is looking at life from an overall perspective, and knows what I wanna do today and tomorrow. Someone who is straight forward and values freedom more than anything in the world (read my articles). If she likes that, and realizes it as well, then she is welcomed to my world .. she is my long waited for partner.

I am NOT looking for a "bride", I am looking for my best friend for the rest of my life.


P.S. Please save me the famous quote "u will never get married".

الحياة بدون المرأة موحشة ... و بدون الزواج منعشة !!



amina said...

the picture says it all :)

Anonymous said...

You'll one day inshala coz there you are not alone, there are girls who have the same concept they want a life time friend. I gave up this dream one day, wanted to make my family people around me feel happy. i though if i really tried hard enough my 3arees will be my friend but after he became my husband, i discovered that i couldn't transform him to a friend coz we are looking at the world from a very diffrent angles and he wants me to live through him, tried t change me as much as he could but i believe i'm a free soul. it's not gonna work so plz do not ever let people make a you a 3arees coz there's a lot of them over there. you'll find your diamond one day
all the best

Mohaly said...

thanks a lot anonymous, and may God grant u happiness.

Nehal Ismail said...

So i read what you wrote, & i think girls are easy only when it comes to love; it is all about compatibility & Chemistry. So
1.Search for a girl who is searching about a home not a position.
2.Search for a girl who finds her stability in your instability ;).
3.Search for a girl who believes that money can’t buy love.
4.Search for a girl who can see you as all her world, no matter who is around.
5.Search for a girl who loves you at your worth more than at your best.
May be ‘’matnfa3sh tkoon 3arees’’ for everyone, that’s why there is always only ‘’one’’.
Life is beautiful only when you share it with the right person.

Mohaly said...

that was well said ya Nehal..

Nouna said...

Anonymous: Please keep on trying my dear. Nothing can stop you from being happy in life.. I'd suggest you to focus on a new beginning with your husband for a better tomorrow, who knows? and remember that you are not alone; Allah has created you and He will be always there for your.. He says:

"وَأَلَنَّا لَهُ الْحَدِيدَ"

NAMES said...

From my point of view a successful marriage depends on two things:
- Finding the right person
- Being the right person >>> and we are expecting we will be.

Our problem in finding that right person.

When we were children we had a dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise. And what counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.

i have to be realistic when i am saying a man and a woman should choose each other for life, for the simple reason that a long life with all its accidents is enough time for them to understand each other and "To understand" is " To love". Thousand line under To understand.

The secret to have a good marriage is to understand that marriage is sacrifice from the two sides. Not from one side. And i am saying sacrifice coz i realized that the two minds (man & woman) are not the same in thinking and they will not reach to the same point unless they sacrifice.

We mesh yenfa3 enak enta elly to7kom 3ala nafsakenak tenfa3 aw matenfa3sh. seeb el 7okm leltaraf el tany :)

Please don’t lose the hope.

Wish you to find that right person and to enjoy with her the rest of your life as you wish.

3ala fekra el sora mo3abera gedan 3an kol ely enta 3awez te2olo bas sa3at by7sal el 3aks.

Mohaly said...

Names: great comments as usual :)

i didnt lose hope, i was just making a point 3ashan araya7 nasfy we nas keteer :))

Cherie said...

Join the club

Brownie said...

Mohaly agblek 3aroosa? =D
although someone matches ur criteria ll be so difficult to be found but worth the effort..
Bas begad it is amazing and i hope u'll find ur amazing partner and friend ya Rab

Ze2red said...

didn't you forget that she has to accept that u should always be free as a bird, and u r totally unpredictable :)

Mohaly said...

ze2red I think I mentioned that or gave this meaning.

Anonymous said...

أنا كنت بادور على الروح فى الرجل اللي حبيته برده، و ماكانش بيهمني أي حاجة عنده، و عمري ما شفت فيه غير كل حاجه حلوة. و قبلته كده زي ما هو من غير ما يغير حاجه في نفسه. و عملت كل اللي اقدلر عليه علشان أسعده.لكن ما كانش كفاية. كان عايز اكثر.
على العموم ربنا يسعدك و تلاقي اللي تستاهلك.

Fadfadation said...

ya 3am balash te2aleb el mawage3 3al shabab :)

DivorcedAndHappy said...

وستسأل عنها موج البحر وستسأل فيروز الشطآن
وتجوب بحاراً وبحارا .. وتفيض دموعك أنهارا
وسيكبر حزنك حتى يصبح أشجارا
وسترجع يوماً يا ولدي
مهزوماً مكسور الوجدان
وستعرف بعد رحيل العمر
بأنك كنت تطارد خيط دخان
فحبيبة قلبك يا ولدي
ليس لها أرض أو وطن أو عنوان

- نزار قباني

Either settle. Or stop looking.

Mohaly said...


soulshaker said...

I cant stop wondering (nor searching!!) why is it that men who can fill the "husband" position cant be ur friend, n those who r friends cant be husbands?!...is it bcuz friends "open up" and some men find it difficult to accept history and live with it?!.. although the most gauranteed love is when u know everything about ur partner; u know his flaws, his mistakes, u saw his tears, his weak moments, his deepest darkest secrets, n its ok, u just love HIM!.. or is the truth n honesty too tough on sick minds n weak souls?!!!!

N.B: Im only wondering, I know u r not like that tho .. but mayb u have an answer

marwa said...

may I have the chance to be ur best friend ;)?

Mohaly said...

marwa, enty 2ad el kelma di ;)

marwa said...

I guess so :P
R U?

Mohaly said...

اللهم إنى صائم
بس مسيرى هأفطر

marwa said...

it seems that u misunderstood me :(
anyways SORRY.

Mohaly said...

dont be, 3adty wala hashtereeha?

marwa said...


Mohaly said...

misunderstanding women

marwa said...

ah,i c. so, what did u mean by
اللهم إنى صائم
بس مسيرى هأفطر
we men 3'air darb :D

Mohaly said...

it can have many meanings and all kind of right... but since couple of month I took a decision of not having females friends for a while coz I faced some experiences that made me stop and re-evaluate my relations with women in all its forms.. so here comes the fasting.
But because I know that this is not something permanent, I said meseery haftar.

btw who am i talking to? cant see ur profile.

marwa said...

well done :) keep fasting :)
I mean it. but 4 re-evaluation ;)

marwa said...

hi, do u check ur facebook msgs?

Mohaly said...


marwa said...

so, is there anything wrong?

marwa said...

hi, how r u? how is life treating u these days? hope all is well :)

Mohaly said...

surviving marwa ... looking forward for a better country .. better quality of life.

marwa said...

Happy Feast :) hope u r having a good time.
how is the fasting issue? ;)

Anonymous said...


You will find someone who is like cos I know people who want someone like, but can't find him. Maybe your just searching in the wrong place. May Allah grant you more than what you wish for :)

Mohaly said...

Thank You Ree :)