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Saturday, May 7, 2011

777) Seven Seven Seven !!

I don't know what is about it with me and number 7. I am obsessed with this number and all its repetitions and multiplications. There is something magical and mysterious about 7! I don't need a reason to love number 7, I just do .. love from the first sight.

But when I think about it I find:
- 7 doesn't divide on any number.
- 7 is number of the wonders in the world.
- 7 is the number of heavens, skies & earth layers.
- 7 is the number of days in a week.
- 7 Days of creation.
- 7 Circumambulations "Tawaf" around "Ka3ba".
- 7 Walks in "Safa & Marwa".
- 7 Kings of Rome.
- 7 Liberal Arts.
- 7 Years of Plenty & 7 years of Famine in Pharoh's dream.
- 7 Virtues.
- 7 Deadly Sins.
- 7 "Ayat" in Fatihah.
- A human can be conceived in 7 months.
- 7 Years is the time the personality is built & well established for a human being.
- 7 Rainbow Colors.
- 007 is the code number of James Bond.
- 7 is the hot series of BMW.
- 7 Up!
- 7 is the perfect number of wives a man should have (in his dreams).

Did I miss anything?

7:07 on 7 May


MadCatMk2 said...

7 days!

NAMES said...

"La Ilah Ila Allah, Mohamed Rasoul Allah" 7 words
our prophet's sons are 7 ( 3 males + 4 females)
The Moon passes seven stages or phases
7 Electron orbits
The human consists of (Atom + partial + Jane + chromosome + cell + Texture + Organ)
Musical Scale consists of seven tones.

There are plenty of things mentioned in Quraan associated with #7

We ay 7'edma.:)

Mohaly said...

7 sanaye3 wel bakht daye3

NAMES said...

7 taba2at we astek :)

Cherie said...

my name 7 letters

S H E R E E N :)

Sohad said...

الكون سباعي التكوين ورقم ٧ هو رقم التمام واكتمال التكوين. النفس البشرية سبع درجات النفس الامارة- اللوامة- الملهمة - المطمئنة- الراضية- المرضية ثم النفس الكاملة..لو ركزت في سر الكون والخلق بس هو كله بيدور حول رقم ٧ انت بس حبيته بالفطرة:) الجنين يموت لو اتولد قبل ٧شهور