-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

776) Labour Day ... Labour Year !

Egypt is celebrating today its first labour day after Mubarak who turned this day from a symbol for hard work and production for prosperity to a day for "ass kissing" for him and his gang. This year's celebration comes within a world-class revolution that amazed everyone, but it can't keep amazing everyone if it doesn't turn out to be an ignition for a powerful production and dedication from all the working force in Egypt. This is not only needed for the sake of the success of the revolution, but it is needed to make a real difference in Egypt that everyone can feel & experience.

This country won't develop by words, intentions, or even prayers. It needs hard work every day to compensate the enormous time wasted during the past years. In my opinion everyone of us should:
- Focus on his/her work or study, and don't waste a minute in playing, office politics, procrastination ...etc.
- Read more and be more specialized in your field. The world is moving and developing very fast, and in order to catch it, we need to move even faster. (etlobo el 3elm walao fel Seen).
- Use time off in some public work, and helping others who was misfortunate in their education, to be better and more productive.
- Don't lose faith and hope, and be sure that hard work will never fail you and always pay at the end (wa kol e3malo, fasayara Allaho 3amalokom).

Let's turn 2011 to a Labour Year and start from today ... The Free Labour Day.



Mohamed Mansour said...

Happy Labour Day upon you, and waiting for the revolution to be true.

Mohaly said...

in-shaa Allah

NAMES said...

مش عرفت اقول حاجه او اعلق غير اني ابعت الرساله دي لكل العمال:
خير مصر لينا ولاهلينا
بلدنا مش هتنهض غير بينا.
ثورتنا قامت علشانكم وعلشان مصر
يالا نكمل مسيرتنا ونححقق النصر.
بجهد متـــواصل حيا على العمـــل
كل يوم وعام الفرحه تكتمل.
انشاء الله يتحقق كل المــــطلوب
ونرفع راية النصر للحق المسلوب.
يالي بنيتوا الأوطان والأجيال بأفعالكم
بلدكم محتاجه دايما لقوتكم وعزيمتكم.
حق بلدنا علينا مش بالشعارات و الكلمات
يلا بينا نبدأ نعمل ونطور وننسى اللي فات .
طوبة على طوبه نعمر بيها و نبني بلدنا
بمشاركتم ومشركتنا وبسواعدكم وسواعدنا.

Muhammad said...

great work ! Keep the spirits high ! don't loose focus until you make your country what you desire !

Mohaly said...

Thanks a Lot Muhammad

MadCatMk2 said...

I like the way you think and your optimism. I think Egypt needs more people like you. You've made a very interesting blog here.

Mohaly said...

Thanks MadCat, Egypt needs lots of energy and work .. I hope that we can live and see the fruits of this work.

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