-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Saturday, April 7, 2012

818) 7ad Fahem 7aga?!

Does anyone really understand what is happening in Egypt?!!! 

Can you tell me your top 3 concerns in light of what is happening now on all fronts (presidential, constitutional, governmental, trails...etc).



Anonymous said...

what i feel and understand isnt of any pleasure.looks like the mo2amrah theory has eaten my head.am i too suspicious?
What i feel is there is a plan going on to 'hand over' the country either to an army man or to one of the good friends.my guessing is it might be moussa, shafshak is a bad card. I am sure that hazem doesnt lie,i know him as a good religion man and a good lawyer,regardless of his ploitical immaturity.but he is not stupid to pay such huge amount and ignore an obvious fact lke the american citizenship of his mother. There is a hidden part. So my heart tells me.
Now that almost everyone i know condems the islamist either fr their stupidity or diff. Viwes it is only the army,moussa or shafshak.
I saw some ppl on tv yesterday in a small demonstration asking elmoshir to go presidecy 'er7amna men elekhwan'
Or to guarantee them a safe exit after the massacre happened in maspero, mohamed ahmoud, magles elwozara, etc, and after all islamic candidates ensured tht there is no forgiveness for anyone.
What i feel is a big, deep trap is being prepared for egy, that if worked out, thousands of ppl will be killed and prisond as happened in port said. The coming president will make sure to kill the newlyborn spirit in order to control the country again and tomlet mubarak and 3askar leave safely.
I am scared, but always trust Allah's hand.
Sorry,wshed to have said somehig cheerful, but i canr 'see' other than a trap

Mohaly said...

Mosheer cant officially go for presidency.

I feel the same trap and as if I am watching a silly play and cant leave my chair.

Anonymous said...

Everything is possible in this land, while these ppl are ruling ya Doctor. officially ba2a or not, is up to each of us to swollow :-)

my 3 concerns are all summed up in just one: back to square 0 with all related issues, ppl, laws, etc.

i never thought that there would come the day where i think to elect any of the Ekhwan, but seems if we got this chance, we should be grateful. i mean if any of the Ekhwan made it till the last election phase.

the trap is getting darker and deeper everyday, but i still believe in Allah's hand to save us.

Mohaly said...

I will never vote for an Ekhwani no matter what, for me they are no better than the NDP .. same shit values.

Anonymous said...

so u choose soliman? or shafik? or moussa?

the choice would be between 2 things:
NDP, Mubarak, etc with all their known staff
ekhwan with all their promises, unclearness, strangeness, values.

what do you choose?

Mohaly said...

It was always the choice between either NPD or Ekhwan even ayam Mubarak but now directly not as a threat ..

I will go and invalidate my vote.. I will never vote for Shafik /Soliman, or Shater/Abou Ismail.

Anonymous said...

invalidating your vote wont solve the problem, it will just make you an outside-partner. meaning you will help one of them by not-voting for the other.
which bardo is not solving the problem the way we want.
it took me couple of weeks to decide voting for ekhwan, in case it is them against NDP.
if there is a risk of 1% of them screwing things if they took over, the opposite would be 100% killing egyptians if the NDP took over.

lets just hope someone of the islamist would make it till end of the race and doesnt get killed before :-)

NAMES said...

ma7adesh fahem 7aga...but the only thing that we all understand is that there is a dirty game is happening now.

I have a question:
Why they declared now that Abou Ismael doesn't fit the president position?? why only Abo Ismael?? why they didn't go through the normal procedure of the election plan as per the attached and announce the status of all nominees on 14th & 15th of April?


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