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Monday, April 30, 2012

820) The Eye of the Beholder ... !

A man was sitting at the corner of a cafe holding a pen and writing something..

There were many people sitting there watching and wondering..
An old man thought that he is writing a letter to his mother..
The Teenager thought he writting a letter to his love..
The kid thought that he is drawing..
The Merchant thought that he preparing a deal..
The Employee thought that he is calculating his debts..

Everyone is explaining others behaviour according to his interests, and everyone sees others through his values, so .... Don't judge People according to what you see..
Do what you are convinced with coz you will never please all people no matter what you do..



NAMES said...

extremely right :)

Heather said...

well said...

Maryam said...

Don't judge the way you describe here is to me as equal as "mind your own business" which would be heaven, if implemented.
wish people would just mind their own business and dont judge others and leave them just live as they wish. isn't it fair enough as long as everyone carrys the responsibility for his actions within the limits of not harming others?
ya reit ppl would just spare others their destructive, aggressive or attacking comments and judgements.

Welcome back :-)

amina said...

فتاة ترتدي الباروكة في المدرسة يعمل الاخرين على سحبها من على راسها ويضحكون وينعتوها بالصلعاء .

ولكن لاأحد يعلم انها مصابة بالسرطان .

فتاة في ال١٤ الرابعة عشر من عمرها تمشي مع طفلها عبر الشارع بعض الناس ينادوها بالساقطة

ولكنهم لايعلمون انها قد اغتصبت في عمر الحادية عشر .

رجل من الوزن الثقيل يجلس على الكنبة يتلقى العديد من الرسائل المجهولة على الجوال التي تدعوه (تخين) هل سمعت يوما بشئ يدعى (الرجيم)

ولكن لاأحد يعرف انه يعاني من مرض خطير .

رجل بندوب وعلامات على الجسم وتشوهات جسدية ينادي بالقبيح

ولكن لاأحد يعلم انه اصيب بحروق اثناء الحرب التي خاضها من اجل بلاده.