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Saturday, April 14, 2012

819) Do we know how to Love Her?

This question may look like it is out of context of what is going on in Egypt and the hot political war taking place on all fronts. However, I see that question in the CORE of the events. I am asking again Do we know how to love? I am afraid not ...

I have been involved in many discussions, public debates, and lectures whether I am attending or delivering, and I can say that most of what I have seen was about people hating each other for just having a different opinion. Discussions seemed to be more of trying to terminate the oponent instead of understanding or even considering the other point of view. No chance to talk, express, no willingness to communicate or negotiate or even educate! "Mooto Beghayzekom!!" What kind of motto is that?... Do we know how to love? I am afraid not ...

If we know how to love, we would have loved our country ... we would have shared, sacrificed, compromised, communicated, understood, supported, and respected each other, and as long this is not happening, I am afraid we don't know how to love her...



Maryam said...

very true, most ppl i know dont have this aspect of love.
i call it aspect, or part, bc it is really a part of love.
for me to love is to accept the one just as they are, to see positives in them that makes me want to stay in their worlds and make them part of mine.
same aspect applies for everything i love.country, family, friends, and partner.
from what i witnessed throughout my life is taht we lack the aspect of accpeting the other for who or what they are, sometimes adjust, compromise, change, but at the end it is love for the unique "creature" they are.
i used to love egy with all its negatives and positives, and willing to live here for as long as it is possible.
the aspect you are approaching today is a culture, a mental approach and a way of living taht is available would automatically apply on the country as well.
unfortunately, most of egys didnt learn it, it needs to be "planted" in the new egyptian personality, if we ever reached this phase after passing the political circus we live in now.
the case of abou ismail is a very clear example.there are 2 main groups: those for, blindly following and believing. those against, also blindly attacking.
so far, i am the only outsider between those i contact. for me he is not a liar neither the opposite. he is someone whose rights are being "eaten" but actually he is a good fighter, which is expected for him being a lawyer.
but that's another issue
Happy Sham el Nessim, enjoy the few days off and the forcasted good weather

Mohaly said...
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Mohaly said...

I guess we should start loving each other first before talking about loving Egypt ...

Yeah .. Finally some days off and for fun not because of politics :)

Maryam said...

your turn as professor at the university to promote such idea now.
Teach them the love and acceptance of the other, especially bc of the existing challenges.we need to promote this aspect

lubna said...

Eh el gamal dah ;)
First I agree it is an issue of how to love nevertheless love is there. I believe that khair agnad el ard are in Egypt n that Egyptians are truly madly in love with their country. As fr the delimma where discussions take place, mainly each group believe themselves as defendin their principles especially el thowar so la tosaleh attitude leaves little room fr discussion ( admittin myself as one) If I'm discussing an issue n the person before is tellin silly stuff or a lie..I wud tell him as many facts as my memory serves me n consider it over..We need to start building bridges...
On brighter side, I think ppl realized that it is all politics n it is just a dirty game..wattan is larger than this...
As fr personal line: howa da el kalam :)

Mohaly said...

Actually I have been doing that for the last 4 days in my business trip to Alexandria and the results were amazing..

Maryam said...

good,this is what we need.being proactive is a blessing now.especially tht in the circumstances we live in.
You have the previalage to influence young minds,which are still flexible to adopt new thinking way.
Otherwise, whenever u have a chance to talk to simple ppl, pls do. Taxi drivers, in metro, etc.ppl are being brain-washed in an organized way.

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Sohad said...

I am afraid I don't lover her anymore! Indifferent

Mohaly said...