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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

773) Being Egyptian 2.0 :: Being Ants !!

I would like to dedicate this post to pay respect to one of the smallest creatures in the world, which I have learnt a lot from it, and I am asking you to join me in being one of its students; "The Ant".

Ants have taught me NOT TO SURRENDER. Ants never quit or surrender. I tried to stop it, and it never stops, it will always find a way or a strategy to reach its goal or DIE FOR IT!

Ants are always THINKING POSITIVELY. They are always looking for the first array of light to come out and enjoy the warmth even if it is an early summer day within winter. They keep thinking about Positive times during down times.

Ants are always PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. They are all over the place during the summer working hard to achieve their targets for the winter. They know that there are good and bad times, and they act accordingly to keep the balance by not taking the good times for granted, and being ready for the bad times.

Ants are AMBITIOUS. They don't stop and say, that is enough work for this year. They are always looking to give more work and get more results (food). They enjoy achievements.

Ants work in groups and enjoy TEAM WORK. They believe that the power of the group will be much better results that the power of the individual.

If you think that the Ants are weak, then you are deceived big time. Ants can handle pressure that is relatively equal to whole house if carried by a human, and they can survive a jump that is relatively equal to jumping from Cairo Tower.

So ..
Please Don't Surrender ... Don't Quit.
Please Think Positive .. and Be Realistic.
Please Plan for the Future .. and Enjoy the Present
Please be Ambitious ... and Don't Stop.
Please Work in Teams ... and Maximize the Results.

Egypt (can't run away from thinking politics) needs this kind of thinking ... Egypt needs its people not to be quitters, needs them to be positive, planning for the future, and building the present, ambitious, and enjoys working together to reach the common goal that we all dream about no matter our orientation or believes are.

God Bless Ants & Bless the Egyptians :)


Anonymous said...

i'm ant and proud hahaha we're the best ants ever LOL

rania said...


Nouna said...
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Just a Reader said...

is that u,mohaly?

Mohaly said...

yes it is :)

Ashmlee1215 said...

Really neat blog...
Also did you know that there is a certian plant that contains alcohol that ants like to eat and when they do they become drunk ... well when they are drunk they can only fall on their right side ... yea i know it sounds really loopy but if you dont believe me google it :P

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ashmlee
& Welcome to the blog :)

Shabib said...

God bless you Mohaly :)

Mohaly said...

Thank You :)