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Thursday, April 7, 2011

771) Thawra Celebrities: The Unkowns !

25 Jab Revolution has shed light on many semi-known figures who became the starts of every night on TV and Satellite channels..In addition to the booming of some semi-known figures to be everyday celebrities,Jan 25th Revolution had created a tsunami of creative, sarcastic, weird and heroic figures. Out of which are the following:
1. The man standing behind Omar Soliman.
2. Bassem Show.
3. Facebook babe (her fame name, aka Casey Nabil).
4. The guy wearing galabeya in Zamalek match (aka Hozayfa).
5. The young man standing still facing the police water truck.
6. Admin of Khaled Sa3eed group (aka Wael Ghoniem).
7. Tamer from Ghamra.
8. Pizza and Kebab for actress Afaf Sho3eeb nephew & niece.
9. The smiling martyr.
10. The army general saluting the martyrs (aka Mohsen El Fangary).
11. Tahrir Square Lion (aka Magued Boulis).
12. Thawra Juice Show (aka Amr Katamesh).
and many others, it is a non-ending list...


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very nice and im sure that there will be much more showing up soon

ahmad said...

This FB babe provokes me so much !

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