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Saturday, April 9, 2011

772) The Tahrir Deja Vu!

I was so happy yesterday with the hundreds of thousands (over Million) protesters in Tahrir square. I was standing remembering the same feeling I had in the first Melyoneya on Feb 1st. But after I was back, I was shocked to see & hear about the sad attacks and the falling down of 1 person and 71 injuries. I couldn't sleep and decided to go and see myself as everyone was telling a different story .. by the time I arrived in Tahrir, the auwful feeling I had on Jan 29th ... same looks, same smell, same confusion... It was like a bad Deja Vu.

It is simply a total mess, and in all cases regardless of who did waht, the Military council has proven that can't be politically reliable. I am against breaking the curfew, but I can't be with violence, I can't be with leaving the senior thugs (Mubarak's men) free then having them as an excuse for attacking. I don't know who were in Tahrir, but I know for sure that the Military Council needs to be transparent and know that it is in power by the legitimacy of the people. If the council wants to continue till the drawn scenario of Dec 2011 presidential elections, then it must know that the strategy it has been following since the impeachment of Muabark will lead us to a dead-end, and opens a huge window for the old regime to come between the army and the people. But if they can't be accountable for what is happening (whether they are responsible or not), then they can call for exceptional presidential elections for a 2 year term president (or presidential council) who is elected by the people and has certain defined tasks (voted for with his election) that he has to accomplish within that time.

Our esteemed Council, we can't afford to work against each other, please have the courage of being transparent, and tell us what is really happening today, yesterday, and tomorrow.... and admit if there are mistakes, it is fine to ask for help ... but please stop treating us as if we are in your custody.