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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

637) Ana El Baradie ya Hosny !

Isn't it ironic that someone with the profile of Dr.Mohamed El Badarie can't serve his country and run for the president?!

The fierce attack on Baradie is not understood! Running for president should be a right for all eligible Egyptians. This attack reminded me of a TV series where a Grand Theif called el Baradie used to give hell to a police officer called Rushi, and used to call him in a certain tone every episode in order to scare him saying: "Ana El Baradie ya Roushdi". Somehow it crossed my mind that Dr.Baradie is calling President Hosny, and telling him in the same deep scary tone: "Ana El Baradie ya Honsy;)"

I am not supporting any yet, but I know that we are on the right path again when I see real elections with real different candidates like Dr.Baradie, Amr Moussa, Hosam Badrawy, Omar Soliman, Gamal Mubarak, and others debating about their real programs, and the choice is for the people at the end.

Am I dreaming ... mesh 2awy, before amending article 76 it was possible, but this article (longest artictle in any constitution in the world) has almost named the presidential candidates of 2011.

In all cases I am happy that there is such talks and debates, bit by bit change can happen ... and one day soon the major change will happen no matter how long they planned.

P.S> One of my friends has written on the facebook: "ma2edroush 3al 7omar, etshataro 3al Barad3i ;)



ahmed said...

gamda :)

mohei said...

dr el baradie is a distinguished and respected man who should keep away from our zucchini casserole (koosa.)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, if the only qualification for Dr. El Barad3i is being the head of an international organization. We had an Egyptian running the UN before, why not him :)
He isn't in the spot lights now, but he is as qualified, he even comes from a family that has been doing politics in Egypt since forever

If he is eligible to run, will you vote for him?

I really wonder what are Egyptians looking for in a president.

What about you Mohaly, what do you want in a president? I want a post about this ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was contemplating a '100 things I'd do if I were president' post, but winter came and froze the crap out of it :D

Anyways, when it comes to 'who' should run for presidency, I feel very lost because ma3lesh ya3ny who cares!

Where are presidential programs? where are plans? who cares about them being extraordinarily suitable for the position, when we heard nothing of ideas about reform .. in any aspect?

The one man who'll, for instance, say he'll change our education system and present a palatable innovative idea, well, then he might grab my attention.

If someone should promise to turn a vital spot such as Port Said into a Dubai, then hell yes I'll vote for him.

et cetera .. et cetera.

R.'Eltayeb said...

What a post! I like it :) but I imagine it a visit rather than a phone call and I picture the president receiving his visitor who's saying: "ana Elbaradie ya Hosny. OOO3od. OOO3od!

well, you arent dreaming Mohaly, we need to keep believing that Egyptians are still in search of a better life. and we need to contribute to making this possible; by writing, giving lectures,... mesh 3arfa yet. no one asks themselves "could I do something different?"- even if this is a dream. OK. fine. dream. we must struggle for our dreams. Yes - (but) we must also know that, when certain paths prove impossible, it will be best to save our energies in order to travel other roads :/
I hope that we are on the right path as said above, then, I am happy too, and agree with this accurate word "bit by bit change can happen". who knows? how many dream was once only a dream, a distance vision, and now is a part of our life. ya3ni we should not keep repeating it's hard than we thought, bcoz that will sap our inner strength.

I like your friend's word a lot :) bas la7za! mesh fahma, meen el7omar! ya rabi.. I didnt get it :)

Anonymous said...

Dr Baradei is a formidable candidate!


Boutros Boutros ghali departed unceremoniously after one term at the UN, for not showing any form of leadership during two of the world's most horrific genocides in history! [Bosnia and Rwanda)

it is sad we had high hopes for him at the UN!

Shimaa Gamal said...

I think the UN malfunctions a lot not only on Dr. Ghali's term.
And the reason for some people to suggest El Barad3i as a candidate isn't really his record with the IAEA, it is just he is on the news a lot these days and he has been a regular on headlines since the calls of war on Iraq.
Just because he is a head of an international organization made him a candidate, nothing else. So, it is fair enough to consider other people.

I just feel that talk about the 2011 is too early. We didn't make it to 2010 yet. And in the future who knows who will be alive and who will be dead. Always remember our good neighbor Syria, they had El Bassel all prepared to rule. But God had other plans. he died in a tragic accident instead.

So, I guess people should worry first about the parliament elections then we should worry about who would run for president.

Because apparently, if el rayes rabena tawelena fi 3omroh he will be there for another period. And he will be elected by the people who really have beta2at entakhabya.
Because to beat someone who has been ruling Egypt for 30 yrs you have to be a prophet, with a miracle ( And your miracle will be beating him because being a prophet alone won't get you anywhere).

He has the power to make people choose him. And unfortantely even rabena yetawelna fi 3omroh decided not to run for the position he has the power to get whoever he wants.

Let's get real, whoever has the power in this country will rule. Elections or no elections. Whoever had the power ruled all through history. And Egyptian people aren't really the power here. Because you can't get the 80 millions to say one thing and when you have the money and the troops you can buy 90% of these 80 millions, the other 10% will be either completely indifferent because they are way too intellectual to care about how el re3a3 think or dreamy romantics who can believe that a politician is an honest person. And elections is a fair game.

It is yet too early to think who would run for president in 2011. Mubarak is still alive, and in good shape regardless his age.
And always remember hope is the worst thing to your heart, it comes next to smoking and before French fries :)

Anonymous said...

7elwa di ana el bara3i ya hsni

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

Fareed said...

shame on us :(