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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

635) Tohamy & Wadee3 !

Yesterday I had my status on facebook as follows: "homa gabo Wadee3 we Tohami dol meneen?!". Surprisingly one of my friends has commneted: "they show u the demise of the Egyptian culture in a hillarious way"!

Do Tohami & Wadee3 represent the Egyptian culture now?!!!

Tab3an 2anesa- ops sorry- Madam Rasha, is another story ;)



insomniac said...


i was just telling a story to my friend where one of the people in it quoted the infamous line "akheeran fehemteny ya wadee3" and he didn't know it, so sent him the link to the utube...

i was relieved someone else found it disgusting, especially when everyone else keeps quoting those lines like they're funny...

so it's sort fo a vicious circle, tohamy & wadee3 reflect something really bad in our society and by promoting them in an ad campaign, the "bad thing" is spreading! i hate sounding so cynical, bas heya gat 3ala de!!

Shimaa Gamal said...

gabhoom mn makan ma gabo akhokom el lenby :)
Does el lenby represent Egypt? Still he got widely spread and I personally find the el lenby of elly baly balak hilarious and philosophical.

It is really funny putting such Egyptian movies in comparison with the masterpieces of the cinema industry.
3adet kalb in comparison with dances with foxes. qabdet el helay in comparison with brave heart.
These are hilarious.

And including sex in the ad isn't a bad idea, they just should have rated it. Although I think the whole melody channels should be rated and kids under certain age shouldn't be allowed.

These campaign is far better than the guy in yellow and Miss Ibrahim Sa3eed.

And wadee3 mafhmsh Tohamy bas when he brought Miss/ Mrs Rasha. dah fehem the whole population :)

Anonymous said...

e7na el kelab 3andena bet3od ya wadeee3 :D :D :D

R.'Eltayeb said...

Aywa keda ya Mohaly, O 7ekaytak eih, 2oli! 2al Mme Racha is another story 2al :) Tab a question please: Why is Tohamy shocked this way? Is this the first time to see an Amazing Intellectual Character like Mme Racha :)) I guess they are right who say “sa3et el7az matet3awadsh” 7’alli elnas tehayass...

No, I dont think Tohami & Wadee3 represent our culture but you can say, Egyptians like to try to make people laugh, and people do always get this kind of jokes; ya3ni humor is easy to catch by this language :/ but I have no idea about the reasons.

Well, Dr. Ahmed Zowel, Dr. Magdi Yaakoub, successful people, creative ones, artists, writers, musicians, our football team :/ Amr Diab .... represent the Egyptian culture now.

P.S, Mme Rasha, if you want to start a new page, start using wash-balls, go and wash your face; hateb2i kiwayessa.

Anonymous said...


Noblese said...

Who are these people?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Tohamy & Wadee3 are two characters in the new ads by melody aflam.
The idea behind the ads is "aflam 3araby ... om el aganaby"
They mock as they compare what we produced in a certain year with what Hollywood did.

Tohamy is the owner of a production company and wadee3 is someone who brings scenarios to be produced.
In the ad where Miss/ Mrs Rasha was introduced, wadee3 was suggesting the Titanic and he brought someone to draw Miss Rasha naked. Sure Mr. Tohamy screamed akheran fehmteny ya wadee3 yet he didn't like the plot and suggested they do "la7m rekhees" instead madam it is all about flesh.
And so on, till now they did (seven vs ice-cream fi gleem), ( brave heart vs qabdet el helaly) , ( totanic vs la7m rekhees), ( dances with wolves vs 3adet kalb), and i can't remember the rest, but the list included rocky too.

There is even a facebook fan page for tohamy basha :)
someone on my list just became a fan, after he objected enohom hay2telo el sarookh in brave heart :)

H.A.W. said...

shaimaa, thx for the clarification. i was wondering too where those names came from.not a fan of this specific TV channel, tht's why i was somehow illeterate.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Voilà! C'est ça. Noblese's question proves that they dont represent our culture. and H.A.W's comment is the 2nd proof pareillement - I mean they are not something that is of great importance to us (Egyptians).

Anonymous said...

Here goes your third proof.

I never knew whose those were, and actually I feel disgusted towards their idea of satire.

atareeny makontesh fahem 'fehemteny ya Wadee3'!! lol.

BTW, there's no Egyptian culture to represent in the first place. Good classic movies were the only ones that did that I guess.

Hicham said...

Call me from another planet but I am not. Actually, I don't know who those people are and hence I have no comment :D

BaTaBeeT said...

the comment is absolutely right
and we do see a lot of RASHAS and WADEE3s and TOHAMYs in our daily lives... w lesa fi ashkal daaaaaaala 7atezhar