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Saturday, December 12, 2009

636) Knowing What Women Want ... Hmm !

Do you remember the romantic comedy "What Women Want" production of 2000, starring Mel Gibson, and Helen Hunt?

I was just wondering:

1. Will it be a blessing or a curse for a guy to hear what is inside women's mind?
2. Will women be happy about finding a guy who finally understands them, or they rather enjoy the mutual mystery with all its painful mis-communication and mis-understanding problems?



R.'Eltayeb said...

Hmm..ya rabiii, this blog takes me to an another world. I ask myself how I can exist in two such different worlds in one day! I have no answer, but I know that it gives me a great pleasure, and that I am happy while I write these lines :)

About the topic, I think it should be "Knowing what women need" - Well, they need to be emotionally and romantically fulfilled. When a man does not understand a woman's needs, it is nevitable that she will be unfulfilled. Perhaps men are giving too much thought to things that have less to do with thought and more to do with action. mesh 3arfa, but, then, every gesture made by a human being is full of consequences, and that makes moi think even more about what I am doing.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess it is a curse to hear what ever inside anyone's head :) It might be fun at first but like the movie you will be surprised what people really have in mind.
As for finding the man who understands, men who understand exist. All men understand at a point or up to a certain level. The same way women do. A woman who understands her man is a pure myth.
So, in a relationship misunderstanding is acceptable, but miscommunication is a sign that maybe they don't speak the same language. So either they try to figure out a common language or find someone else.

I believe that if men read women's minds and vice-versa there won't be fun. The effort exerted to have something is what makes it valuable.

Noly said...

Hello all :),

1) I think it will be a curse coz if this sense was a good thing aked kan rabena 5ala2na beha mn el a2wl. Imagine keda a husband and his wife are fighting together and both of them or even only the husband can hear what is inside his wife's mind.... ya nahar eswed dol yewala3o fy ba3d homa el etnen :D.

2) Woman will be happy when she can find a man who understands her but to a certain extent and I guess this for both sides. Everyone likes to have this little private space in his/her life. BTW this mysterious touch make the relationship between them more interesting.

Anonymous said...

no one

God Anobis said...

Hmmm indeed... I know I wouldn't like many people to understand me and know what's inside my head. With a partner that is part of what we do: we sometimes conceal our "true" selves, and only reveal it gradually..

I agree with Shimaa's post. Part of the allure to the "other" is trying to figure them out, and hence communication is vital. When that breaksdown, it's time to move on.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Noly :)
in.sha2.Allah mafish 7ari2a

some of us are born with 'shafafeya' and I think this is what we call 'el7assa 6'

• Depends on how her feeling is like. it is very bad if there is hard feeling inside her, yes. and then, he must learn ya 7aram how to bear pains and sorrows - but what if she has something completely different? fa let him hear and see what is inside her mind. it will be very sweet when he hears masalan:"stop fighting please, I really dont like it.. I like the way we make up after a fight".( according to the fighting ex.)
ya salam if she can manage it this way, she will make him a person who is always at peace with the world.. and here, it is a blessing. very sweet blessing. very ;) I guess!

• bardo depends on her, if she wants to be happy, she will be. but if she is nekadeya or pessimist ... nothing can make her happy :/

Hicham said...

Mohaly, I can place general answers for the two questions that it depends on the personality of both of them & every case has its own circumstances.

Nevertheless, as I see that misunderstanding happen when he/she 'expect from' rather than 'interact to know' both wants.

Hicham said...

Comments by "R.'Eltayeb", "Shimaa Gamal", "Noly", "God Anobis" seems very interesting :)

"Anonymous" also has a mysterious -and nice- comment: do you mean no one can understand (women) or no one will understand :D

Mohaly said...

interesting views here ..

there is a certain beauty in exploring each other even if it comes on our nerves sometimes :S

R.'Eltayeb said...

I do not know why this post reminded me of when I was 3 years old and couldnt read yet, but was dying to learn. I used to play with Papa's pens and papers; and he was fine with that :)… now the most precious things in my life are my tools ( pens, pencils, blocknotes, sketches, colors … ) I adore them. bcoz they are mine. bcoz they look like me. the thing that can bother me the most is when I lose a pencil of mine ( no kidding ) I actually feel that the more important than the words, or the drawings is the pencil I'm using - and seriously I hope to be like it coz what really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite **inside** - that is one of its great qualities begad! so, I always try to pay attention to what is happening inside moi and I try to be conscious of every line I draw ( I mean every action I do ) I imagine I'm a pencil. I believe am capable of great things, but I never forgot that there is a hand guiding my steps, that is Allah's Hand - He is always guides me according to His will!

Marwa said...

Care and Attention.....that's all what women want!

lendmeurear said...

Some men enjoy discovering on their own what women want while others wouldn't care less even if you spelled it for them.

R.'Eltayeb said...

you can have at your disposal all the means of communication in the world. but, nothing, nothing; absolutly nothing, can replace looking someone in the eye. misunderstanding is such a heavy burden. and there is no beauty in it. that is not a fun feeling. how can we enjoy it! who can stand its problems! that is a soft killing.

Anonymous said...

What Women Want??? Briefly, they wanr MOHALY;)

Mohaly said...

I am sure they dont

Anonymous said...

لا ازاى بقى انا واثقه انهم بيحبوك بس للأسف مش عارفين يتعاملوا معاك ازاى "UR Button" ابعت الكتالوج بقى ;)