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Sunday, July 26, 2009

584) 26th of July !

As we know the 26th of July is the most important date in the 23rd of July "so called revolution". I guess the most important achievements of "thawra" on the 26th of July are:

1. Ta2mim Kanat El Suez.
2. Opening Diwan
3. Maison Thomas
4. AbouEl Sid
5. Sakeyt El Sawy
6. El Me7war

Kol Sana Wentom tayebeen ;)



Gypo said...

Gamal Abdel Nasser: The dream of the Arab Identity
Sadat: enfeta7
Mubarak: Kal ma2 la lawn wala ta3m wala ra2e7a.
The three presidents actually were successful to reach their goals.
The Egyptian identity has disappeared and all egyptians are ashamed of being egyptians and they'd rather say they're arabs (Nasser). We became a Dawla estehlakeyya and not productive (Sadat's enfeta7), and 3eesha maskha bela ta3m wala lon wala ra2e7a (or bad for a change)(Mubarak's mayya).
Just being insomniac these days, have to take a life changing decission.

Omar Rostom said...

gamda ya mo :)

ya gypo, aho etkalem 3an el thawra el mobaraka, we heya di fe3lan aham el nata2eg el malmousa le 26 july, wala eih!

Gypo said...

3andak 7a2 ya 3omar

Gypo said...

howwa eh el 7ekaya??
kollo sa7y at 4:00am?

Omar Rostom said...

it is 6am in Dubai ya Gypo :)

Mohaly said...

i have been suffering from insomnia for more than 4 weeks now ya gypo, we howa el tahyees da beyeegi men shewaya!

Mohaly said...

i agree and if they have planned and achived for the people the same way life would have been different

but again I insist that the biggest mistake in the "thawra" was impeaching Mohamed Naguib. This man understood the real meaning of democracy and they couldnt allow him to continue coz the autocracy agenda was planned!

It would have been a great real thawra if this guy continued to rule the country in peace and appy his thoughts as the God Father or the 52 movement!

Gypo said...

enta kaman insomniac ya twin?

laila said...

u forgot no. 7 Mohaly :(

7. My birthday, so happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee :)

Mohaly said...

Tab3an Happy Birthday to Laila :)

Hicham said...

Yup but many people forgot that we've a first president, Muhammad Najub, unfortunatley they remind him only by the Metro Station.

Check "Wikipedia's article" and you'll discover that this guy know 4 languages beside Arabic: English, German, Italian & Herbew"!

Allah yerhamo!