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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

577) God Bless Marwa El Sherbini !

I don't think that the reaction of the Egyptians is exagerated as some people are claiming. I don't know if the word "glad' is appropriate here, but I am glad that at last we can show the world that terrorsim is not an Islamic or Arabic product, and our blood is not cheap or less important than the rest of the world.

Marwa was a young promising Egyptian girl who was just staring a small family and all her fault -from her killer's point of view- was that she is muslim and wearing Hijab! How fanatic is that!

In August 2008 Alex W. abused Marwa in a Dresden playground as “islamist”, “terrorist” and “bitch”, obviously of her wearing an Islamic headscarf. According to some sources Alex W. stated “You don’t deserve to live.” This was the reason that the Public Prosecutor filed an appeal, to achieve a higher degree of penalty with regard to the open xenophobic background of the felony. When the appeal was in negotiation, Alex W. surprisingly stabbed Marwa 18 times and so killed her..

The thing I don't understand is that how come such a scene happen in a German Court!!!!!

May Allah bless Marwa and her family, and we did the right thing, OUR VOICES HAVE TO BE HEARD!


واتهم ألماني من أصل روسي عمره 28 عاما بقتل مروة الشربيني في محكمة بمدينة دريسدن خلال نظر استئناف حكم صدر ضده لادانته بسبها.

وقال مكتب المدعي العام في دريسدن ان المصرية التي كانت تقيم في دريسدن مرافقة لزوجها المبعوث لنيل درجة علمية تلقت على الاقل 18 طعنة بسكين كما تلقى زوجها الذي حاول صد الهجوم عليها ثلاث طعنات. كما أطلق رجل شرطة رصاصتين على قدم الزوج ظنا منه أنه المهاجم.

ويرقد علوي علي عكاز في المستشفى في دريسدن في حالة حرجة لنفاذ الطعنات الى رئته وكبده بحسب قول أقارب له في الاسكندرية ويقول أطباء في دريسدن ان حالته حرجة فعلا.


amina said...

EGYPT: Nationwide rage over the death of an Egyptian in Germany

The Egyptian funeral of Marwa El Sherbini, who was brutally killed outside a courtroom in the German city of Dresden, turned into a mass rally Monday against Germany, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and racism.

The 32-year-old pharmacist, dubbed the "veil martyr" by the Egyptian media, was stabbed to death Wednesday by a man who had been fined 780 euros for taunting her with racial slurs in August 2008. The assailant, known as "Axel W.," appealed the fine, and while the pregnant El Sherbini was preparing her testimony, he stabbed her 18 times in front of her husband and 3-year-old son. The husband was severely injured after unsuccessfully trying to protect his wife.

Thousands attended El Sherbini's burial, which took place in her hometown of Alexandria, just a few hours after her body arrived in Egypt on Monday morning. Mourners carried banners condemning racism and criticized both German and Egyptian authorities' reaction to the crime.

Although the Egyptian Foreign Ministry denounced the act and asked its German counterpart for an official response, Egyptians were upset at the way their government had been dealing with the matter. "The passive policy adopted by the foreign ministry will lead to similar incidents against other Egyptians and Muslims abroad," said El Sherbini's brother Tarek.

"Now we as Muslims and Arabs have a chance to show the whole world that real terrorism takes place in the West," he added. "In the West, they don’t recognize us. There is racism there. The Germans are the enemies of God."

The funeral, which was attended by a large number of Egyptian politicians and parliament members, was overwhelmed with chants such as "We need revenge," "Where is our foreign ministry?" and "Down with Germany" and "No to racism."

Egyptians were angry that the murder had received little attention among German and international media. The absence of the German ambassador at El Sherbini's funeral also sparked ire. El Sherbini moved to Germany four years ago to be with her husband, Elwi Ali Okaz, who was granted a fellowship to study genetic engineering at the Max Planck Institute.

The incident between El Sherbini and Axel W. began in a city playground, where El Sherbini was with her son. An argument developed in which Axel W. is said to have hurled abuse at the woman, including calling her a terrorist. El Sherbini filed an official complaint, which led to the fine.

Anonymous said...

God rest her soul and give patience to her family.
Just wondering though ... Would the Egyptians go out to the streets when a Copt is murdered in the streets of Egypt? These would be the "Copt martyrs" ...

amina said...

of course anonymous,

we protested when pope Sheouda was mistreated in London couple of years ago.

Omar Rostom said...

What happened to the world, why killing has became a day-t-day activity?

mary jacoub said...

Can't we stop talking about copts& Muslims coz it's gonna lead us to destroy each other...Anonymous to be honest with you i asked myself the same question and i found that the answer surly is (no)..Amina lets be honest with each other what happened with pope shenouda was because he's a public person what was done had to be done this way.But if an accident like marwa's accident happen to a christian person i doubt it that will be the same reaction...
Any way i still insist that we have to love each other more&more and forget about religion lets be sisters and brothers again lets love each other honestly again pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase..

Mohaly said...

let's deal with what we have and not start hypothetical meaningless questions. When something happens to a copt, we will know then, although it should be the same... an Egyptian killed at the end.

Mona said...

but i dont think that a christian would be brutally killed in a German court!

Mohaly said...

i do agree Mona, but there shouldn't be anyone killed in court!!

p.s. if u r the same great blog reader mona, we missed u :)

Ola said...

Marwa was a great person. she was our head girl, the head girl in the most important school in Alexandria (E.G.C). She was sweet yet firm, serious yet funny, straight yet warm. She was a national team hand ball player. Personally, I used to look up to her as a person who can perform many tasks at the same time & all tasks will come out beautiful!!
Ahhhhhh, GOD bless your soul my friend

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mohaly.

The problem is that you see people who start mixing and buzzing about why we -Egyptians- are angry. It's not about Germans of course but it's about racism and stereotyped images that lead to such horrible crime.

May Allah bless Marwa and forgive all of us, Amen!

Hicham said...

OOPS! The last comment was mine; I just posted under 'Anonumous' mistakenly. Sorry

May Allah bless Marwa and forgive all of us, Amen!

Maha Aly said...

I guess the anger is not about the murder of Marwa "the person" it's about the murder of an Egyptian "whether muslim or copt".
When i heard the story, i didn't care that she was killed because she was veiled as arab-veiled muslims are treated badly everywhere, but what really annoyed me was that she is an Egyptian & @ the court having "the minimal" of her human rights from a lunatic person and the government of her country did nothing to claim for her rights ... or OUR rights as Egyptians that one day might be in her place !!

H.A.W. said...

Mostly people say that Germans are aggressive and don’t tolerate other nations/religions or races. Which is to a certain point true. i know that overcoming the language barriers solves many of these confrontations.I know it sounds bad, but it’s true for their case. Don’t know why.

But it’s not about Germans, Europeans or any other nation we deal with. its about us.
There are two main points I think we should work on:
- get things right “inside”, as right here in Egypt many of us face troubles and are being treated in a humiliated way. If we are treated this way at home, how do we expect others to respect us?We cant blame others for mistreating us, if we are mistreating each other at home. Home I mean Egypt.
If I am rejected in an interview at a local company for my veil, why do we expect others to respect my right for equity?
- Second point is the image delivered to everyone else: The killer is not the German nation, its just an individual case, but so much affected by the total image Arabs give of themselves.
Long time ago, upon privatization of a company I worked for my manager who was Austrian told me something I never forgot:
If your government and country decides to sell you for a cheap price, why would I care to buy you for a higher one?”
he didnt mean ME, but he was talking in general.

We need to work on getting our price high and consequently our voices counted. The initiation shall come from within and would never come from outside.
Marwa’s case is not the first harassment and will not be the last one, unless we start correcting ourselves, live as responsible human beings and regain the respect of others.

amina said...

قدمت المستشارة الألمانية أنجيلا ميركل تعازيها للرئيس مبارك خلال اجتماعهما على هامش قمة مجموعة الدول ال 8 في إيطاليا على مقتل الصيدلانية المصرية مروة الشربيني داخل قاعة محكمة في مدينة دريسدن الألمانية طعناً بسكين متطرف يميني ألماني .

في السياق ذاته استدعت وزارة الخارجية الإيرانية السفير الألماني في طهران وأبلغته احتجاجها على مقتل مروة محملةً الحكومة الألمانية المسؤولية عن أمن الأقلية المسلمة في أراضيها .

في سياق متصل قال رئيس نيابة مدينة دريسدن الألمانية كريستيان أفيناريوس إنه من المقرر توجيه تهمة القتل العمل لقاتل الدكتورة مروة الشربينى وعقوبتها السجن المؤبد مؤكدا أن القانون الألماني يطبق بسواسية على المواطنين والأجانب في نفس الوقت طبقا لدستور جمهورية ألمانيا الاتحادية.

Anonymous said...

It is a civil court and you dont go through security checks. They should change the law