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Saturday, July 25, 2009

583) FUN ::: Tayhees Morakaz - Part II !

people are becoming so greedy
shit .. i am turning out to be so romantic lately
i ate a lot today...
i gotta finish packing...
i am sleepy..
i dont wanna go to work tomorrow
my students will think i am crazy after they read this post
i havent written such tahyees since post 202!
why are people becoming so greedy?
..... sex?! hmmmm
why did she gave him my number, he will annoy me!
i need to clean the house before traveling
maha 2arfana men wasakhet el nas,
and merihan shayla ham we7dety!
why the hell are people becoming sooo greedy?!
my mobile bill is 750 LE this month, yallahawl
ramadan after 27 days!!!!
i am thirsty..
i wanna see Teer Enta for ahmed mekky..
why the hell are people becoming so fuck'n greedy?!

eih el habal dah!
hayes hayes... wenta teb2a kewayes :)

a7la 7aga fel 7asheesh da ... en mafeehosh bezr! Ahmed Helmy'06


Gypo said...
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Gypo said...

it's July 26th today. I was surprised that you had nothing to write on the 23rd. Did you miss it on purpose?

Mary jacoub said...

I'm so hurt to think that u lie to me
I'm hurt, way down deep inside of me
U said your love was true
And we never ever, ever part
Now you want someone new
And it breaks my heart

I'm hurt
Much more than u ever know
Yes darling I'm so hurt
Because I still love u so
But even though u hurt me
Like nobody else could ever do
I would never ever hurt, hurt you...

Mary jacoub said...

yalla tahyees betahyees ba2a..
yazhar en el2asheesh kan madrob today
by the way teir enta tahyees a7'er 7aga..

Gypo said...

Hurt by Roy Hamilton. Good choice Mary.

Maha Aly said...

Tahyees ?? Mohaly ?? ... mmmm, mesh rakba awy :))
Rawa2 ya Mohaly, mafeesh 7aga mestahla, i told you to go somewhere for the weekend !
w ba3deen el post da was supposed to be somewhere else "The High lounge for example, with el sogara el bonny ;)"
Anyway, hanet, the new bambino will be there after a while & she will make you forget the world ;)

Mohaly said...

Gypo: Actually i did discuss it last year and year before. I have nothing new to say about the 23 July revolution except; If I can change history, I would have fixed Mohamed Naguib in his position coz all the draw backs appeared when they started forgetting about why they carried out the "revolution" and started a power struggle ending as one man show, and here we are today worse than 1952!

Gypo said...

That's why I was asking. I've been reading a lot about the subject lately. Mesh 3aref I just want to know when how and why things went wrong with the revolution, and why are we here worse than 1952.

Mohaly said...

anyway, I was preparing a quick sarcastic post about 26th of July and I will post it now since it is just the 26th in Egypt, ento fi austraila 2ableena be 7 or 8 hrs :)
you can discuss it there :)
thanks for the note bardo ya twin

Gypo said...

I was just reading the Egyptian dream post, and wasn't surprised to find that 80% wouldn't leave the country and immigrate. Even I wouldn't think about living somewhere else other than Egypt. Now it feels that I'm one of the quitters. I'm not, but I took the easier way of living the life that I wanted.

Mohaly said...

Maha, men nefsi, el tahyees 7a2 yakfolo el destoor le kol mowaten masri..

we 3ala ra2 el sa3er el kabeer..

7ases en demaghi betakolni..
2a3ed fel 7ara basa2at..
wel ghaseel 3amal bena2at..
wel share3 el waraya 2odami..

el tahyees mofeed geddan lel sey7a wala yosabeb el wafah :)

Mohaly said...



Omar Rostom said...

eih ya Mohaly el demagh el 3alya di
mashoftasksh keda men aktar men 2 years :)))

we parsilha aktar parsilha
we fe ghasla wa7hda haneghselha

fe3lan i don't like el 7asheesh eli feeh bezr :)))

ya maha, nadafa fe masr, rabena ma3aki

ya gypo, i guess da a7san post 3an 23 july, da heya el tayhees el akbar 3al sha3b !

ya mary, da tahyees da, la wektab ellah, da kalam be7a2 we 7a2ee2i, el mokhreg 2al lo2menten we etkalem

we eiiiiiiih :))))

Mohaly said...

there is a question that i have asked 4 times in the same post we ma7adesh rad 3alaya


Gypo said...

Ana a2ollak, since Egyptians started living the cave man life of only trying to provide daily food and shelter and nothing else. They also use their intelligence in the same way cave man did, save everything as much as you can for another day. Hence, sheel elly te2dar 3aleih ma7addesh 3aref bokra mekhabby eih.

Mohaly said...

even on the expense of others!!
begad sometimes I feel I am ripped off many times on the same day!

Gypo said...

The jungle law, brother.

Mary jacoub said...

Gypo who told you that Egyptians're living the cave man life?they're doing whatever they'd like to do whenever they want to do it,bas homa beystahbelo 7abeteen talata keda we yo2ololak meneen we ezay we emta?ya 3einy 3'albaneen 2awy....people are becoming so greedy because they lost their conscience,they lost felling safe,anyone of you do?when&how&where?
long ago we used to hear these words:(7'odny fe 7odnak 3ashan 2a7es bel2aman)from both sides men or women now can anyone have that feeling?if yes,how often?who can you trust?ur husband or wife or friends or sister or brother or none of them?we are living in a movie everyday we hear&see worse than the day before..
you know what?we stopped loving each others that's why we're living in a jungle...we stopped supporting each other when someone of us need support... when was the last time one of you asked about a friend facing a problem or need support?don't start yelling and say always coz you'll be lying to urself before anyone else..

Mary jacoub said...

wade7 3ala fekra en el7ashesh kan fe3lan madrob embare7 ya gama3a....
leih elka2aba de 7'aly dayman 3andokom 2amal.. we 3oamar fe dubai ya3ny malkosh 7ega...we gomo bena nemshy..:-)))))

Gypo said...

"people are becoming so greedy because they lost their conscience,they lost felling safe". These are your words, so what do you call it other than living in a jungle?
Have you ever been to an orphanage or even worse "esla7eyya"? Did you ever visit the poor villages in Upper Egypt? did you ever sit down and buy a cup of tea from an old widow who can barely see whose husband died a long time ago and left her with a single child who as soon as he became old enough started working as fisherman but in turn died at the age of 12. A widow who used to work in the fields until she lost her sight and no one would hire her any more, and her sole companion was a stray puppy, which had unfortunately eaten a poisoned mouse the night before, and she was crying for the pupp even more than a mother'd do for her own child?
I've seen it all. I'm not talking about microbus drivers and el 3arbageyya (who I still believe still deserve some pity as well), but yes it's all a jungle and in a jungle some people will turn vicious and some will become the prey.
I used to think that I could make a difference and make some lives worth living but I finally gave up and decided to abandon the sinking ship.

Gypo said...

Ana shayef bardo enno maloosh lozoom lel ka2aba. For that reason I will retire until I feel any better.

Mohaly said...

la2 ya gypo, kolo ela el esteslam....
ya nahar eswed, then what?!

Omar Rostom said...

ya mary, speaking about Dubai

مصري سأل إماراتي:

كم راتبك؟


راتبي 15000 درهم, وبدل سكن 90000 درهم سنويا, وبدل مواصلات 1200 درهم شهريا, وبدل غلاء معيشة 2000 درهم، وبدل ماء وكهرباء 1000 درهم. وسيارة كل سنة وتأمين صحي للعائلة ومدارس خاصة لأولادي, وتذاكر سفر دولية عالدرجة الأولى

بعدين سأل الإماراتي المصري:

وأنت كم راتبك؟

قال المصري:

راتبي 300 جنيه!

رد الإماراتي:

هذي بدل أيش؟

قال المصرى:

بدل ما أشحت!

Mary jacoub said...

Nice one ya 3omar...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys ,,,this is me: Gino my real name is gihan and i am a friend of one of the members of this blog .. actually i am interested to join you commenting on your posts mohali.
And pls permit me to comment ont he above one. I can see that all what u were writing besides that it is tahiiees 3ali gedan ela eno conflicting insights, ideas and questions that you have which are struggling on your mind ...!
many questions ..!!
Why people are so greedy? because this is the human beings nature "Hal men mazeed" this is the golden rule,and the point is that the greediness is not only in money or pleasures of life but in everything you can ever imagine..even emotions and kind, even if you are used to do a favor to a friend this friend will be greedy enough to ask for more and more ... even if you love a person, this person will be greedy enough to think about himself/herself asking for more and more without any regard to the other party.... :( which is by time becomes unbarable this is the nature of the human beings dud. Actually i don't know the relation between your question of greediness and the word of "sex" that you wrote and everybody ignored 8, buut i can tell you even in this subject greediness has a role.
Is is obvious as well that you need to do so many things and you keep yourself reminded because you dont want to do any of them :) "tana7 testaraia7" which is the concept of many of us these days due to the contiuous speedy rythm of life....normal bardo... :D. U r right; best thing for being surrounded with all of these things to do and unasnwered questions is to unconsious by
"7asheeeeesh" aw b ay 7aga tania as "kemi kemi ka, kemi kemi ko"
Guys ... i am pleased to join you in this blog ... hope i would be a nice guest ;). Ciao

Mohaly said...

Gino: Interesting analysis of my complete madness :)

Welcome to the blog, and please write your name instead of anonymous, or register with google and become a blog member.

Hicham said...

No one can beat Egyptians in "Tahyees" :) So I wonder, Mohaly did this post came as the aftermath of hearing "3abdel Basset Hammoudah" in his masterperice "2na mouch 3arefny" :P

H.A.W. said...

Hey, its not taheeys khales, its as serious as all your posts :), didn't check part I, but i will.
people are becoming greedy, pushy, selfish and annoyingly disrespecting others rights. kept asking why bardo, but didn't find an answer.
Gypo, i dont agree with you, poor people at the past had some dignity in asking or wanting help, mostly asking for a "start-up push". nowadays they are asking for full support, with no intention to move, or even give a damn thought. ppl are getting too selfish in taking everything, as soon as they can grab anything. mesh 3arfa leih.
Gino, true love or friendship is never greedy, its giving- to the extreme of enjoying giving and seeing the other party happy in "receiving" that's the most wonderful part of love or true friendship. both parties become one person.:))))

Mohaly, to overcome this "romantic attack" go for chocolate :)))))))
dark one will do a great job. don't eat and swallow it, rather let it melt in your mouth. you will experience a joy that lasts longer, and the effect is superb :)))

howa el7ashish mafeehosh bezr? omal beyetla3 ezay?

H.A.W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H.A.W. said...

nice joke.
but its not a joke.
ma3lesh, everything will be better. mesh 3arfa ezay walla emta.
but its how i feel anyway.
stupid, dreamy me !!!!!!!

Mary jacoub said...

Menawara el blog ya gigi welcome ya Gamila :-))

Anonymous said...

People are becoming so greedy because they are becoming so many. So, the key words here are "so many"! So many people, less opportunities and sometimes more opportunities that cause more fear of losing everything, more worries, less time, less money, more violence, less love, at times, no love and no peace of mind...
These, I believe, are the reasons behind people becoming as greedy as they are, or can be...They lost faith in many things, and because they don't give themselves enough time to think or meditate upon anything, but how to gain more and take more, they forgot about God, destiny and fate, and that no matter how hard they try, no matter how greedy they become, they will get only what's destined for them to get at the end of the day!

P.S. I am really enjoying your blog Dr. Mohamed :)..It's mind-capturing..

Mohaly said...

welcome soha to the blog :)

p.s. please write your name in the comment identity instead of anonymous.

merhan said...

Mohaly ,you always surprise me woo be3deen you should do it more often to free yourself from your busy nonstop work.3ala fekra i didnot get y people r so greedy mahom kedda 3ala tool ,or did u just notice now?

Anonymous said...

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